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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Moslems on Airplanes. by tucsonmike on 6 September 2011 7:42pm
With 9/11 coming up, answer the following hypothetical question for me.

You see Moslem men with skullcaps praying on the plane before it takes off. Would that upset you and if yes, would you do something about it and if so, what?
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by Lounge Trekker on 6 September 2011 8:58pm
People praying at any time bothers me and I do nothing about it. Should I?
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by tucsonmike on 7 September 2011 12:48am
As a New Yorker, who watched the towers burn and fall from a cliffside and flew on month after 9/11, I agree with you, anyone praying makes me nervous.

If they are Moslems, too many negative thoughts cross my mind.
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by sighthound on 7 September 2011 4:33am
Just as many negative thoughts cross my mind when I see Christians and Jews and others praying in public places. Ostentatious public religious acts have often, in my experience, been concomitant with intolerant acts so I express my intolerance for the terrible things I have witnessed being done by "true believers" by getting as far away as possible. (Except for Buddhists - never had a problem with Buddhists.)

I could never really trust anyone who is convinced that he has "God on his side" (one of the legacies of being raised in a misogynistic religious atmosphere. And so very few religions are not misogynistic.)
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by Spursfan2 on 7 September 2011 11:44am
The answer is a resounding NO!!

I have too many Muslim friends to be lulled into thinking that all followers of Islam are evil!! I have even sat on a plane in Turkey with a Muslim friend (ok, no skullcap. He's a bit of a Turkish hippy!!!) and he prayed on take-off and landing as it was his first flight - didn't worry me, I just thought 'got that base covered then!!'

Same when we caught a plane from New Delhi to Katmandu - lots of people of all faiths (buddhist, muslim and hindu) prayed at different times - why should it bother me?

There is far too much of this 'he/she is muslim therefore it follows that they must be terrorists'. Our very dear friend in Turkey (who nis a devout muslim and was once an Imam) told us once that it is a 'sin' in Islam to kill or injure another person, whatever faith or race they are.
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by suzulu on 7 September 2011 2:09pm
NO too! I agree with Anne. Muslims pray a lot anywhere. I was on a flight from Denver to London and the man sitting next to me was praying before take off. At first I thought he was just muttering to himself, then I realised he was praying!

I would have thought potential terrorists would not pray outwardly before going on a flight. It would draw too much attention to themselves.
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by Loretto on 7 September 2011 3:09pm
I think because of all the negative stereotying against Muslims that the current US media moguls are feeding us, the first reaction would be to be nervous. Then I would think, is this Muslim praying for a safe flight, praying because he knows something that I don't about this flight? Then I would apply a bit of common sense, my niece holds my hand when she flies with us, my mother, a devout catholic prayed (same advice she gave me when I went into labor with my son, it really helped a lot !!! :-) NOT!! )

So, the short answer would be, I'd be a bit nervous but I'd stay on the flight. Common sense tells me that not all Muslims are terrorists. In fact Noam Chomsky wrote a fantastic piece for Common Dreams about this topic. Kind of at least...


I suppose at the end of the day you can't paint everyone with the same brush!
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by Lounge Trekker on 7 September 2011 7:29pm
I read (some at least) Islam for Dummies and according to that translation the morals are similar, the principles of rearing children are similar, the actions toward others are similar. Same stuff, different, different...everything else.

"This is your captain speaking. We are the closest most of us will every get to heaven. If you think you want to leave the plane now...sit down, shaddup and hang on!"
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by sighthound on 7 September 2011 8:49pm
Every time I come up against anti-Muslim bigotry, I ask the person expressing it if he/she has read the Quran/Koran. They NEVER have. Well, I have and there is all the good stuff in it that is in the Bible and less of the bad blood-thirsty stuff. 'Nuff said....
Re: Moslems on Airplanes. by Spursfan2 on 8 September 2011 10:51am
Well said Geraldine!! :)

And as Loretto says, a lot of religious people of other faiths ALSO pray before flights (and other stressful events). Some Catholics cross themselves (I'm sure that there is a word for it?) before a flight or whatever - some people think they are a lot safer if they are in their god's hands so's to speak.

We have flown to the States on St Patricks Day, and there were quite a few merry Irish gentlemen with green silly hats on etc. Was I scared that they could be IRA? NO, because that would be tarring every Irish person with the same brush. My only concern was that they were getting TOO plastered!!!

See what I am getting at?
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