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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Writing by Loretto on 26 August 2012 4:39pm
Just watched a very good interview from the Edinburgh International Book Festival where Michael talks mostly about writing.

He mentions some of his favorite authors, Richard Ford, Raymond Carver, both considered to be "Dirty Realist" writers, and Patrick O'Brian as well as Alvaro Mutis.

I am interested in the Ford and Carver works, but not Mutis and O'Brian. Carver and Ford were minimalist writers, heavily edited. I keep hearing the advice of writing teachers, "Show, don't tell," when I think of their (Carver and Ford's) work.

I have signed up to do two writing courses in the fall. One is about how to write stronger protagonists and the other is novel writing. I keep thinking whether or not great writers are born or made? I hope it is the latter :-)

In the meantime, for anyone interested here is that video interview.

Re: Writing by suzulu on 27 August 2012 7:29pm
Thanks, Loretto.

I hope you had a good holiday.
Re: Writing by johnnyBgood! on 3 September 2012 12:39pm
Loretto, I realise that there is a art to writing things that are successful : but is that what you want ? One of these days I will write you something straight from the heart and blow you away.
Re: Writing by Loretto on 3 September 2012 1:05pm
Just do it. You told me that about my manuscripts and that's why I am doing these two courses. Write something. Anything. It is kind of nice to create a world where you get to be in charge. Although sometimes you write a character in such a way that you think they could never behave a certain way.
Re: Writing by johnnyBgood! on 3 September 2012 1:11pm
I'm too unconfident Lonnie. Attempts at being a cheeky and sometimes hopefully funny git, are my limit.
Re: Writing by Lounge Trekker on 22 September 2012 5:06pm
An interesting piece from an author of historical fiction:
Re: Writing by Loretto on 22 September 2012 6:46pm
That was a fantastic article Pete. I love this bit, "I like characters who spit and fart and vomit and bleed and swear like I do on a bad day."

I came across this today also and thought how when color is added to old photos the past becomes almost indistinguishable from the present:

The picture entitled Harvest of Death could be today.
Re: Writing by Lounge Trekker on 22 September 2012 9:04pm
Interesting that the photos aren't any better...the tones and shades, indeed the 'life', of the picture is unchanged with colouration. I enjoyed that.
Re: Writing by Spursfan2 on 22 September 2012 10:40pm
Loretto - you talked about b & w photos. when made into colour photos, making the past come alive.

A couple of years ago there was a series of contemporary colour footage on TV of World War II and what a difference it made !

Somehow, it brought the fact home that the people involved were just like us. Oh I'm not expressing myself well tonight!! What I mean is it all seemed much more REAL.

Re: Writing by Loretto on 23 September 2012 2:02am
Hi Anne! I just read this, and I know exactly what you mean. That is how I felt when I saw the photo Harvest of Death, I don"t know the date the photo was taken, but I know it is old. When colorized it does make it relevant and really hits home that those are real bodies, could be Iraq, Pakistan,, Afghanistan, but it is something like the civil war? In the US that this photo was taken.

I understood you perfectly well, but not doing a great job articulating myself!!!
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