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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Nuisance calls. by Ken Dunn on 6 April 2014 8:20pm
A black mark must go to Consumer Lifestyles for pestering us regularly. I see they get one star out of 5 in their ratings (one star is the lowest rating you can give or your review will not register). I wanted to add my own review but I'm not wanting junk emails from them as well.

Please add your own if you have the company name.
Re: Nuisance calls. by Spursfan2 on 9 April 2014 8:56am
Zak answered the phone yesterday and as usual put it on speaker (I normally find this annoying but as it happens it was interesting). The caller was female with a strong, possibly Asian, accent.

I can't remember now if she asked for him by name, but anyway she started off saying that she worked for the internet company and that whenever we went online it registered with them. She said we had a lot of viruses [unlikely as we have protection] - well to be honest she continued in such a flow of rapid words that I can't remember everything she said as I was occupied elsewhere. It all sounded suss anyway, and Zak had said early on that if she expected him to give out any details she would be disappointed as we NEVER give out personal details over the phone, however she carried on.

I DID start to take notice when Zak said 'Before you continue can I ask which company you are from?' - she put the phone down.

We were not surprised - she was obviously trying to get our internet details and knew she would be found out as she didn't have the name of our provider.

Once again it concerns me that had it been someone more vulnerable they may have been taken in.
Re: Nuisance calls. by Lounge Trekker on 11 April 2014 1:20am
I rarely answer a call that doesn't give the number on call display. Once in a while, I answer, and if I experience the tell-tale five second delay, I interrupt whoever starts talking with this spiel: "You have reached the offices (sounding like an answering machine) of the Anti Telemarketing Task Force in Washington, DC. Please be aware that you may be personally investigated to assist us in the eradication of this social irritant. Please stay on the line and have your personal details ready. An agent will be with you in a moment." I then hang up.

I doubt it accomplishes anything, but I get a laugh out of it. I have had a few telemarketers volunteer information, which I listen to then ask more questions...
Re: Nuisance calls. by Ken Dunn on 11 April 2014 7:36am
I'll keep that one by our phone, LT!
Re: Nuisance calls. by suzulu on 17 April 2014 12:43am
I had a similar call to the one you had, Anne, from an Indian man claiming to be from a company called Global something or other. He said they had detected problems with my computer. I asked a few questions and it was obvious it was a scam.

Also, I have been having problems with my central heating system, the first problem was the leaking bathroom radiator (a long story so won't go into it). I arranged to have a power flush of the system yesterday but on Sunday my carbon monoxide detector was bleeping so a gas engineer came on Monday (everything was fine with the boiler, thank goodness). Strangely, that same day an Asian sounding lady from some company (whose name I forget)called telling me they could help me with the cost of a new boiler if I received pension credits or any other credits and kept asking me if I received any credits. She was so insistent I just put the phone down on her. It was very suspicious.
Re: Nuisance calls. by ev on 21 April 2014 8:15pm
(Random call at 3am..)

"Hi, I just got up for a drink of water.. what did you get up for?"
Re: Nuisance calls. by LANKY on 22 April 2014 2:43am
I've had umpteen calls about solar panels. Now I wouldn't mind if they were actually useful, or if I lived in California which has wall-to-wall sunshine 24x7. I live in Manchester, which is great but it ain't the sunshine capital of the world. Plus I live in a block of flats, and it wouldn't be up to me anyway!
Re: Nuisance calls. by Ken Dunn on 13 September 2014 9:29am
A black mark to Perfect Preferences for phoning us every day to answer survey questions. I'm sure if I answer their questions they will pass our phone number on to random companies who do products we have expressed an interest in. Has anyone answered their questions? I see on an internet search that quite a lot of other people have been pestered by them and their bad reviews are greater than their good ones.
Re: Nuisance calls. by Ken Dunn on 10 February 2015 4:01pm
Another black mark to Lifestyle Habits for nuisance telephone calls to us.

I logged the internet trash received in e-mail for a year or two. I am now going to log the nuisance calls we receive.
Re: Nuisance calls. by Lounge Trekker on 10 February 2015 7:32pm
Telus, an Alberta based telecommunications company, phones nearly every day. I've been a customer of their telephone and internet services for over 10 years. They phone to try and get me to buy their TV service. I don't answer, but it shows on my caller ID.

Their telephone sweat shop is in Phillipines. When the earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan, I phoned them, telling them to watch the warnings, that the tsunami may be coming their way. Turned out it was only a 6 inch rise, but I had to tell them about it.
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