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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Overtime by suzulu on 3 October 2010 2:15pm
I did seven hours' overtime at work this week - it's a wonder I had the energy to go to the Sting concert.

I would be interested to know if anyone here has had to do so much overtime?

Re: Overtime by johnnythemonkey on 3 October 2010 3:25pm
I once worked 104 hours o/t in two weeks. Although the money was unbelievable, if I didn't know it at the time, I learned years later that I was just a number.

Us Scots are known to love Ne'erday. I once went and did a 16 hour shift on New Year. Yes, for the money but also because I was very company minded in those days.

A senior manager who was one of those guys who was always first into work and last out, said ( and we thought he was joking ) that if we worked New Year, he would also come in and serve us our lunch in the canteen.
Sure as hell he did. Dressed up like a waiter in a fancy restaurant, he served us and thanked us for our commitment.
His commitment to the company resulted in him being ousted a couple of years later.
Re: Overtime by Spursfan on 3 October 2010 4:15pm
That's terrible, Johnny! Loyalty/commitment counted for nothing then?

On a similar theme, sometimes (always?!) it is not WHAT you know but WHO you know that counts.

A recent example. When my husband retired from the County Council, his post as head of Section went with him, so he was also made redundant. There was a restructuring (as an ex-employee of the Council I can say this happens about every 3 years) and they changed the one post into two. That is, 2 managers instead of one.

One of my husband's ex-staff (P.) became one of the managers, and his 'second in command' (D.) became the other manager.

They are just going through another restructuring (although the three years isn't up until January!!) and I'm not sure exactly but there will be one really senior post.

Needless to say, P., having about 15 years experience of working for the council in that Section, and being in post as manager, applied for the new post. D. is taking redundancy as he is 61. P. is in his late 30s.

What has happened? A 21 year old with absolutely NO experience has been appointed!! However, she IS friends with or a relation of the Head of the Department in which the Section lies.

Nepotism at its sorry best.

P. now has the pleasure of working under someone who not only is nearly 20 years younger than him (this isn't a problem) - but who has absolutely no idea how the section runs!!!

Perhaps not the right thing to do (I think it was) but when this new person started her post, P. (who had always been a loyal and concientious worker), immediately had 2 or 3 weeks off with stress, so she wasn't leaning on him - shoved in at the deep end!!


Re: Overtime by kisch on 3 October 2010 6:16pm
Oh yes, in 1997-98 it was quite normal situation for me to work 50 to 60 hours a week. Overtimes were not paid of course. But then it was Russia in the 90s (=complete mess), so it wasn't that outrageous.
Re: Overtime by suzulu on 4 October 2010 12:56am
Anne, the same sort of thing is happening at my brother's place of work!It's not what you know but who you know! (Sorry, I've just realised you have already said that, Anne!).

Johnny and Kisch, what terrible hours! Makes my 7 hours look like nothing. The latest I have worked is from 9 a.m. on a Thursday morning until 5.30 a.m. the following morning. On many occasions it was 9 a.m. till 2 or 3 a.m. next morning. Actually my colleague who is acting supervisor/manager at the moment last week worked from 8 a.m. Thursday morning till 6 a.m. next morning, had two hours sleep and was back in work at 9.45. (She was staying in a hotel nearby, by the way.)
Re: Overtime by Spursfan on 4 October 2010 10:45am
What awful hours Sue, no wonder you're tired!! 9a.m. - 5.30 a.m.? 20.5 hours?? At the Council we rarely did overtime in the offices - we were on flexi-time so if you did do extra it built up into time carried over. I regularly had a day or two extra to take each month (that was the maximum you could have unless you banked it which had to be pre-agreed). I can only remember actually doing PAID overtme once, when we were asked if we would come in on a Sunday (our choice to go in or not). The contracts for Youth and Community Workers were changing and the people in our section of the Education Dept (Youth & Community) who dealt with pay needed help to get it all together in time and send it upstairs to the wordprocessing unit. That was the ONLY time we were actually PAID for overtime.

Re what is happening at my husband's old job, I think it is disgusting (well, we both do). It should not be allowed in this day and age, but the woman who is in charge of the department, and her deputy, think they are allowed to do whatever they want and get away with it! They are just bullies. When Zak was there he challenged their decisions/actions all the time (they tried to interfere with his running of the section) and so his name was mud, shall we say? He also constantly 'stuck up for' his team - unfortunately there is no-one there now who is as strong as Zak in that sense. They tried to bring him down but failed - in the end he took them through the County complaints procedure and received a decent payment on top of his redundancy money.

Now apparently there are at least a couple more complaints going through - not from Zak's old team but from staff in her OWN office!!

Just after Zak had left there I sat at the computer and wrote a long email to the woman telling her exactly what I thought of her, what she'd done (Zak went from absolutely loving his job to loathing it when she took over (not because she was a female, I hasten to add)) etc etc, not swearing, just telling her how I saw it. When I'd finished, I showed it to Zak, and then deleted it. I was never really going to send it, for obvious reasons, but it was satisfying enough to put it all down.

Re: Overtime by kazzzz on 4 October 2010 12:47pm
I don't know how the system works for everyone else but here, overtime is taxed very highly and if you do too much it works out that it's not worth doing at all.

By tthe way, my whole life is overtime. For free!
Re: Overtime by Loretto on 4 October 2010 3:41pm
I once worked for a guy here in the US and was told I was being paid by the hour. I did 12 hours extra one week and when my pay check came it never reflected the extra 12 hours. When I asked him about it he told me I was on Salary, which according to him meant no matter whether I worked 40 hours, 30 hours, 50 or 60 hours, I would still get the same amount in my pay check. Funny how it all worked out in his favor. I put my paycheck in my pocket and quit on the spot.
Re: Overtime by Spursfan on 4 October 2010 3:47pm
What did it say in your contract, Loretto because if it said hourly pay then you had a case to argue it with? [Does that last sentence make sense?! Oh well, at least I know what I mean!!]

They kept trying to change Zak's hours (I mean, the times not the amount) and also exclude him from meetings concerning his team, but as it clearly stated in his contract that he SHOULD be included, they didn't have a leg to stand on (and thus fell over. Sorry!).

Re: Overtime by Loretto on 4 October 2010 3:56pm
No contract, I was 22, over from Ireland and worked in a dry cleaners whilst getting my Masters in Education Anne. I was a cocky little devil, because I walked out of that job and into another one five minutes later. The last job I left was just as crooked, even more crooked, but that's a long and complicated story.
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