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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Complete Shock! by Loretto on 2 October 2012 5:15pm
My eyes can't believe what they've just seen.

This is so sad! I hope it isn't true, but after the US Jerry Sandusky case, who knows? And that has done a lot of damage to Penn State, and the town near the university, as well as a complete revamping of faculty.

I feel for the victims, if it is true, but this is just sad. I never missed an episide of Jim'll Fix It when I was young. I even wrote to him asking if I could go visit the Pope (John Paul 2) in hospital when he was shot......hey I was a kid!!!

Re: Complete Shock! by TERRY S on 2 October 2012 11:47pm
i asked him for a day as a Blue Peter presenter!

Don and I are not convinced. Strange that they came out (if you'll excuse the expression) after he died. I'm not saying they're lying. I'm just saying it seems odd.
Re: Complete Shock! by johnnyBgood! on 3 October 2012 12:49am
If anyone didn't notice that he was an old perv, they need their head examined. He used to make my mum's flesh crawl. I mistakedly thought it would be boys he was into. I always knew the charity work was only for his huge ego.

I should be used as a sort of sniffer dog by the police. I know a bad one when I see one. I've often been called cynical and often been proved right. Those TV appeals by relatives of murder victims ? Many times I've said to Meg " that is the murderer" and she's called me a sick fcuk. The police aren't always stupid. They get those people to make those appeals so that 'experts' can analyse them. I just intuitively know when someone is lying.
Re: Complete Shock! by johnnyBgood! on 3 October 2012 1:33am
That's how far the tentacles of a paedophile reach. You, Terry and Lonnie were also sort of his victims. You seen him on telly and trusted him.
These women should have came forward before he died and alas there might be money in it for some of them now doing so.
Re: Complete Shock! by Wheelrim on 3 October 2012 11:32am
Louis Theroux did a `week with Jimmy Saville` and there is no doubt in any viewers mind that indeed Jimmy was a weirdo, creepy, and a larger than life character. I agree with JBG that his ego was massive. Yes it is a shame it has come out now but we must remember that it takes a few brave victims to speak up in order to encouragesothers to do so, As of today the number is 12 and growing... I would say that Jimmy, is coming over as a very dirty old man, but I fear it will reveal much darker things. It would seem that he may have not been so old when he started. It is a shame as, ego notwithstanding he raised over 40 million pounds for charity, and now unfortunatley, that will be put on the back-burner, taking second place to these accusations which, I have no doubt, will be substantiated.

These people will always be found out.

When Louis met Jimmy...
Re: Complete Shock! by johnnyBgood! on 3 October 2012 2:46pm
I watched the clip, John, although I had seen the programme when it was broadcast.
I always had a low opinion of him but having looked at that 4 minute clip, it was obvious that he was insane and an 'expert' should have seen through him.

I think the cops are going to have red faces when the full truth emerges, as will quite a few at the BBC.
Re: Complete Shock! by Loretto on 3 October 2012 6:04pm
Just watched it myself, he was a very creepy man. Biggest favor he ever did was not to answer the letter I wrote to Jim'll Fix It when I was 12 years old.

He took his "girlfriends" to caravan for canoodling! What the?

His mother's clothes, the Duchess, are still in her "museum" like room and he takes them out once a year to have them dry cleaned?

Does this not remind anyone else of the plot of Psycho?
Re: Complete Shock! by TERRY S on 3 October 2012 8:36pm
No, I didn't trust him. Didn't even like him that much. The show could have been presented by anyone. I liked it for the fact people got to do cool stuff. The presenter was irrelevent. My only question is, how come everyone complained AFTER he died?
Re: Complete Shock! by johnnyBgood! on 3 October 2012 11:58pm
He had clout when he was alive, Terry.

LOL about the caravan, Lonnie. Fancy a canoodle in my two berther ? :)
Re: Complete Shock! by kazzzz on 4 October 2012 3:15am
Well I do remember him supporting Gary Glitter in the media all those years ago. Ergh. Horrid creep.
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