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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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How do I post this? by mrsteabag on 15 September 2010 10:21pm
Oh, Gentle Palinites, help me out with this. Politics in the US have reached a new level. Christine O'Donnell, R-Deleware Congressional candidate, includes in her platform her desire to criminalize, uh..oh, I don't know how to put it in a way that won't get me banned from here for life. It involves an intimate relationship with one's self. The clinical term is used in the links that I found and I don't feel comfortable posting them.

And, if I may ask, should I feel the need to apply for asylum in the UK, what kind of adaptor plug will I need for my laptop and who will sponsor me? Thank you.
Re: How do I post this? by johnnythemonkey on 16 September 2010 12:14am
Lol Fran, is masturbate the word you're afraid to say ?
You Americans are unreal at times! I found a video link where the presenter was quoting O'Donnell but when she got to the word masturbate, she went....pause " erm.. and a word that rhymes with congratulate. "


The 'congratulate' moment is at 1:30s.

Maybe the woman just thinks that there are enough ....ers in politics. :)
Re: How do I post this? by TERRY S on 16 September 2010 12:34am
How are they going to police it!? Most people do this alone. Are people gonna own up to it? Are they going to report themselves? Hardly!
Re: How do I post this? by johnnythemonkey on 16 September 2010 12:45am
Everyone knows a wnaker when they see them. :) Just report them to the wnak police.
Re: How do I post this? by Loretto on 16 September 2010 1:04pm
OMG, This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode, Master of your Domain! Can you imagine some one hard at it and a state police man interrupting.

"Excuse me Mam/Sir. But as per section IS1408 of Connecticut State Law in conjunction with IS147 of National law, you may not *congratulate yourself* either in the privacy of your home or in the company of friends. Pull up your trousers and come with me. Not in the biblical sense, of course."
Re: How do I post this? by kazzzz on 16 September 2010 1:14pm
Ha! That was such a funny episode!
Re: How do I post this? by sighthound on 17 September 2010 1:12am
Thank you, mrsteabag, for informing me about this. (And why has not The Daily Show or Colbert alerted usabout this? This would be excellent fodder for them.)

So this tea bagger who believes in freedom, Freedom, FREEDOM!!!, if she wants to enforce her views on masturbation, how does she propose to do it? Will we all have cameras focused on us in our bedrooms, bathrooms and everywhere else?

I didn't hear about these views of hers before. Did the good citizens of Delaware know about them before they gave her the primary?

And I say, Thank Goddess!, for her opinion. If it is publicized widely, the Democrat will be an absolute shoo-in in the election in November.

P.S. I posted earlier in the thread about the koran-burning minister that muslim hatred had diverted the fanatical Christian right from their war on sex but they are back. They will always be back....
Re: How do I post this? by Lounge Trekker on 17 September 2010 4:41pm
I can't handle it! I have a girlfriend and just don't have time.

Libidinous Trekker
Re: How do I post this? by sighthound on 22 September 2010 1:16am
Our dear President Jimmy Carter got off two hilarious zingers about Ms. O'Donnell's peculiar opinions on the Daily Show last night. He was funnier than John Stewart and Stewart knew it and loved it. Carter is our best ex-President ever.

Here's the link but you have to get to the end of it to see Carter: http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/mon-september-20-2010-jimmy-carter
Re: How do I post this? by mrsteabag on 22 September 2010 8:57pm
LOL, Geraldine!
Ms. O'Donnell's also been quoted as going off about cloning between mice and humans and having mice with human brains. It was nice of her to volunteer to receive the mice cells.
I really shouldn't insult mice like that. :)
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