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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Health topic. by Ken Dunn on 22 August 2010 2:13pm
I see from a post in the travel section that you are not keeping too well jtm. I have found that advice from any source on a health issue can help find a cure. I had severe back pain and it's cured. I had sore feet and they are much better and I'm playing short tennis on Friday - that knackered me this week as I was practising my serves at the end of a 2 hour session.
Have you taken up jogging as well as your few beers?
I have found that beer before exercise gives you muscle cramps. If you take beer after exercise then you need to wait at least 3 days before exercising again.
Re: Health topic. by johnnythemonkey on 22 August 2010 7:02pm
Ken, I contracted Campylobacter ( food poisoning ) almost two months ago. It usually clears itself in a week or so but it went on and on with me. I was given a course of antibiotics which had no effect.
However, the worst part is that I've developed reactive arthritis ( an immune system response to the gut infection. )
Every joint in my body aches, particularly my wrists and shoulders.
The doc couldn't prescribe anti-inflammatory meds due to other medication I'm on and also to avoid upsetting my guts further. I was told to take paracetemol which were useless and eventualy on Friday I was given co-codomol which have also proved to be useless despite having 30mg of codeine in them.
I think because of my high tolerance to alcohol in the past, opiate based drugs have less effect on me. ( the doctor should know that. )
Today, out of frustration and pain, I've missed out my regular medication and taken an anti-inflammatory that Meg was prescribed ( diclofenac sodium ). I need to be pain free and able to function tomorrow, then I'll try to see my doctor again on Tuesday.
Re: Health topic. by Ken Dunn on 22 August 2010 8:32pm
jtm, be careful mixing your painkillers and be sure to read the Voltarol leaflet for the side effects. I have found it very effective for muscular spasms and aches but it would need longer to work on arthritic pains. More rest may be appropriate if you feel the doc signed you fit for work too soon.
How long were you off work for?
Re: Health topic. by johnnythemonkey on 22 August 2010 9:51pm
I did read the leaflet Ken and I've not mixed painkillers ( the co-codomol wasn't working ).
Re: Health topic. by Spursfan on 22 August 2010 10:48pm
I sympathise with you Johnny about the campylobacter !

I had it in Turkey about 7 or 8 years ago - purely my own stupid fault. We'd gone to a restaurant we didn't know and I went against one of the cardinal rules. 'Don't eat something that can be reheated'. I fancied a curry and I was going to have one despite Zak saying I was being silly!! And we'd had egg mayo to start with that had to be sent back twice because it was not cooked - but still I stubbornly had my curry. And boy did I suffer for my stubborness! It was chicken curry by the way - camp. is ususally found in chicken.

Our Turkish friends wanted me to go to hospital but I didn't want to (despite knowing deep down it was more than hoiday tummy!) because I was scared. Usually I cry when we go home, because of leaving our friends, but that time I cried to go home which just is NOT me.

Finally diagnosed in the UK.

So I am very sympathetic because my tummy has not really been 'right' since. Possibly because I already had an immune system illness and was (and still am) taking immunosuppressant drugs??

So a big ((hug)) from me, Johnny!
Re: Health topic. by perfectbitch on 22 August 2010 11:00pm
I have some experience of analgesics over the years. Diclofenac is a very good analdesic but can irritate the digestive system. When Nick was behaving strangely, before the brain tumours were diagnosed, I experienced severe swelling in my joints (particularly in wrists and ankles) as well as restriction of movement. I was sent to a rheumatologist and had a scan which showed the severe swelling. Some days I could hardly walk. Would your doctor prescribe diclofenac? If he does and your digestive system is adversely affected, it is available in an alternative form of delivery, if you get my drift.

Wishing you well.


P.S. Once Nick's tumours were diagnosed, the arthritic symptons had disappeared within 2 weeks. It was caused by stress.
Re: Health topic. by Loretto on 23 August 2010 12:30am
Sorry to hear about all the recent health troubles John. Hopefully the doc will find something to help to get you back on the right track.
Re: Health topic. by kazzzz on 23 August 2010 7:49am
Gawd, ya silly git, sounds like you're still really ill. It's been going on for ages, poor thing. I'll ask my mother in law for a remedy, after all she does know everything.
Re: Health topic. by johnnythemonkey on 24 August 2010 2:55pm
The doctor phoned me today and confirmed that I STILL have campylobacter. She prescribed a further course of antibiotics and also a different painkiller for the joint pains.

I know some of you think I'm full of shit but 8 weeks with diarrhoea ? :)
Re: Health topic. by mrsteabag on 24 August 2010 4:44pm
Oh, Johnny...xo, get better soon, poor love.
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