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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
No one expects...the fire brigade! by mrsteabag on 25 October 2010 1:25am
Dear Graham, I appreciate you keeping watch over me, but I think my guardian angel's back from her break now...thanks. love, Fran
I'm ranting about this over here--it involves two people on FB who are friends in common reality.
So one of my close friends and I planned a party for our other close friend. This is on top of Mrs. T Sr. Well, in an attempt to condense it, we had issues with my 20+y.o. printer dying. Made it tough to hard copy the invites that I designed. Ok, get that resolved. Send invites. Several people thought that I was trying to pull a scam (we asked that donations be made to a local charity in lieu of gifts). Had problems with the manager at the restaurant--hard to get hold of, and tried to push a party package on us suitable for 12 y.o.'s. Had to gently but firmly remind Ms. Manager that the ladies in attendance ranged between 35 and 85, and that due to allergies and several vegetarians the package would not work. Kept pushing the party room. Co-conspiritor and I went to check out said facility. Not impressed. Plus manager had stepped out. We had lunch, and waited. 1hr. 15 later, we left. Received emails from her two days before the party that the restaurant was going out of business 10/30. Well, the party was yesterday (10/23) and was pretty good (got to see several ladies I don't get to very often; big hug from the birthday girl) ...and then something in the kitchen got scorched. The alarm went off. The waitstaff and manager exhorted us to stay calm, just a little burnt toast. No one told the fire department. The whole dept. arrived (small city) with all the lights and sirens going. The fire chief then found several violations--a cardboard cutout in front of the fire exit; newspaper stuffed into doors for insulation...
I went home, ate chocolate, and slept. And will do so again tonight. Thanks for letting me vent, sweeties! xo
Re: No one expects...the fire brigade! by TERRY S on 25 October 2010 3:05am
Hey, rant all you want! We don't mind. Well, I don't; can't speak for anyone else. Sounds a bit like a fire drill I had once at UGC. Hee, hee! It was a total disaster. And I hope that they never have to evacuate it for real. It was a Sunday morning before the customers arrived. It has 20 screens and 800 seats in one screen! Anyway, I left two people in the loo, one of my collegues left someone in a screen and my best friend, went into screen eight and saw the cleaners. He left them there assuming - incorrectly! - that they were just, well......cleaning. Actually, they were pretending to be customers and he was meant to remove them!! And it took fifteen minutes. I know cinemas have to be smoke/fireproof, but fifteen minutes is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. And we forgot to tell the fire department another time as well. However two days later when we had to really evacuate them after a power-failure, we only took eight minutes. Just shows you.
Re: No one expects...the fire brigade! by Ken Dunn on 25 October 2010 4:37am
Our smoke alarm goes off too sometimes when we are cooking but we haven't had to call the fire brigade yet. I'd be inclined to have a cold buffet when having a party.
Maybe your party was very noisy and a neighbour called the fire brigade when they smelled the toast burning.
Re: No one expects...the fire brigade! by johnnythemonkey on 25 October 2010 5:43am
Every time I fall asleep and happen to drop my ciggie which makes the duvet smoulder.....that damned smoke alarm goes off.
I've sorted myself out. Took the battery out of the stupid thing !
They don't call me clever for no reason.
Re: No one expects...the fire brigade! by johnnythemonkey on 25 October 2010 5:47am
Before someone tells me off......I never actually smoke in bed.
Re: No one expects...the fire brigade! by Loretto on 25 October 2010 7:52pm
The Charge of the Fire Brigade no less! I went home for Saint Patrick's Day when was about 3 months pregnant with Sean. I just couldn't get warm in our kitchen at home in Ireland so I stuffed it solid to bursting point with turf/peat. I was so proud of myself when the black top to the range started to glow red, then my mother rushed in from the farmyard and shouted, "The Chimney is on fire!" Oh yeah, it was lovely and warm in the kitchen, all 7 firemen stayed for tea and sandwiches.

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