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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by kisch on 26 June 2012 7:53am
Dear all, just in case someone wants to buy it, Michael Palin has written a new novel, it's called The Truth and is out on 5 July.
Here's an extract:

And an interview:
He's doing some book signing, you can find out at the publishers website:

Hope someone will find this information moderately interesting:)
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by kazzzz on 26 June 2012 11:57am
I find this very interesting! Thankyou :)
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by Loretto on 26 June 2012 3:23pm
I have been in the US far too long! Despite the fact that I used this particular word during my childhood in Ireland, the word "learnt" seemed wrong when I first read it in the excerpt from the novel. It is correct, but Americans never use it.

I hope the novel does well, I liked the writing style of the excerpt. Michael seems to be a well received author, no need for any assistance from Unbound books for him! That was very mean of me, One our father and three hail Mary's.

Nice to see you, well sort of see you, again
Kisch. Hope all is well and thanks for posting.
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by suzulu on 26 June 2012 5:48pm
Thanks, Kisch.
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by kisch on 30 June 2012 8:37am
Video of the author introducing the book:
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by Ken Dunn on 30 June 2012 10:32am
That'll be an interesting read.
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by kisch on 30 June 2012 11:48am
Michael has just been on Danny Baker on BBC 5Live and said he likes drain covers. LOL
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by Loretto on 30 June 2012 2:01pm
Drain covers? I took this picture of a drain cover in Galway city in 2009. Knock your socks off Michael...enjoy!

Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by Loretto on 30 June 2012 2:34pm
Kisch, they have just put up the Danny Baker show on Twitter, listening to the interview right now. Tours of the Glasgow sewers?

Maybe this link will work, I don't know.

Michael Palin's interview begins at 1:05:33

"Don't trust ideal figures," Palin says.

Elvis and Johnny Cash are his heroes.

Palin loves writing and acting, but has been nervous of writing fiction for a long time because he was afraid he wouldn't "match up," to the Graham Greenes and the Hemingways.

In the Python days Palin wrote the scripts long hand and Terry Jones typed them up because he was a faster typer than Palin.

I loved when Baker describes some outfit Palin was wearing for a sketch called election night. Palin answered "My first straight bit." Baker says, "It wasn't easy playing Othello that way." LOL

Palin says he looks healthier now than he did when he finished the Canadian tour with Monty Python 40 years ago, describing himself as looking, "debauched." He says he might be older now, but he is healthier.

Palin mentions that he has completed four one hour shows in Brazil. He also says that Brazil has a bigger economy than the UK. He mentions the north east, "where the slave culture is."

Wow, Palin mentions that there is a tribe in Brazil who have their own cameras because they have been filmed so often! That's progress?!?

Reminds me of the comment he made when filming the Kalash people in the Himalaya series.

Palin mentions that there's a lot more groans and grunts as he disembarks from small planes, it has been five years since his last televised travel journey.

Baker mentions that the final travel series for Palin will be having Richard Branson fly him up to the asteroid named after him.

Oh great, he's said that he's easily distracted from writing, "getting up and making coffee."

Now I feel better about how I write!

Ok folks, for all of you with speakers that don't work, enjoy!

I typed this as I was listening. Hot off the press, so to speak.
Re: Michael Palin's new novel "The Truth" by kisch on 30 June 2012 6:35pm
Thanks Loretto dear, that's a lovely interview, I listened to it live when it was on. Too bad I wasn't able to watch a webcam from the studio (it's only available for viewers in the UK and I'm at home).
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