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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Baltimore by tucsonmike on 26 November 2012 1:48am
Posting this for a project, another place for Mr. P to visit. I think he should do a cross North America trip including Canada.

Re: Baltimore by Wheelrim on 26 November 2012 11:46am
During the McCarthy period in the 50`s my father was a `guest` at the Baltimore Jail for 10 weeks. He jumped ship there and tried to join the U.S Army, he sailed through the tests so well that they took a second look at him and decided he might be a threat! Lockeed him up as said for 10 weeks before escorting him to the docks to pick up a ship away from the U.S. During the Bicentennial the old man sent a nice local calender to the, then Mayor of Baltimore thanking them for their Hospitality for his brief stay with them, they confirmed his stay with them and he recieved a great invite to the Bicentennial party for old Baltimorians. He could not go, though I now wish I had. Might ask the current Mayor if it was an `open` invite, Nice story the way my dad told it. The immigration officer took my dad to the docks and they both had 5 hours to kill so went for a coffee, and a cchat, the officer said to my dad that he had been a bit pissed with his assignment as he had an appointment he had wanted to attend to, my dad assured him he would get on the ship and not `do a runner`. they shook hands and of course dad kept his word.
Re: Baltimore by johnnyBgood! on 26 November 2012 12:37pm
Great post wheelnut. Your dad sounds like a real 'character'.
Re: Baltimore by Wheelrim on 26 November 2012 5:00pm
Aye, that he was, awaiting a Norweigan post so I can talk about him creating a diplomatic incident whilst smuggling fags and booze (lots) into the country on-board an Israeli registered ship... `0oooh he was such a naughty boy`.
Re: Baltimore by johnnyBgood! on 26 November 2012 6:59pm
LOL, John. My dad was born in 1919 and was a WW2 veteran. These men were a different breed from us. My dad was a quiet man. I saw him throw a punch in 1972 and it was awe and respect.
Re: Baltimore by Spursfan2 on 26 November 2012 8:12pm
Johnny, my Dad was also a WW2 veteran (Burma) having been born in 1911. He volunteered as soon as war broke out but was sent away as he had a wife and small child (my sister was born in 1938).He was called up later in the war, learnt about radar and was in the Signal regiment working with Montgomery.

He spoke little about his experiences to me, only little asides such as his great admiration for the Ghurkas he was with (and the fact he could have their ration of bacon (which he always adored) for his brekkie as they were Muslim!), and that he had to put some sort of oil (I think) on the legs of his bed to stop creatures climbing up.

Later he said that he had been instructed by his commanding officer to shoot a Japanese soldier who had climbed the radio mast. Dad refused, and in fact did not kill anyone at all during the war (or at any other time).

As a teen, I was rather ashamed of this fact - why had my Dad not been like one of the heroes in the films? But as I grow older I am rather proud of his stand.

Re: Baltimore by tucsonmike on 27 November 2012 1:18am
Wheelrim, I would've enjoyed your Dad. My father was in Officer Training in 1951 in nearby Edgewood, Maryland. They had a weekend pass to go into Baltimore. One of their group was African-American and restaurants would not serve them. My father said he and his buddies were just stunned.
Re: Baltimore by tucsonmike on 27 November 2012 11:43am
Re: Baltimore by Wheelrim on 27 November 2012 11:58am
Mike. Crazy to think now that that was the way of the world, well, sorry to say, the USA back then, and in reality it was not that long ago really. As said, seems crazy now. Our Daughter we adopted from Sri Lanka. I will not suffer racism, and luckily, we live in better times now and things are far moremulti-cultural, but then sometimes even on those terms it brings its own problems. Bigots and idiots will always be there.
Re: Baltimore by Loretto on 27 November 2012 12:39pm
One of the women at the quilting center I volunteer at lives in low income senior housing, I got to know the group because of a project for a journalism course I did two years ago.

Ernestine allowed me to interview her and when she told me that her father was a share croppper in North Carolina and that the white farmer up the road used to set his dogs free and have them chase her I was shocked. Of course segregation was in full swing when she grew up. Black children went to different schools than the whites.

She made a very interesting comment during the interview. She said that most agricultural equipment invented in the US was invented by black folk, but the white men stole thier ideas! And she's probably right.

When she moved to NYC she was molested by another black woman! Then her husband shot himself when he discovered he had cancer! This lovely lady has had a very tough life, and she is a lovely person, no bitterness at all. I asked her if she was bitter toward the white man for the way she was treated when she was young, and she said she prays for them.

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