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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Accents by Loretto on 14 June 2012 9:54pm
I would love to hear all the different accents on here. Wouldn't it be fun to get each person to recite Joyce Kilmer's Tree's in their natural accent and listen to them all here?

The website http://archive.org/
allows you to upload your audio. If anyone wants to give it a shot I'll give you step by step directions here.

Re: Accents by kazzzz on 15 June 2012 2:56am
I'll do it when I get rid of this cold!
Re: Accents by johnnyBgood! on 15 June 2012 4:51am
A few of the regulars or ex-regulars here have heard my voice on the phone. My longest friend here ( Kazzzz) hasn't spoken to me on the phone but she once arranged a hilarious phone-in on an Australian radio show with myself,Karen, and Michelle ( Miss-m).

Karen has an almost childlike voice, Anne has a lovely voice for an old git:). Missy sang on the radio show and was really funny. Mike and Pete sound just as you'd expect them to and Geraldine's accent would melt a man's heart. ;)
I've heard you Loretto in clips you've posted and love your accent. I also remember wee Terry-S posting a clip of her trip to Japan but I can't remember if it had audio.
I also heard John (wheelrim/wheelnut) in a clip he posted, wearing police uniform ! I didn't believe he was a cop up until that point. :)
Re: Accents by Loretto on 15 June 2012 12:29pm
Oh wow! I would love to travel around and get people to read that poem above into my digital voice recorder! Especially in Ireland, the Cork, Kerry and Donegal accents are so unique and I love hearing them. Mind you we met a Yorkshire rock guitarist in London two years ago who played with Rod Stewart. Loved that accent too.

As soon as you feel better Kazz we'll give it a shot. Feel better!
Re: Accents by kazzzz on 15 June 2012 1:36pm
Patty has a beautiful speaking voice, so soft. I think she was the first Palinite I spoke to on the phone.
Re: Accents by Spursfan2 on 15 June 2012 4:43pm
I love accents. Of course here in Stafford we speak the queens English (lol).

Actually we are stuck slap-bang in the middle of 2 strong Staffordshire accents. First, the Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent) and secondly Wolverhampton (which is now West Mids but used to be in Staffs.). I suppose Stafford is maybe a mix of both? My Dad was born and bred a 'yam yam' (a Wulfrunian (from Wolves) from their saying 'How am ya') so what hope do I have?!!

Our friends that we go on hols with are from South Yorks, and I sometimes tease Veronica about her accent and sayings. For example instead of saying 'I waited until 3' they say 'I waited while 3' !

Re: Accents by George on 15 June 2012 9:02pm
I love accents, too. Being from Texas, I sound very much like George W. Bush. The other night the new "Dallas" series premiered. Larry Hagman's J. R. Ewing accent was just perfect as a Texas oldtimer. The show is great BTW.
Re: Accents by TERRY S on 15 June 2012 9:39pm
Would love to. So, tell me how. May use my own choice of literature, if that's okay, though. Warning though. I sound terribly....terribly...common. A bit like Sean Bean, but worse! And that's what I adore about him. He's kept his accent, he's proud of it and his Sheffield roots.
Re: Accents by TERRY S on 15 June 2012 9:45pm
George, no offence, mate. We have a saying in UK. If it's not broken, don't fix it. The original was cool. A new remake was not needed. There seems to be this thing for remaking good stuff and in doing so cocking it up completely.
Re: Accents by TERRY S on 15 June 2012 9:49pm
Don has a mixture of all sorts. A bit of Yorkshire - his home, Birmingham - his parents, and scouse - some of his old mates. When he says, "year", he says it a bit like Cilla Black!
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