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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sectarianism. by johnnyBgood! on 7 July 2012 7:11pm
As I type, I can hear an Orange parade in the background. I'll show my true colours and say that I hate those Orange b's with a vengeance. This is largely a Catholic town but those b's have controlled the council, the police and fire service etc and tried to keep us Catholics down. The centre piece of my town is the Roman Catholic Church, St Patrick's, and those evil ignorant b's used to love marching past it and upping the volume of their bile. Thankfully, the main street is now pedestrianised and the imbeciles have to take another route.
Re: Sectarianism. by Wheelrim on 7 July 2012 7:44pm
Sticks `n` Stones Johnny, Sticks `n` Stones...
Re: Sectarianism. by tucsonmike on 7 July 2012 7:50pm
I am glad to see some things just don't change. Virginia Senator Jim Webb, in his book Born Fighting about the Scots Irish in America was told by a British general, who had served in Northern Ireland, there were folks on both sides who just didn't want to give an inch. So the Battle of the Boyne will have been 322 years ago next Thursday.

Hey, the United States has an African-American President now, but look at our history of race relations and electing President Obama didn't suddenly wipe that out. Sad but true.

I need to tell a personal story about the Orange Order. I went to a conference in Saint John, New Brunswick in June, 1994. It was a Toastmasters conference and the first night, we were also sharing the hotel with an Orange Order Conference. They disliked us, cause they thought we were too loud.

Yours truly decided to have some fun. There was a young African-American lady in our group. She was so tiny, as a gag, I would lift Charnette up on my shoulders and carry her around, like a side of beef. I picked her up, carried her out the door of the hospitality suite and walked down the hall with her.

I heard from the Orange Order folks the word animals and the "N" word.

BTW. That was the night of O.J. Simpson's slow speed chase and that was on the telly in the hospitality suite.
Re: Sectarianism. by Wheelrim on 7 July 2012 9:46pm
N word... Nasty.
Re: Sectarianism. by johnnyBgood! on 8 July 2012 12:06am
I sort of regret making such a post which makes me seem as bad as them. I rejected the religion of my parents at a young age and my girls attended a non-dominational school.
I live in a very sectarian environment and although I rejected Catholicism at a young age, in this town, it's almost my ethnicity. I won't reject my heritage and the fact that Catholics were treated like dirt in this town. I'm 54 but even I can remember and was forced to accept that some major local employers just didn't accept Catholics. My bro-in-law's dad (deceased) told me of how local factories used to advertise 'Vacancies, Irish or Catholics need not apply' outside the gates. Religion means nothing to me but the hatred these b's have for me makes me feel hatred towards them. I usually try to take the higher ground but hearing their pathetic music and knowing that they are trying to demonstrate power over the majority of this town makes my blood boil.
Re: Sectarianism. by johnnyBgood! on 8 July 2012 12:27am
@ Mike. The Orange Order is similar to the KKK. They only exist to spread hatred but claim to have higher values than that. You are Jewish Mike and I'll always be regarded as Catholic in this town (people always want to know which school you attended. St Patrick's thank you ! ) I don't know your religious views (if you have any) but those type of b's will always see you as a Jew and hate you. I'm getting too old for such shit but I really hate being judged by anyone and certainly not being judged by my parents religion.
Re: Sectarianism. by tucsonmike on 8 July 2012 2:20am
No doubt Johnny. The No Irish Need Apply signs once happened in New York and Boston (longer in Boston).

Before World War II in the United States in 1939, a Gallup Poll found most Americans disliked Jews. Ten percent felt unless the Jews became Christians (preferably Protestants) we should be expelled from the country. Never mind, Jews were among the first European settlers.

Serious Anti Catholic feeling finally began to vanish with the election of JFK. We have major anti Muslim feeling now.

My friend and I were going to go across the street from the hotel to the hardware store where the conference was, buy a can of green paint and paint the corridor wall, but then we figured starting a sectarian riot in a foreign country was a bad idea.
Re: Sectarianism. by Loretto on 8 July 2012 5:07am
I am up late, waiting firSean and Kevin to come home from a Scorpions concert in LI. Kevin is a good dad! I stayed home and watched Lewis Black on HBO. He did a rant about Jewish people and Christians. His schtick was that the old testament was written by the Jews and then the Christians came along and decided to vamp it up, create a new protagonist, lots of action etc. Then Black says he see's priests and ministers on tv interpreting the old testament. They always get it wrong he says, because it isn't their book! You don't see a Rabbi trying to interpret the new testament? Black was very funny. It was an old show though, from 2007 or so. Very political, lots of swearing and very, very funny.

Ok the lads will be home in about ten minutes. Nighty nite folks
Re: Sectarianism. by johnnyBgood! on 8 July 2012 8:49am
@ Mike. JFK becoming President was a huge boost to the Catholic population here. The most powerful man in the world was a Tim !

My friend Iain's mum Margaret wrote to Jackie at the time of his death and received a lovely handwritten letter from her in reply.
Re: Sectarianism. by tucsonmike on 8 July 2012 6:42pm
Johnny, this is why many Americans as a culture do not like history. We see it as something that holds us back from moving forward.

Jackie was a classy lady. No question.

The irony is, my Irish Catholic inlaws despise the Kennedy's but it is personal and goes back almost a century.

Lewis Black is one sick dude, Loretto LOL!
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