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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Chimps caring for their dying. by johnnythemonkey on 27 April 2010 7:49am

This is where the chimps live, I've been there a couple of times when my girls were young, so I must have seen the chimps in the video. You go in a little boat to visit 'Chimp Island' and you can get fruit to throw to the chimps. They in return, used to throw faeces at the visitors !!


Re: Chimps caring for their dying. by perfectbitch on 27 April 2010 10:37am
I caught this video Johnny and another which showed a mother chimp still carrying her decomposing daughter on her back. The dead baby's older sibling was trying to get it to play. Heartbreaking. Of course animals have emotions and the apes share many emotions with humans.

A few years ago, I watched a docu about a Bonobo troop who were followed for weeks by a film crew and various ecologists and biologists. They kept intrusion to a minimum. A young infant had died and the mother cuddled and kissed it and then with an expression so sad, let it drop to the forest floor.

Things at another site of study where there was quite a lot of human contact, anger and violence determined chimp status culminating in the inaptly named "Frodo" killed a human baby. Some scientists believe that human contact had intensified their natural aggression. These chimps had been fed by the scientists which took away natural competition for food.

We need to leave them and their habitats alone.

Re: Chimps caring for their dying. by Loretto on 27 April 2010 3:03pm
Ah. That is sad. Not too far away from where we live a woman made a pet out of a chimp and let him drink out of long stemmed wine glasses , eat at the table with her. She even referred to him as "her son"....okay here's where nature wins over nurture. The chimp attacked the woman's neighbor and ripped her face off. The chimp had to be put down...I ask you...was the chimp to blame for his actions? This poor animal had done ads on television and lived a life in conflict with his own natural instincts.

Re: Chimps caring for their dying. by mrsteabag on 27 April 2010 5:28pm
I agree with Linz. We do have a lot in common with them, acknowledge that they are more complex than previously believed, and leave them be in their own space.
I remember the mess with Travis the chimp, Loretto. Now, I admit to being pathologically codependent on Orion, but I know that the bottom line is that he's a dog. That's why I don't put clothes on him (even a bandanna gets SUCH A LOOK) or try to make him into a 4-legged human.
Re: Chimps caring for their dying. by Loretto on 27 April 2010 8:20pm
Dogs are pets mrsteabag, they don't drink out of log stemmed wine glasses, this woman called this chimp "her son" he drank with her, dressed in clothes. I mean let's be honest here, who was bananas, the chimp or the owner?

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