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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Another Shooting in US by Loretto on 20 July 2012 3:34pm
Gun control wanted asap.

12 dead and 50 injured after a 24 year old opens fire in a movie theater in Colorado. He had a shot gun, a hand gun and a rifle and some sort of gas.

It was around this time last year also that Brevik went on his rampage in Norway.
Re: Another Shooting in US by TERRY S on 20 July 2012 4:04pm
I agree. but we had a gun ban in UK. Made hardly any difference. I believe if someone wants to get a weapon badly enough, then they will get it regardless of what laws are put in place. Sad, but true.
Re: Another Shooting in US by tucsonmike on 20 July 2012 6:46pm
I will need to put a blog post on this l8r. We need a Federal Gun Control law, actually more a Constitutional Amendment, the majority of the population agrees to. Also, Terry is right, but this is true with any crime. If you want to circumvent it badly enough, it isn't difficult.

I wanted to have a gun, but someone wouldn't let me.
Re: Another Shooting in US by Loretto on 20 July 2012 7:08pm
Good for her

When I met Kevin first I was surprised to learn he did not keep a gun at the liquor store. He said he'd be dead by the time his hand went under the counter to get it. Instead he says if he is ever robbed he'll just empty the register and tell them to take it all, but leave him alive.

The reason I wanted him to have a gun at the store was because a second cousin on my mother's side owned a news agents in California, and her husband was shot and killed in his store back in the mid-seventies.
Re: Another Shooting in US by Wheelrim on 20 July 2012 9:22pm
Sad, Mad... there sure are some crazies in the world, what has got them into this state? TV? Films? Bet your bottom dollar the guy liked violent video games..... I have this bee in my bonnet that all video games seem to have the same thing going on as a theme, battles and slayings. Am I wrong? And Terry, It DID make a difference in the UK. sure, I could probably purchase an illegal firearm in the UK, Money will and does buy almost anything, but its not as easy as it was, which makes it better of course, so therefore it does make aa difference I feel.
Re: Another Shooting in US by Lounge Trekker on 21 July 2012 4:08am
TV, films, video games, cheap liquor, gun availability, parents who either don't care enough or with the need for two incomes and a legal system that will pay a lawyer to defend him. Something wrong here and I can't worry about it...I might say something politically incorrect.

If I do say something wrong, hopefully the judge says, "Bailiff, whack his pee-pee!"
Re: Another Shooting in US by Loretto on 21 July 2012 1:51pm
I don't understand people at all.

It is a midnight showing of the Dark Knight and people bring a six year old and a three month old, both are now dead!!!

Re: Another Shooting in US by TERRY S on 21 July 2012 5:45pm
The other thing about this is: I've worked in cinemas (movie theaters) and it's the easiest thing in the world to get a small weapon of any kind in to one.We are not obliged and in some cases not ALLOWED to search people. After 9/11 and 7/7 we were searching people and they were complaining about civil liberties, invasion of privacy and the ethnics were complaining of racism (the first cinema I worked in was in a strong ethnic community). So, how do you stop such things?
Re: Another Shooting in US by TERRY S on 21 July 2012 5:51pm
Another thing: Why the hell were toddlers in a midnight showing of a movie that would be rated at least a 12A (UK) or PG13 (US), hence eight years and over with an adult?
Re: Another Shooting in US by Wheelrim on 21 July 2012 6:32pm
Yes, the kids (toddlers) in the cinema was of course totally unacceptabe, saved a few bucks on a babysitter, but at what a great cost.
If anyone has NOT seen the Michael Moorer Documentary film `Bowling For Columbine`, WATCH IT, the opening 5 minutes says it all, its probably on You Tube.

It must have been horrific in that theatre, unimaginable horror.
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