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  The Chatter Box : The Series
Brazil is out now ... What's next? by pjsalda on 23 March 2013 3:11pm
After seeing twice the Brazil series (like the other ones) it still miss the last Series from Michael! This could not be the last one!

Who agrees with me? Any ideas for a new one?
Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by Loretto on 23 March 2013 8:45pm
I would love to see him do a series about the islands of the Carribbean. They are fascinating in how they all strive to foster individual cultures but they really are more alike than they are different. There's so many it would do a really full series.

I bought a history book about Turks and Caicos years ago and was shocked to read that it was, or at least the north Island was, a haven for drugs in the 1800s.

I also have been to Grand Cayman and would love to know more about how it became a haven for tax free banking etc.

The Dominican Republic shares the same land mass as Haiti, and they don't think very kindly of the haitians. The Haitians speak French and the DC speaks Spanish.

Peurto Rico has an area on the beach in San Juan that hosts illegally built mansions, by drug lords, and not even the police will go in there. I mean these homes are ON the beach.

Jamaica's crest states "Out of many, one people," and boy is that true. The fact that they seperated from England should make for a good hour of television viewing.

Here's the list Michael and I'll even let you borrow my book about Turks and Caicos :-)

1 Antigua and Barbuda
2 Bahamas
3 Barbados
4 Colombia
5 Cuba
6 Dominica
7 Dominican Republic
8 France 8.1 Guadeloupe and dependencies
8.2 Martinique
8.3 Saint Barthélemy
8.4 Saint Martin (France)

9 Grenada
10 Haiti
11 Honduras
12 Jamaica
13 Kingdom of the Netherlands 13.1 Aruba
13.2 Curaçao
13.3 Netherlands
13.4 Sint Maarten

14 Mexico
15 Nicaragua
16 Saint Kitts and Nevis
17 Saint Lucia
18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
19 Trinidad and Tobago
20 United Kingdom 20.1 Anguilla
20.2 British Virgin Islands
20.3 Cayman Islands
20.4 Montserrat
20.5 Turks and Caicos Islands

21 United States of America 21.1 Puerto Rico
21.2 United States Virgin Islands

Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by pjsalda on 25 March 2013 1:53pm
I would love to see Michael making the Vasco da Gama trip, from Lisbon to India where he discovered the ocean way around Africa to do it in 1500. He would pass along african coast countries on both atlantic and indic parts of Africa.he would pass in Cape of good hope in south africa, as an example.
It would be a great adventure with some history behind. If he comes to Lisbon I would be delightfull to receive him on this marvelous city!
Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by heinspijker on 22 April 2013 8:43pm
Dear Michael,

I read your books and saw your video's. Beautiful and Interesting!.

The only (big) white spots I saw are crossing USA and Canada ( af course you've been there in 80 days and the full circel), but there's a lot more to see. (You know that)
And Russia / Siberia (you've been there too, but only the west / east edges). You didn't crossing it.

And if you have the time, Western Europe (You've been there too, but only a few cities, tracing the Hemmingway spots).

Regards Hein Spijker
Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by orangecat on 16 June 2013 5:36am
South Pacific islands: Micronesia, Fiji, American Samoa, French Polynesia. Would make for an excellent series. Plus, this whole area got the raw deal in Full Circle when they hightailed it straight to South America.
Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by Ken Dunn on 16 June 2013 5:09pm
Full Circle was the Pacific rim so I don't know that the South Pacific islands did get a raw deal although I do agree that all the islands in the Pacific would make a good island hopping series for at least 40 episodes. We could also add Hawaii, Guam, Wallis & Futuna and others to your list, orangecat. Who knows, but someone may already have done a series like this.
I Googled the Pacific islands and found that the BBC have made about 4 and a half hours of video on the southern area.
Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by jamesinhangzhou on 19 June 2013 2:00am
My $0.02 : How about going "full circle" and doing "80 days around the world" again, this time going the other way round?
Whatever Michael does next, I hope there is a time deadline to give the series an element of drama again...
Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by orangecat on 6 October 2013 5:23pm
Ken, Full Circle skipped the entire vast portion of the South Pacific. Did you not watch the series? And yes, many travel series exist for the same region. Then again, many other travel series exist of any other suggestion made here so what's your point? There's also a mega amount of amateur video on youtube that would rival professionally made videos. The idea here is to do it Palin style.
Re: Brazil is out now ... What's next? by TheRedNomad on 21 June 2014 8:43am
I attended a book launch/lunch with Michael Palin last year in Oxford and he was asked what travel series was next. Though he had no plans, he did mention that it would have to be somewhere he has not been before.
Personally love Loretto's idea of a tour of the Caribbean islands though I agree with jamesinhangzhou that the series would need an added element of drama (such as a time deadline).

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