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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Poor Tosun !! by Spursfan on 5 September 2010 1:37pm
Most of you will remember me saying that Tosun is terribly afraid of thunder. But we have found that he is also frightened of......hot air balloons !!

This week there have been quite a few balloons going over our house which they do every year (they have landed in the field next door on a couple of occasions in the past) and last Tuesday this happened to coincide with one of his walks. The balloon was quite high but Tosun spotted it, and went into panic mode. Zak had no choice but to bring him back home; he (Tosun not Zak!!) was shaking, tail between his legs and panting.

He eventually calmed down, but then on Friday we were saying bye to a friend who had visited and were standing outside with Tosun on the lead when Tosun spotted TWO more balloons in the sky overhead; these were REALLY high up but he still began to shake and pant.

As I've said, the balloons were so high that he can't have thought they were a threat, we wonder if he could hear something we couldn't, like the booster/thruster going? Whatever, he was really really scared.

Then last night, about 8.45p.m. I think (just before Casualty), we had a powercut for about 15 minutes and he was really scared again!! Whether it was because it was quite dark before we managed to switch on the emergency lighting (bought in Turkey, by the way!!) and candles, we don't know, but he went into full panic mode again.

Poor baby!!


Re: Poor Tosun !! by suzulu on 6 September 2010 1:06am
Awww, poor Tosun!
Re: Poor Tosun !! by Spursfan on 6 September 2010 8:19am
I know, Sue!!

Actually Zak reckons Tosun is very intelligent, as it is wise to be wary of things you don't know about, isn't it!

Re: Poor Tosun !! by suzulu on 6 September 2010 1:43pm
Yes, I agree! Animals are very wise.
Re: Poor Tosun !! by mrsteabag on 6 September 2010 2:25pm
Oh, poor baby! Pats from Aunty Fran.
Re: Poor Tosun !! by johnnythemonkey on 6 September 2010 4:53pm
McGill ( my old cat ) is scared of his own shadow !
He's a very timid cat but sometimes he just seems stupid. For instance, he came to the back door late last night and I knew he was hungry. I even opened a sachet of food and let him smell it but he still wouldn't come in. Maybe he's just like a kid thinking " If I come in for dinner, I won't be allowed back out to play. "
We let him come and go as he pleases,as he's always been an outdoor cat but we've had him for 18 months now and he is still timid. When it suits him, he does seek affection and likes to jump up on the sofa with his 'mum'.
Re: Poor Tosun !! by TERRY S on 6 September 2010 7:16pm
My dog hated thunder, too. He was also really scared of fireworks and people knocking at the door. It was almost a blessing to him when he went deaf.
Re: Poor Tosun !! by Spursfan on 7 September 2010 9:53am
Tosun hates fireworks too, Terry. And of course you can have them going off any day of the year now (birthdays, new year, concerts) as well as Guy Fawkes Night, so how do you prepare?!!

Obviously, he is usually indoors because they don't start until nightime, but even so. And what about other animals, like cats, that you make sure are inside on GF Night, but when the family up the road has a birthday and has fireworks without you knowing?

I suppose he's lucky that he lives in the country and not in a city !! At least he only gets them very occasionally.

He's not afraid of people coming to the door, though. He gets all excited because there is another person to make a fuss of! He just LOVES people!! [In fact he gets TOO excited, because when he gets excited he, er, well, he f***s!!!]

Re: Poor Tosun !! by kazzzz on 7 September 2010 2:04pm
We had a little dog who went mental if anyone turned on a tap, used the hose or a water pistol. She would bark and bark and attack the tap or hose or whatever. If we ever washed the car we would have to lock her inside. Never really knew why!
Re: Poor Tosun !! by mrsteabag on 7 September 2010 3:27pm
Orion was terrifed of thunder--all I could do was sit with him.
on another forum I visit, there's another owner who has to send her dog in the yard when she prints hard copies. The dog was so startled by the laser printer--never mind.
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