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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
FOX (and other) HUNTING by sighthound on 9 May 2010 9:55pm
OK, Anne, here's the new thread. While I totally understand your empathy with the fox being hunted, fox are carnivores who also hunt and kill very violently and I have empathy for their victims, too. An unescapable fact is that life has to feed on life to survive. (That even applies to vegans.) Fox that live near humans are incredibly effective in their raids on animals that people depend upon for food so, IMHO, that gives humans the right to hunt the fox who kills the food which keeps them alive. [And this is not just a carnivore issue - I also think I am justified in killing all the critters who attack the veggies I grow. I squash bad bugs in my garden almost without a qualm. (Although, in my defense, I do carefully take the innocent spiders that I find in my house outside and I do my best to deter predators so I don't have to kill them.)]

Your post on the British Elections thread tells another side of this issue. "Hooray-henrys and sloanes on horseback" and "dressing up in their finery and drinking from a stirrup cup" is about something totally different than just about hunting fox. Would you object as much if it was a working class man with a gun who dispatched the fox after a long and exhausting chase? The law that was passed was not about hunting per se but was about stopping an upper class hobby. Unfortunately, the law also made illegal other hunting that consists of "dogs catching the odd rabbit".

I've raised salukis for forty years. My father hunted with them in the Middle East when he was an Arabic translator for the RAF during WWII. This amazing, ancient breed was first introduced to the West by intrepid English travellers but now salukis can no longer legally hunt in the UK and the saluki breed in the UK is being changed from dynamic animals into puff pieces who could not catch a rabbit if their life depended upon it. I never enter a dog show now if the judge is English because the UK standard has been changed to favor dogs that cannot hunt effectively.
Re: FOX (and other) HUNTING by Spursfan on 9 May 2010 10:40pm
Ok -I can see your point to a certian extent Geraldine.

But it is the WAY it is done. As a cruel, cruel sport.

It isn't just that the prey is a 'cute-and-cuddly'-looking animal; I am particularly scared of daddy-longlegs (crane flies) but in the unlikely event that grown men on horses would charge around the country in red jackets following packs of baying hounds hunting daddy-longlegs, then I would be against THAT too!!

This site gives some good reasons against hunting (and if you click on 'Hunting' on the left and scroll down there are a few reasons FOR hunting (which it also dismisses).

Re: FOX (and other) HUNTING by sighthound on 9 May 2010 11:34pm
Anne, I'm sorry but I was editing and expanding on my post while you were replying so your response here is to my earlier post. Will check out that link....

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