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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Come back all you Palinites! by sighthound on 7 May 2018 10:43pm
OK, I admit that I really hate Facebook. It, among other dreadful things, totally destroyed the wonderful community we used to have here but now that recent developments have shown how manipulative Facebook is, I hope that all our old friends will start coming back so we can talk to each other again in this much, much nicer place than Facebook ever was.
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by tucsonmike on 9 May 2018 12:40am
I checked in.
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by sighthound on 9 May 2018 1:09am
Thanks, Mike. So good to hear from you again!
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by Spursfan2 on 9 May 2018 4:03pm
I check in on here from time to time but I'll never give up my beloved Facebook !!
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by sighthound on 9 May 2018 7:06pm
Hi, Spursfan! So good to hear from you again!

OK, why do you love Facebook? I find it to be an incredibly manipulative medium. Yeah, it's easy but easy often turns out to be hard.
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by Spursfan2 on 10 May 2018 11:47am
Hi !

Well, it is easy to share photos and news with family and friends abroad, plus keep up with their news [anything a bit personal I just use personal messages.

And the groups are good too. I run a group for 'old girls' of my school which changed to a comprehensive in the 1970s. Many of the members have told me (via FB!) how they enjoy catching up with friends from school that they haven't seen or heard of for decades, and also they enjoy reading other members' memories of the school etc. The age group ranges from a couple who left the school in the 1950s so must be in their 80s I would think, to 'girls' in their late 50s.

I also belong to a few groups re my chronic illness, run by fellow warriors [as we call ourselves!. These groups are great; we have a rare illness so it is easy to feel isolated but not with these groups! And if there is ever something that you want to now or are worried about, someone on the groups will have an answer or a suggestion. people meet up too from time to time.

I just love it - oh and our newish rescue dog came about because of FB Our beloved Tosun died in November last year and we were heartbroken as you can imagine. We had always said he would be the one and only. Anyway shortly afterwards we were in Turkey and we were on FB (!) and Zak noticed an appeal about a 7-year old Staffie, due to be euthanized a few days later !!
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by Spursfan2 on 10 May 2018 11:51am
Something about the picture caught our eye [we help a charity in Kusadasi, Turkey so our FB is full of dogs!] and after a little bit of discussion Zak rang the person placing the post, saying we'd have him. With the knowledge that someone was willing to take him on, a dog rescue collected him from the pound and to cut a long story short, Arthur arrived in our home on December 14th last year! He's been badly treated (no-one knows his back story but it is obvious) but now is loving life and us and we love him to bits. Thanks to Facebook?!!
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by sighthound on 10 May 2018 8:22pm
Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Tosun's passing. I remember you talking about him a lot. I felt that I knew him. This is so sad - my profound condolences....

I lost my wonderful Simon this year. He was 15 which is doing great for a saluki. I still have his half-sister, 12 year-old Tajma. I have a very high bed that she insists on jumping up onto instead of using my old horse-mounting block that I rescued from the stable because I need it to get up on this ridiculously high bed so I'm covered with bruises because she just can't manage the jumps very well anymore and lands on top of me all the time.

So, OK, I'll admit that Facebook has its uses since it got Arthur to you and I'm so happy that he's been brought into your family - a good news story that is making my day today. Thank you.

I'm looking for another dog, too. Tajma needs someone to run around with to get exercise but I have been totally addicted to salukis since I got my first in 1970 and the waiting list at Saluki Rescue takes years to get through. There are greyhounds coming off the tracks that are available but racing greyhounds have been bred to be stupid while salukis (hunting dogs who had to use their smarts to make their living) have been bred for millennia to be smart and I just love that amazing intelligence. (Every so often, someone decides to try to race salukis on the dog tracks because all that hair flying around is so photogenic. Well, it works just once and then, the next time, the saluki just jumps over the infield to catch the mechanical bunny as it comes around. That's the difference between salukis and greyhounds....)

Re: Come back all you Palinites! by Spursfan2 on 11 May 2018 10:58am
Tosun was diagnosed with cancer in August 2016 - Zak got the news on the very day I was having surgery for cancer ! He didn't tell me until I had more or less fully recovered from the op, 3 months later (long recovery time!). The cancer was in one of his front legs; the vet had been treating him for arthritis as he was limping, but when a lump formed a biopsy was done, showing nothing but later (just before I went into hospital) he had another, deeper, biopsy done. At the same time Tosun had begun having seizures, roughly every fortnight which we realised eventually were caused by pain. The lump grew and grew and eventually was like a grapefruit - we begged the vet to amputate his leg but she said it would be too much for Tosun nd of course we listened to begin with but then we asked another veterinary practice for a second opinion and they said they thought amputation would be a good choice, even for his age (12) so we made another appointment at our vet to say we wanted the amputation to go ahead. By lucky coincidence, our vet was very pregnant and had to leave work, as she kept fainting, on the day Tosun had his appointment and we saw another vet who took one look and said the leg had to come off. He checked the x-rays of Tosun's lungs and reckoned that the shadows were probably normal ageing. So, a couple of days later the operation took place successfully. Tosun came home the following morning and did really well - the vet was surprised to hear that he (Tosun) had walked outside to the loo himself that afternoon! We found out that the female vet didn't like surgery which is why she put off Tosun's surgery !! His op was at the end of May last year and he really was back to the old Tosun; he got tired easily because of it being a front leg he'd lost, but he was back to playing with toys and having short walks. He also stopped having seizures !! We took him to the beach for a holiday at the end of September and he loved it!! Then he began to deteriorate again, if he walked he had to have a rest every few paces. At the beginning of November he had 3 seizures in one night and we took him to the vets first thing; our 'wonder vet' had sadly left the practice by then so we saw another and he said that Tosun's tummy was full of fluid, and that he was breathing with his tummy rather than his chest. The cancer had spread. We had to make the awful decision but looking at him, barely conscious and with not much hope of survival, we had no option. A sad day. We do not regret the amputation one bit; it gave Tosun 5 months of living once more, in fact the only thing we regret is that it was not done sooner, when they first suspected it was cancer.
Re: Come back all you Palinites! by tucsonmike on 12 May 2018 12:13am
Well most Palinites do things on FB. I think part of the issue is Mr. Palin no longer checks in, and the travel books stopped. Just a thought, I could be off base on that. I will stretch and assume something here, most things I post on FB . I can post some more relevant things here, for a smaller, more intimate audience.
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