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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Chilean miners. by johnnythemonkey on 13 October 2010 3:39pm
The rescue is well underway. When I watched the BBC lunchtime news the 11th man was on his way out.
The scenes when each man emerged were fantastic. The guys that we seen looked remarkably well, so I hope they continue to be mentally fit and become wealthy with their story. They deserve it.
Re: The Chilean miners. by perfectbitch on 13 October 2010 4:23pm
I woke up in the early hours and juust caught the emergence of the 2nd miner to reach the surface. The Chilean president and his wife were there hugging the relatives and looking as happy as larry.

Re: The Chilean miners. by Loretto on 13 October 2010 5:40pm
I keep thinking about the last miner to emerge. It takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes for the vehicle to bring miners to the surface and then I presume another 20 minutes to go back down for the next man.

Whats that going to be like, waiting 30-40 minutes in total solitude?
I couldn't do it. I couldn't be the last one, I would absolutely freak!
Re: The Chilean miners. by Lounge Trekker on 13 October 2010 5:59pm
Nice to see some good news and a real success (hopefully) bringing an end to quite an ordeal. I wouldn't willingly go into a little basket like that to go underground yet these guys look great! After weeks with no contact with the surface the few I saw were looking good.

The second guy brought gifts! Hah hah ah!

Subterrainean Trekker
Re: The Chilean miners. by Spursfan on 13 October 2010 7:10pm
Yes I've been thinking the same Loretto!

But, as there are now at least 2 rescue workers there as well (I saw the 2nd one go down) I presume they'll be last up?

Whatever, still not nice to be last up. I think you'd want to be in constant touch with the outside world as you waited; 40 minutes will seem like 40 hours.

The rescue workers have done a great job though - considering that at the beginning of all this they were talking about the men being down until Christmas.

Oh and they said that the video camera (or whatever) will show the rescuers up top that all is well when the last man goes up.

Re: The Chilean miners. by johnnythemonkey on 13 October 2010 7:15pm
Those guys are tough and not like the rest of us. I live in what used to be a mining area; they are a special breed of men that can do that job.

I thought that the first rescue worker to descend into that shaft was the bravest man of all.

I echo Pete's sentiment and that of some journalists at the scene, that it's a change to report or comment on good news.
Re: The Chilean miners. by kazzzz on 13 October 2010 11:03pm
I think the last miner up might be glad of 40 mins to himself!
Such a great story. I can't believe how good they all look! It's amazing!
Wonder what's going to happen to the one who's mistress and wife have both turned up , both knowing nothing about the other ? I'd stay in the mine if I were him!
Re: The Chilean miners. by Loretto on 14 October 2010 12:19pm
RE Previous Post
"I keep thinking about the last miner to emerge."

Of Course MATT LAUER said the exact same thing this morning on the Today show, oh why couldn't it have been Lester Holt instead!!!
Re: The Chilean miners. by mrsteabag on 15 October 2010 8:52pm
@Kazz, Miner #20 was the one with the romantic complications. His girlfriend was at the mine when he emerged. His wife said she wasn't going to be there. He probably felt safe enough to come out. ;)
@Loretto: why, indeed, couldn't it have been Lester?
But it was good to see positive news for a change.
Re: The Chilean miners. by Loretto on 15 October 2010 10:09pm
LOL Fran, I don't want to 'think' like the journalist I am not so fond of!!!!
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