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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Homerton: A rather cunning move... by bIG bLOGGER on 7 June 2010 4:54pm

<Baby twins in serious condition in hospital after being attacked by fox>

<Mother of twins attacked by fox describes 'living nightmare'>
Re: Homerton: A rather cunning move... by johnnythemonkey on 7 June 2010 5:05pm
But you choose to make the thread title 'humerous'?

I notice that the The Guardian prints a picture of a fox in case it's readership doesn't know what one looks like.
Re: Homerton: A rather cunning move... by TERRY S on 7 June 2010 5:59pm
I'm just waiting for the knee-jerk reaction that goes on when something like this happens, you know the type of thing: "Oh, foxes are vermin!", "We should repeal the fox-hunting ban", blah-de-blah, blah!

So, one fox damages someone (or something) and they all have to die? Why do humans think they have a god-given right to decide what lives or dies or even exists in the first place?

When people were getting shot, we had a gun ban. Yeah, that really worked, didn't it? NOT!

I'm sorry for the kids, but people over-react to everything.

I don't want to see fox-hunting back and this not a big enough reason for it. A fox is just following it's instinct to survive, like we all do. Leave them be.
Re: Homerton: A rather cunning move... by johnnythemonkey on 8 June 2010 1:08am
Are foxes edible ? No. Therefore they should be eliminated in total.

I think we now have the technology to micro-manage the food chain and therefore should start eliminating all unnecessary species. What has a giant panda ever done for me or anyone else ? Goodbye panda, I've seen your pictures, that'll suffice.
As for pets ? If you can't prove that you will eventually eat them, they should be taken from you and used for fodder for something vital to the human food chain.
Don't start me on polar bears..I have a long-standing grudge against them and their habitat.

In short, there should be no such thing as wildlife. I want to see a blood -oozing steak on my plate, not say "aww" at a hedgehog.
Re: Homerton: A rather cunning move... by johnnythemonkey on 8 June 2010 2:04am
Wanna see a pic of my wee kitten Mogwai with a Buster collar on ?
She's so cute, I'm not going to eat her for weeks yet.
Re: Homerton: A rather cunning move... by sighthound on 20 June 2010 5:02am
Yes, Terry S, fox, like us all, want to live and thrive but have you ever seen what they do when they get into a hen house? The term "abattoir" does not do it justice. It is gruesome and horrible. Fox do not kill humanely and will leave the half-dead that they enjoyed killing but don't want to eat to suffer horribly.

I love watching fox in the wild but, if they come near my vulnerable animals, my hounds will dispatch them and I am very grateful that it is still legal here for them to do so.

It is very interesting to see the differing responses to "fox hunting" from people in the UK and people elsewhere who have to deal with fox predation. It is so obvious that "fox hunting" hits a very deep class nerve in the UK (and I'm saying this as an ultra-liberal who would probably hate all those mounted fox hunting toffs in the UK.) Still, I hope that the fox hunting law will be over-turned. It is turning good hounds into "show dogs". (Could elaborate on that but I doubt if anyone is interested.)

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