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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
just wondering by kazzzz on 2 November 2012 2:01am
I have to say , all the coverage of Sandy is very confronting, just a terrible stroke of bad luck from mother nature.
I have, though, noticed the lack of coverage or information about places such as Haiti and Cuba. Are these places less important for mainstream media? If so, very sad and very wrong.
Re: just wondering by Lounge Trekker on 2 November 2012 3:05am
I googled it, kazzzz, after your post. Hurricane Sandy did terrible damage to crops on Haiti and it has displaced tens of thousands. A similar trail was left on Cuba.
Re: just wondering by kazzzz on 2 November 2012 1:21pm
Yes Pete that's right, but hardly any media coverage, well not here anyway.
Re: just wondering by Ken Dunn on 2 November 2012 11:47pm
I'm sure we got a report on the Caribbean here before the superstorm moved up the east coast of USA. It shows that president Obama made sure everyone was aware of its ferocity. I do remember thinking that it may change from the predicted course.
Re: just wondering by Loretto on 3 November 2012 12:08am
Hey folks. Just checking in. Sandy did hit hard, and we were over 200 miles away from the eye, that hit New Jersey our neighbor had a tree fall on his house, no one was hurt. Our town has now only 40% of people without power. It was as high as 70% on Tuesday! We lost power on Monday, before the worst part of Sandy hit, at 5:30pm. I have never seen anything like this, and this was only a category 1 hurricane. We drove around on Tuesday afternoon, I brought my camera to take pictures and it was a pretty damaging storm. Two girls in Ridgefield, a town that is 15 minutes away were critically injured. A
fireman in Easton, 5 minutes away, was killed.

Right now people are getting a bit crazy about gasoline and a fight broke out at a gas pump in Greenwich when people from New York crossed the state border to fill tanks with gas for generators. Appropriate societal behavior doesn't take long to break down when you remove the veneer of politeness! People are getting cranky, antsy and short with each other, and this is only four days in!

We lost power as I said, on Monday at 5:30 pm and as of now 8:10 US Eastern we still have no power. The authorities are saying Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. Sean has had no school ALL week! If we have a snowy winter they'll be going to school on Saturdays to make the days up!

OK, that is it from me! Hope everyone else is well and enjoying that new fandangled invention called electricity! It will never catch on folks, believe me!

Re: just wondering by Loretto on 3 November 2012 12:18am
I just found out that Sean's school has been cancelled until Wednesday! You want to talk natural disaster
Re: just wondering by Lounge Trekker on 3 November 2012 1:13am
I'm relieved to hear you and your loved ones are OK, Loretto. Having no power for a few nights in winter is an eye opener for you, I bet. Do you have wood heat? Natural gas heat and hot water? A car charger for your phones and computers? Oil for the lamp?


edit 11:30 pm eastern Nov 2 2012
Before and After Aerial Images of Sandy's Damage

Re: just wondering by suzulu on 3 November 2012 2:46am
Glad you are all OK, Loretto. It sounds horrendous. Hope you get power restored soon.
Re: just wondering by Loretto on 3 November 2012 2:34pm
Thanks guys. We do have a generator, so coffee, microwave, fridge freezer, toaster and the stove extractor fan as well as kitchen and all bathroom lights are working, as is heat and hot water. We are very lucky, some people on our road have nothing! I unplug the sub pump in our basement and plug the treadmill in so that works fine. The Telly upstairs in the bonus room works. so Sean is happy playing xbox, although yesterday I found him reading!!!

Pete I have to apologize, there are still errors in Mona! It is driving me mad! Here's some advice for writers who might like to self publish using createspace. com:

I was trying to save on ink and paper by revising and editing electronic copies- it doesn't work! Get a proof of your book and revise the hard copy.

The potential to get trigger happy and click "done" is tremendous- resist it! Ask 5-10 friends if they would like a proof of your book and if they would point out formatting, spelling or grammatical errors you'll thank them on the acknowledgement page.

When you do upload your text beware that there will be paragraph shifts that will shove paragraphs together or leave gaps at the top/ bottom of the pages, so eyeball it tenaciously.

Pete, I hope you got the book, are enjoying it despite errors. The good news about createspace is that you can take a book off market, edit it and upload it again for sale. Which is what I will do as soon as we get power back!

That being said if anyone would like to be one of my 5-10 proof readers, I would greatly appreciate it. The Foundling's revision has gone far smoother than Mona the body in the bog, because I learned the hard way.

The next book I am working on now is called Death and the Bereavement Group. I read an excerpt in writing class and they loved it and said they wanted more! So more they will get!!


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