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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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British Elections. by johnnythemonkey on 4 April 2010 10:58am
I'm already bored with it even before the campaigning really gets going.
No doubt I will end up voting Labour only for the reason that my local M.P. is an honest and hard-working man.
The Labour Party isn't the Party of my youth and certainly not the Party of my father's youth.
Re: British Elections. by BethGoth17 on 4 April 2010 4:50pm
My mum's very excited about it because I'll be old enough to vote. But I don't want to. To be honest, I have no interest in politics whatsoever.
Re: British Elections. by Ken Dunn on 6 April 2010 7:08pm
At least we now know it's on May 6th. Only a month of hustings and campaining (Freudian spelling!) to go before we vote.
Re: British Elections. by johnnythemonkey on 6 April 2010 7:37pm
I'd guess that you are an SNP man Ken. Quite ironic if you are.
Re: British Elections. by Ken Dunn on 6 April 2010 8:55pm
I'm always a floating voter JTM. The politicians have to do their job right to win my vote.
Re: British Elections. by voxpops on 6 April 2010 9:18pm
What's the mood over there about the elections? Will there be a new PM or is it just going to be the same-old same-old? I take it the big issues will be the war and the economy, or am I way off?
Re: British Elections. by Ken Dunn on 6 April 2010 10:40pm
In my view the big issues are dishonest politicians, tax, the economy and national debt. We'll have to wait for the results to see if the PM gets back in again.
Re: British Elections. by bIG bLOGGER on 7 April 2010 3:39pm
Tony Blair made a speech last week in Sedgefield,Co.Durham,his old constituency,where he said the voters should re-elect Gordon Brown. Well,he WOULD say that,wouldn't he? ..Trouble is,Gordon Brown was never elected in the first place but sneaked into the PM-role on Tony Blair's coat tails in mid-term.

I agree with Ken Dunn,the voters generally are well fed-up with sponging,fiddling MP's of ALL the main parties,and this will undoubtedly have an influence at the ballot box.

Also,over 150 MP's are standing down at this Election,which means probably younger less-experienced people putting themselves forward for first-time election to the Commons.
Re: British Elections. by Wild in Africa on 9 April 2010 8:53am
BB, tired old subject but I beg to differ. In Britain we do not elect our PM. We elect Members of Parliament and the Head of the party elected to power becomes the PM. Hence Gordon Brown was elected as an MP and as he assumed the leadership of the Labour party automatically became PM in that role. It's not like the US where you elect a specific person to be President.
Anyway, political lecture over, and I am relieved actually that I am going to be out of the country until the day after the election so I can avoid all the tedium. However I do have BBC World on my TV here in Hebron so can not escape it entirely.
Re: British Elections. by johnnythemonkey on 9 April 2010 11:09am
You are of course right WIA and I was going to post the same thing myself.

In reality though, most people in this country vote for a political party rather than the local individual.

The expenses scandal may have changed that to some degree though.
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