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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Facebook by suzulu on 28 January 2015 3:20pm
I see Michael has joined Facebook! I am on Facebook but I do hope this Chatter Box stays on this site. It's nice and easy and not everyone is on Facebook so let's keep it going, folks.
Re: Facebook by Cockney Nomad on 28 January 2015 7:42pm
I agree Suzulu - I'm not on Facebook and don't intend to join and this site is more intimate and personal somehow.
Long may it last.
Re: Facebook by Lounge Trekker on 30 January 2015 6:38am
I am trying to use facebook, and I hope to link up with you guys.

Re: Facebook by suzulu on 30 January 2015 10:01pm
OK, Pete. Hope to see you there.
Re: Facebook by sighthound on 31 January 2015 2:02pm
Oh, dear... I also fervently hope that Michael being on Facebook doesn't spell an end to this Chatter Box. I've made so many friends here.

You're right, Cockney Nomad, this is a much more intimate and friendly site. I was on Facebook for awhile but found it to be largely self-indulgent, manipulative and, usually, a bore. Then, as I understood more about it, I became very alarmed about how so much information is collected about its users and is then distributed to people who want to buy you, sell you and otherwise use you. (Have any of you Facebook users actually read all the fine print you had to agree to when you signed up?)

I think we all just have to post more here to keep this place going. Come on, guys, let's do it....
Re: Facebook by suzulu on 1 February 2015 3:04am
I recently ordered online some boots from a company called Regatta. The scary thing is that soon after I ordered them an advertisement appeared on my Facebook newsfeed for the exact style of boots I ordered!
Re: Facebook by Cockney Nomad on 1 February 2015 12:15pm
Glad I'm not alone in not wanting to be part of Facebook (or any other social media site) - life's complicated enough, at times, without adding to it. I haven't read the fine print, Sighthound, but get a good idea from your post here that you are signing up for more than you really want to. Suzulu, not too surprised that an advert for the boots you'd just ordered appeared on your Facebook newsfeed as this sometimes happens with ads alongside emails - George Orwell was right as it seems Big Brother is watching us. I was very amused when I heard that the late great Rik Mayall had no Facebook page and enrolled on Twitter merely to post one message, the gist of which was that he was only joining to stop someone else signing up in his name and this would be his one and only message - and he stuck to it. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised as he was so friendly and approachable when meeting fans I'd have thought he would have continued this online.
Re: Facebook by sighthound on 5 February 2015 12:13am
Great story about Mayall, Nomad. I haven't eliminated my FB account for just that reason. I do, however, check in with LinkedIn occasionally to find professional acquaintances I've lost touch with so I haven't totally sworn off all social media.

Suzulu, post-ordering ads don't only appear just on Facebook. I live out in the boonies so I have to buy a lot of things I need online. Ads from the company I just bought from instantly appear on yahoo (and even the solitaire game I indulge myself in sometimes) among other places. Sorta freaks me out but I don't know what to do about it.

Re: Facebook by Ken Dunn on 5 February 2015 4:19am
I have no intention of joining any social networking site except staying with this one.
Re: Facebook by Lounge Trekker on 5 February 2015 5:27pm
I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser and see NO ADS...I activated Ad-Blocker, and it made my life a happier time. It is free, and easy to set up. Keep using the browser you use now until you get familiar with the use of Firefox. It is a bit different.

I've found the bookmark function seems to malfunction periodically, perhaps due to the number of bookmarks. There is a 'save page as' function that allows you to save a bookmark in any directory you specify. After learning how to use that function...I became very happy with Firefox. NO ADS!

I don't know what information 'they' try and keep because I see no ads as evidence. There are options one can use to mitigate risk. I can eliminate all tracking, but haven't felt the need. I do use CC Cleaner to regularly erase cookies.
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