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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Energy Prices. by Ken Dunn on 4 November 2013 10:25pm
I was wondering if the energy companies elsewhere in the world (outside the UK) put up their prices by large amounts as regularly as the UK ones do. A Channel 4 programme tonight showed that the big 6 in the UK tend to run their companies not to favour their customers but to favour their profits and shareholders.
Re: Energy Prices. by Lounge Trekker on 5 November 2013 1:01am
I was told that although our province, in Canada has more hydroelectricity than domestic demand, and that we pay nearly triple the global rate. No idea what anyone else pays.

I pay $.069 per KWh for the first 644 than $.1034 after that. I pay a monthly average of $100 per month. I also burn wood. Looks like $28.06 per GigaJoule for natural gas. That is less the monthly basic, but you ask me and I'll lump it all together. My hot water, my only gas usage, costs about $31-32 a month. I'd like to see what other people pay in other locales for their electricity and gas.

Good thread idea, Ken. These guys aren't in business to keep us warm...they are in it to make money. It's the telephone and internet that piss me off. I pay over $80 per month for that. Decent cablevision would be close to $100 so fcu* 'em, I say.
Re: Energy Prices. by kazzzz on 6 November 2013 12:01am
Oh they're skyrocketting here Ken. My last bill was over $800. I looked back on last year's bill at the same time of the year. My power useage was virtually the same and the bill was about $400.
Re: Energy Prices. by Ken Dunn on 7 November 2013 7:18pm
We had been loyal to Scottish Hydro Electric for some years (Scottish & Southern Energy) because hydroelectricity is a type of renewable energy. With the regular increases in price and spurred on by the Channel 4 programme I did a search and the Which? comparison website showed me 64 or so tarriffs from a mixture of suppliers that could mean we paid less for our energy bills. We changed to one called Spark Advance 2 which will save us up to £200 per year.
For comparison, LT, our old and new charges are as follows:
Old Electricity Standing - 27.41 p per day. New - 14.7 p per day.
Old Electricity per KWh - 13.99 p. ........... New - 11.171 p.
Old Gas Standing - ........ 27.41 p per day. New - 21.00 p per day.
Old Gas per KWh - ............4.5 p. ............. New - 3.363 p.
I see your other comment about cable TV, LT, and it is for the money making exploits of mobile phone companies and their multitude of fancy gadgets and gizmos that I just refuse to be caught up in the hype (for want of a better word) and spend any money on them. I'm a dyed in the wool landline man (but even then my wife gets and makes most of the calls) and when I go out I'm free to enjoy my walk or other activity without an annoying buzzing or ring tone to disturb my relaxation.
And just to show how topical the energy prices subject is there is another programme, similar to the Channel 4 one I mentioned earlier, on at the moment on STV. It says our big 6 energy companies made combined profits of £3.7billion last year.
Re: Energy Prices. by Lounge Trekker on 2 December 2013 2:21am
Hey Ken, is this story reasonably factual?


I think the huge energy companies are decieving us whenever they can.
Re: Energy Prices. by ev on 2 December 2013 4:13pm
It's for sure..

They have no mandate to provide you with affordable energy, only to turn as big a profit as possible..

Re: Energy Prices. by ev on 2 December 2013 4:28pm
Basically, if energy prices are an issue, we have to use less of it to keep the prices down.

Time to share some energy-saving tips, guys..
Re: Energy Prices. by Ken Dunn on 6 December 2013 8:42am
Yes LT, I'm sure that report is true but it does make difficult reading and the more complicated a pricing system the more likely we are to be fooled.

I don't think using less energy will keep prices down, ev. If we use less energy, the energy companies will have less income so have to raise prices to maintain their profits/cover their costs.

Energy saving tips:

1) Take your heating and hot water off the automatic setting and only switch it on when you need it.

2) Wear more clothes indoors to reduce the need for heating.
Keep the curtains shut for longer during cold weather.
Keep doors closed and use draught excluders.

3) Change from an expensive supplier to a better value one.

4) Use energy efficient appliances.

5) Live in a tent near a free supply of firewood!
Re: Energy Prices. by ev on 6 December 2013 8:55am
6) Pressure cooker and/or slow cooking methods. Pressure cookers are really efficient, and apparently a slow cooker uses about one third of the energy of a normal oven:
Re: Energy Prices. by Lounge Trekker on 10 December 2013 10:48pm
7)Hot drinks are an excellent way to warm up

8)Cook on your wood heater

9) Keep a pot of hot water on the woodstove
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