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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Scottish Independence Vote. by tucsonmike on 13 June 2014 3:16pm
I read it will be on September 18th. I was reading articles about how it is making some in Northern Ireland nervous, and there are Welsh who say, if Scotland votes yes, they will try. May prove to be interesting.

Still trying to see if I can make it over there next year. One can dream.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by LANKY on 16 June 2014 1:26am
As most of the world outside Scotland thinks independence is a bad idea, it's hard to escape the feeling that the whole thing is about Alex Salmond's desire for power.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by tucsonmike on 16 June 2014 9:08pm
Lanky, thanks for the replay. I wondered with some of the articles I was reading, if much of this was a power play by Salmond.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by irishmanufan on 17 June 2014 9:55pm
each of the countries that make up the UK have their own semi independent parliament anyway as far as i know .
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by tucsonmike on 22 June 2014 4:39am
What I thought, Irish. Not sure how independent, like US states. Can still see a Salmond power play. In an independent Scotland, he is the first Prime Minister.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by irishmanufan on 28 June 2014 10:31pm
first thought when i read your post , well he can't be any worse then the conservative liberal democrat coalition in power in parliament right now !
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Ken Dunn on 12 July 2014 6:31am
It is a power-play by Salmond and the SNP and it all stems from some very ancient history which a few Scots are reluctant to forget. There is an awful lot of stuff that should be left as history then learn from the experience and move on. I have seen nothing in current UK politics that indicates strongly to me that Scotland should separate. In fact I'd go as far a saying there aren't even any weak indicators.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Ken Dunn on 5 August 2014 10:07pm
I've just watched some of the independence/better together debate on STV and I am flabbergasted by Alec Salmond saying that the Scottish people don't get the government they have voted for. I remember lots of times in the past that Scotland voted Labour and there was a Labour government in Westminster after that vote. Scotland do have the government they voted for at Holyrood because the SNP are the majority party there.
Also he said that Scotland has the resources to finance itsself and the main resource always quoted is oil. Oil is a diminishing resource and the money made from it goes to companies, some of which have their bank accounts overseas (Shell - Dutch, Exxon Mobil - America, BP - British/UK, ConocoPhillips - America). I think that the only real advantage to Scotland of North Sea oil is that most of the companies use Scots in their labour force.
I also seem to remember from my seamanship days that 3 nautical miles out to sea (with a limit of 12nm) was international waters so that if any country wants to risk drilling for oil outside that limit their findings belong to them. They might need a license from Scotland to bring it ashore in this country and this is probably how things work in the offshore oil business at the moment.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Ken Dunn on 5 August 2014 11:05pm
I've just googled 'Independence voting paper format' and besides the real version there are some really funny ones that have been drawn up by comedians?! If you can find them they are worth a browse.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Spursfan2 on 6 August 2014 4:54pm
One of the main topics in last night's debate between Darling (why do I always think of Blackadder when he comes on? As if I didn't know...!) and Salmond (apparently) was the £. Salmond said something like 'Of course [if we leave the UK] we will be keeping the £. The £ belongs to Scotland as much as it belongs to England.'

Sorry - the £ 'belongs' to the United Kingdom. If you leave, the £ stays.
End of.
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