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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Not another useless list??! (2) by Spursfan on 18 October 2010 8:30pm
Whilst the other useless list is going on, how about one listing your favourite WOW moments? Keep them clean please, and also family moments such as the birth of choldren, marriage, etc are taken as read so don't include them please.

Here are a few of mine.

1. Seeing a tiger in the wild in Khajuraho, India. Also it was the first to be seen in several months so we were indeed blessed (we have it on film). WOW.

2. Standing between the Nepalese pilot and co-pilot, looking out of the plane's cockpit front window and seeing Everest, black and beautiful against the blue sky (the other mountains of the Himalayas are snow tipped). WOW.

3. Having an 'Experience' with a dolpin in Mexico. My husband, our friend and our eldest grandchild all swam with dolphins, but our second eldest wasn't old enough. For people too young or not good swimmers, there was a dolphin 'experience' so I said that I would go with Simon - and boy am I glad I did! There were about 5 of us around this dolphin, and a marine biologist was telling us all about him, it was really interesting. We were able to keep stroking him, and at the end we all got a 'kiss' from him (the dolphine not the mari.....!!). WOW
(As a 'quite' funny anecdote...in the night after this our granddaughter was wide awake and crying her eyes out. I asked her what was wrong (she was about 12 I think). She said, sobbing; "I went for a 'wee' in the water and now I've killed them all!!!' !)

Will probably think of others. I have not mentioned seeing U2 or anybody like that.

Re: Not another useless list??! (2) by mrsteabag on 18 October 2010 9:08pm
Anne, this is one of my favorite journaling exercises to teach.

1. My 1st trip to France was crammed with enough "wow" moments to start its own forum.
2.Standing in my yard on clear nights and remembering my place in the grand scheme as I look up at the stars.
3. Andy Summers' solo performance at a guitar fest a few years ago.
Re: Not another useless list??! (2) by Spursfan on 19 October 2010 8:53am
Oooops Fran, you broke one of my rules (like I OWN this site hahahaha!) by including a concert. If you are a fan of someone you could fill the whole list: 1-5 on mine would be various U2 concerts, others would include meeting Jimmy Greaves (my childhood soccer hero), seeing the Monkees live at Wembley, meeting other famous people, and of course meeting Michael.

To add one to my list - Having breakfast outside in Mexico, whilst a humming bird (wild) fed on the bushes next to our table.
Re: Not another useless list??! (2) by Loretto on 19 October 2010 12:45pm
1. Wearing a pair of prescription lenses for the first time and realizing you WERE supposed to see that well.
2. Being away from Ireland for almost 2 years and returning to see how much older my brothers looked.
3. Standing in the middle of the Newgrange megalithic tomb in Ireland with my son last winter solstice and watching the sun's beam of light creep across the floor towards the back wall.
4. Descending a tube escalator in London 23 years ago I saw a young man sitting in the corner. I gave him some money and was shocked to hear his Irish accent when he thanked me.
5. Realizing that I had stood on a tube and train for well over an hour with my skirt hiked to my shoulder because of how I had slung my bag across my back...no wonder people were staring!
6. Standing on the doorstep of my US residence 17 years ago and saying goodbye to Kevin, my heart was breaking.
7. Seeing a whale fluke off the coast of Cape Cod.
8. Being hugged spontaneously by a little preschooler in Jamaica when I visited a school.
9. Hearing my son say "Mommy" when he was 10 months old.
10. Standing in 'Place de la Concorde' when the lights came on at 9:35 pm.
Re: Not another useless list??! (2) by suzulu on 19 October 2010 12:51pm
1. Seeing a humpback whale on our boat trip along the Inside Passage, even though it was quite far away.

2. Sunset/sunrise over Uluru.

3. Plane trip from Uluru to Alice Springs, flying over salt lakes.

4. Close encounter with a wild moose.
Re: Not another useless list??! (2) by Spursfan on 19 October 2010 3:00pm
PMSL at No. 5, Loretto!! How embarrassing!!! :D

4. Watching whales (omigod I forget which sort!) off Monterey, California - in between running to the other side of the whale-watching boat to throw up!!

5. Going to the orphanage in Central Turkey, that our friend's brother was head of. We had expected to see a school, as that is how they had described it (at the time they spoke little English)so it was a shock. Babies in cots, sometimes two or three in one big cot, then little toddlers all shaven headed clamouring to be picked up by me, then older children. Our son played volleyball with them for a while.

We took no photos or video as we felt it was disrespectful. It didn't seem right somehow. But they were all well looked after and cared for, not like the Romanian orphanages on the news at the time (about 1991).
Re: Not another useless list??! (2) by Loretto on 19 October 2010 5:15pm
Glad it (#5) gave you a giggle Anne. I only noticed it when I caught a glimpse of my shadow on the ground as a car, with headlights on allowed me to cross the road. The perfect outline of my arse as I sauntered in front of the car, the driver must have thought I was doing some "Business."
Re: Not another useless list??! (2) by Spursfan on 19 October 2010 6:08pm

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