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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Terry Jones and The Koran by Loretto on 9 September 2010 12:53am
I don't know if this is being reported in the UK or elsewhere worldwide, I do know in Afghanistan they are going mad over it, and rightly so,


Sure he is lawfully permitted to burn a book, as per the US constitution, but this guy is going to cause a LOT of trouble.

As per NBC reporter Kerry Sanders , the ink in any book is toxic when ignited, so as far as Fire Code is concerned, he is not permitted to burn 200 copies of the Koran.


At least we know it is not MP's pal Terry Jones!

Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by johnnythemonkey on 9 September 2010 1:43am
Seen a bit on the news about it this evening.
He's seeking his 15 minutes of fame but is sure to cause trouble. There are many issues here but he is just fanning the flames so to speak.
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by kisch on 9 September 2010 8:34am
My Mam said yesterday while watching EuroNews - look, your Terry Jones gone completely insane!
I said, Mam, this is not *my* Terry Jones, this is some American pastor whom I often see in Google News while searching for *my* Terry Jones.
Mam said - thank God it's not him.
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by kazzzz on 9 September 2010 1:58pm
Saw this loony on the telly. Why's he allowed to get away with this stuff? he'd be arrested here for inciting racial hatred and violence.
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by mrsteabag on 9 September 2010 5:01pm
One would think this would fall under the line of reasoning about why one doesn't yell "fire" in a crowd.
Sarah Palin, Pat Robertson, and Franklin Graham have all denounced this stunt.
I saw the interviews with him--the last time I saw that look in someone's eyes was when I had to help get a client involuntarily hospitalized.
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by Loretto on 9 September 2010 10:37pm
Just because Constitutionally he has the right to do this, doesn't mean he should. I am betting he gets arrested for breaking fire code!!

Remember Salmon Rushdie and the controversy over the Satanic Verses? I read online that the Japanese translator was stabbed to death, the Italian translator had an attempted assassination on his life and 37 people died in a botched assassination attempt in Russia I believe.

I think Terry Jones and his associate pastor are going to need bigger guns than the Smith and Westons they were toting around during the NBC interview! I hope people realize most Americans think this guy is a complete nut job as JTM rightly said, looking for 15 minutes of fame.
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by Loretto on 9 September 2010 10:56pm
Hold the phone, the mad man just canceled the burning!!!!!

Just an add on, he has conditions to his promise not to burn the Koran, of course!!! Re-locating a mosque site....this guy is a bully

Another, and final add on, I think he is being hoodwinked or is setting the Muslim community up to look as if they have deceived him, Jones now says he won't burn the Koran because the mosque site in NY city is going to be relocated away from Ground Zero. He says he is flying up to NY on Sat, instead of burning the books, to discuss the issue with Muslim leaders.

I smell set up, I think he is a devious dude!! There is more to this than meets the eye.
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by johnnythemonkey on 10 September 2010 12:26am
This man's proposed actions would never have made news twenty years ago.
I admire the right of freedom of expression in the U.S.A. which has been greatly diminished in the UK and elsewhere and hope that this lunatic doesn't affect that.
The problem is that America, rightly or wrongly depending on your viewpoint, is seen to be waging war on the Muslim world and it would be bad P.R. for this proposed deed to go ahead.
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by sighthound on 10 September 2010 4:47am
This guy has a congregation of 50 people and yet he's managed to manipulate the press into making this an international incident. Hatred always sells. I am so sick of "journalists" promoting loonies and sickos to up their readership/viewership. So much damage has been done because so many people will think that this is a typical American opinion. Going off to grumble now....
Re: Terry Jones and The Koran by kazzzz on 10 September 2010 12:27pm
You're so right Geraldine. It's all over the news here and has made no mention of only 30 followers but has implied that he has an army of supporters.
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