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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Donald Trump for President? by tucsonmike on 21 April 2011 1:39am
I am shaking my head, don't think he will really run, but if he does?
Re: Donald Trump for President? by sighthound on 22 April 2011 10:28pm
Trump's at the top of the polls for Republican presidential candidates which just re-affirms my opinion that rank-and-file Republicans are idiots. He's rallying these troops by reviving the "birther" controversy although it has been disproven again and again and again and again.....

Re: Donald Trump for President? by tucsonmike on 23 April 2011 1:47am
I posted on Trump's page on Facebook; if what the birthers are saying IS true, it is the biggest fraud in human history. How many people would have to be kept quiet with no one telling the story. If I am a Republican operative, I would be handing out money like free samples to get someone in Hawaii's Department of Vital Records, to talk for example.
I had to laugh @ Republicans being afraid they can't raise enough money to defeat President Obama. Well that is another theory, that President Obama is getting laundered foreign money.

Look, I don't think the President is perfect. I think if the Donald is elected, he will find being President frustrating.

Lee Iaccoca in 1988 was asked to run for President. He went to visit his friend Tip O'Neill to bounce the idea off him. The first words out of Tip's mouth were, "President of what?" When Iaccoca told him President of the United States, Tip laughed and turned red. He said, "If you don't have a heart attack in the first year, you will be assassinated in the second year, because you would be pushing the envelope too much."

I hate our politics. I don't even vote out of a sense of civic duty any longer. I vote for two reasons: I weigh who I hope will hurt me the least, and so I have the right to complain. Actually, there is a third reason. If I don't vote, I can lose it one day.

I like writing fiction now. I can remake my worlds and withdraw into fantasy.

I also suspect with Trump he is trying to make his family a Republican version of the Kennedy's. I am watching Eliot Spitzer on CNN @ the moment. Only 26% think the United States is going in the right direction.

I don't think the President is a strong leader. I am not even sure what that means any more.
Re: Donald Trump for President? by Loretto on 23 April 2011 2:47am
Donald Trump is a media junkie, I think the man is addicted to seeing and hearing himself on television. He is stirring up controversy to steer people away from his own past. I mean, seriously, The Donald as US President?
Re: Donald Trump for President? by Sonny Syde on 23 April 2011 2:11pm
What are 'birthers' ? President Trump or even President Palin ? It's a sad situation that they can even be mentioned as potential candidates.
Re: Donald Trump for President? by Sonny Syde on 23 April 2011 7:45pm
I Googled 'birthers'. This is my favourite explanation.
Re: Donald Trump for President? by kazzzz on 24 April 2011 2:06am
Re: Donald Trump for President? by Lounge Trekker on 24 April 2011 9:54pm
If money buys power and power creates wealth for the powerful...yeesh, it doesn't look good.

To echo what Mike said...I have trouble respecting any of our politicians in Canada as well. Does the wide spread dissemination of information contribute to voter apathy? I think it does. I can't keep track of every election promise made (sound byte recorded) in every region of our economically, geographically and culturaly diverse country. These sound bytes are then interpreted or misinterpreted by the media people and broadcast to the areas they choose to hear them. To put it all together and decide who would best serve my interests...the country's interest...the promotion of the values I consider important...

I'll try something different this time. Similar to what Mike said, I demand my right to complain about the government; therefore I must vote. I'll wait until I hear the most recent opinion poll results prior to ballot time and throw my vote in the direction in which it might make the biggest difference.
Re: Donald Trump for President? by tucsonmike on 26 April 2011 2:23am
Many left wing psychologists think Trump is a sociopath. Be that as it may, this may be a very silly period.
Re: Donald Trump for President? by sighthound on 29 April 2011 4:24am
The "birther" nonsense was totally, factually discredited long before Obama was elected but it contintued to fester because a large minority in America is so racist that they cannot accept the fact that a mixed-race person could become President. Their guts are telling them that he is so "other" that he couldn't possibly be an American.

Trunp, ever the opportunist, glommed onto this to get himself even more media time. He claimed that he had sent detectives to check this out and that they had found EXPLOSIVE evidence about Obama's birth but, yesterday, in the most disgusting press conference I've ever witnessed, Trump refused again and again and again to answer questions about this explosive "evidence" he'd claimed on national television that his people had supposedly had found. It doesn't exist and Trump was exposed as a total liar but, true to the big bully he has always been, he ostentaciously blew off the real questions and started putting out even more lies. I find it very hard to not vomit when I hear Trump speak. (Well, I must admit that the hair gets me half-way there before he even opens his mouth.)

The fact that 26% of the Republican Party is now picking Trump for President tells you a lot about the Republican Party.

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