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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Cat by Spursfan on 22 July 2010 9:16am
Zak and I are really worried about one of our cats right now. Those on FB will have seen that I put up photos of them both (they're sisters, well twins I suppose) - it is Ebru we are concerned about.

She hasn't been in since Monday night.

I know cats can wander sometimes, but she has been very ill with Meningitis since Xmas. She had a course of steroid tabs, and also 3 long-lasting steroid injections and perked up each time.

I had noticed on Monday that she had lost her appetite again (going for her food but then turning away) and we were going to keep an eye on her and take her to the vets again if she didn't perk up.

We have called her for her meals as usual (we taught them as kittens to come when their food dishes were tapped) but no sign.

Zak asked our neighbour yesterday if she'd seen her; she said she had. Ebru had been sitting in her garden and she (the neighbour) had given her a fuss. She says next time she sees Ebru she'll bring her round here.

So it is good news that she is still about (we had all sorts of visions of what could have happened as you can imagine) but it is still worrying as she hasn't eaten and is obviously not well.

All I can think about is that it is their 8th birthday on Monday - I hope she makes it.


Re: Cat by Loretto on 22 July 2010 2:52pm
I hope she comes home soon Anne
Re: Cat by BethGoth17 on 22 July 2010 6:11pm
As long as you keep putting food out, she'll come back. My (morbidly obese) cat doesn't come home that often anymore but he does when he's hungry :P
Re: Cat by TERRY S on 22 July 2010 6:36pm
Both our cats went wandering a month or so ago for a couple of days and for no apparent reason. We were frantic and all but ready to put out missing notices for people to see. Thankfully, they turned up.

Cats are seriously independent. She'll come back when she's ready - trust me on this. She'll be all right.
Re: Cat by Spursfan on 22 July 2010 7:46pm
Yes I know what you both are saying and thanks for that, but it is the fact that she is missing while she is off her food and not well that is worryng us.

If she was fit I would still be worried after this long though.

Re: Cat by mrsteabag on 22 July 2010 9:14pm
This is going to sound weirder than normal from me, but try this: put some of the kitty litter outside by the door. An animal control officer shared that tip with me when I was helping a friend find her cat (cat was in the bushes for a few days. Since cats use scent to mark their territory, it will help her find her way home.

Another friend had a cat who would go out the back door at 9 every night, walk around the house, and at 9:15 ask to come in through the front.

Anne, prayers are being said. I send you many hugs.
Re: Cat by kazzzz on 23 July 2010 8:59am
Oh Anne I hope pud comes back:(
Re: Cat by Spursfan on 23 July 2010 10:09am
Still no sign.

Thanks Kazzzz.

Fran - I would try that but she never uses the cat litter tray! Her sister does if she is in.

They came from a small rescue place (just a girl in her own house really) and she used soil (earth) in the trays instead of litter presumably for economy purposes. Of course when we got Ebru and Feyza home (they were 7 weeks) Feyza picked up that she should use the cat litter, but Ebnru never did. For months she would go to the loo in various flowerpots (because of the soil of course) and this was only ended by placing prickly things around the plants.

Now she usually goes outside - we did catch her trying to go in a plant pot a couple of months ago, so she still hasn't got out of the habit!

So you can see it wouldn't be successful - plus the fact that we are having a few rain showers at the moment.

But thanks for the thought.

Re: Cat by Spursfan on 23 July 2010 1:26pm
Oh....the husband has just said that he HAS seen Ebru use the cat tray so we may try that later, but she isn't really 'lost' in a sense - and also we put the tray out anyway when it is fine weather to keep it 'fresh' so it has been out anyway and she hasn't returned.

By the way, re your friend, Fran, whose cat walked round the house, Tosun thinks it is a completely different country out the back door to the place out of the front door.

He HATES going out in the rain no matter how lightly it is raining, but after showing him the 'view' from the front door and him refusing to go out for a walk, he will walk to the back and ask to go out there!! He is always most surprised to find the wet stuff is there too!!


Re: Cat by Spursfan on 24 July 2010 1:00pm
The husband couldn't sleep last night for worrying about Ebru. He got up about 2 a.m. and did a flyer and a poster on the computer and then printed them off (and laminated the posters) - he didn't come back to bed until gone 5 a.m. I sat up reading and cuddling Tosun.

This morning the husband posted the flyers through the doors of the immediate area, and almost immediately the neoghbours round the corner whose garden runs at 90 degreed with ours, phoned me to say she'd seen Ebru yesterday on our aviary!!

She also has cats, and keeps her cat flap open (bit of an innuendo there!!) so it is possible Ebru has been in and out having a feed.

She also said Enru had been about in her garden as usual (she spends a lot of time there) so it is very encouraging.

I still want her home though - she probably does need to see the vet.

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