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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Jo Yeates [for armchair detectives..] by bIG bLOGGER on 21 January 2011 4:46pm
Could any of us armchair 'tecs do any better than the Avon and Somerset Police in solving this little murder mystery,a "who-dunnit"??

Perhaps they need the services of a Miss Marple,an Inspector Poirot,or even an Inspector Clouseau?

First they arrest the Landlord,then release him without charge.He is indignant.
Now they arrest the Tenant in the adjoining flat,a Dutchman. The Dutchman's parents are indignant, knowing the indignities suffered by the arrest of the Landlord...

Personally, my money is on the milkman, or on the dustman --sorry-- refuse collector.

Re: Jo Yeates [for armchair detectives..] by Sonny Syde on 24 January 2011 5:28pm
Real murder inquiries are a bit different from Agatha Christie novels.
Dutchman Vincent Tabak appeared in court today charged with the murder of Jo Yeates.
He lived in the flat next door, so I think that yes, the police may have been slow in arresting him, if of course he is found to be guilty.

I'm not sure if the landlord is still suspected of any involvement but I think the only reason for his arrest was for being eccentric and strange looking.
Re: Jo Yeates [for armchair detectives..] by bIG bLOGGER on 27 January 2011 4:13pm
Maybe one main difference between the classic fictional private eye and the real-world detectives is that PI's like Sherlock Holmes (a fictional character of Arthur Conan Doyle,lest we forget) always seem to wrap up their cases neatly and track down the actual killer--at the same time explaining exactly why he (or she) did it; whereas,in the real-world,cases can be left unsolved for years or the wrong person banged up in jail,when they innocent.

Recent examples of mis-handling cases are:
The investigations relating to the murder of TV presenter JILL DANDO in Fulham:
Barry George arrested and charged after 12 months of detective work;found guilty,imprisoned,later released with compensation.
This case is still unsolved.

The case of RACHEL NICKELL in Wimbledon:
Colin Stagg caught in a 'honey trap' by police,arrested,tried,imprisoned;later released with compensation.
Robert Napper,who already banged up on other crimes,was eventually determined to have been her killer.

The case of the mysterious abduction of MILLY DOWLER of Walton-On-Thames in 2002 went unsolved for 8 years,with no trace of her killer,until nightclub bouncer Levi Bellfield was brought into the picture in 2010,because of other attempted abductions in Surrey.
Re: Jo Yeates [for armchair detectives..] by bIG bLOGGER on 30 January 2011 3:31pm
Vincent Tabak appeared at Bristol Crown Court,last Tuesday. But there was no request for bail from his solicitors and the Judge remanded him in custody until the next hearing in this case, which is set for tomorrow,Monday 31st of January.
It will be interesting to see if he then enters a plea, and whether that will be a plea of "not guilty" to murder.

Armchair detectives do abound, but they are hardly best placed to solve any murder. These days most seem to post their musings on various internet blogs.
Here is a typical one:
<<Exposing myth...>>

...where up to a hundred different comments from armchair detectives have been logged.

One is inclined to ask,though:
Why have Bristol CID charged Vincent Tabak? What evidence do they have on him,if any? Has he been made a scapegoat of,just so that the CID can appear to be 'making progress..'?
Why is he the only current suspect for this murder?

His arrest has non-plussed me,I have to admit,for at least 8 reasons:

1) Tabak had been the tenant of Joanna's adjoining flat. He lived at Flat 2; No.44,Canynge Road,Clifton. So detectives haven't exactly had to do a hard search to uncover him.
Is he the "soft option" perhaps?

2) Tabak is altogether well-esteemed and well-regarded,not only by his family and friends in native Holland,but by his work and university colleagues and by his previous neighbours in Bath. He speaks 3 languages: Dutch,English,German. He has a degree and a Phd and a good career as an architect/engineer with the firm Buro Happold. So why would he risk jeopardising all that? He is by no means the classic 'loner' or 'weirdo'. Since 2009,he was living in Clifton with his loving girlfriend Tanja Morson who says she is firmly sticking by him. So why would he need to seek out any alternative female company?

3) Vincent Tabak spent Xmas in Holland, with his family. If he had committed a murder before going: a) Wouldn't he have been perceived as being nervous,shifty,troubled by some of his family? b)Would he have returned after Xmas to his flat in Clifton and not gone underground,to escape detection?

4) Tabak doesn't own a car; so how would he have transported a body 4 miles across the river to Failand?
He is a fitness fanatic,owns a mountain bike and loves sailing and outdoor pursuits like hiking. He walks,or uses public transport. He has done marathon runs for charity.
Is this really the profile of a calculating killer? Dutch people customarily cycle everywhere, but you cannot carry a body on a bicycle.

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