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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Tromsø by Spursfan2 on 14 March 2019 5:02pm
Tomorrow we are off to Tromsø, Northern Norway for a week, hoping to see the Northern Lights. We already have one trip booked for Saturday night (they feed you too!!) and will book others whilst we are there.

Michael visited Tromsø during Pole to Pole.
Re: Tromsø by Ken Dunn on 15 March 2019 4:28am
Please let us know some details of your holiday when you get back and if you have seen any reindeer or icebergs as well. Have a great time.
Re: Tromsø by Spursfan2 on 26 March 2019 3:04pm
Part One ! We had a lovely week, it was very snowy and magical. Tromsø is 200 miles north of the arctic circle so after enduring 7 month long winters for centuries, they are well adapted there to the white stuff - not like us in the UK!! Buses ran on time despite the conditions and airports remained open even though on the day we flew back there had been a fresh, deep, snowfall. Let's face it - we would have closed our airports!! Planes go on an ice platform before take-off which removes any snow/ice and checks them over. Didn't see any snowmen - but then with all that snow for so long they are probably way past making snowmen!! Totally over it ! On the Saturday we went on a trip to see the Northern Lights to Aurora Base Camp, a few miles from Tromsø; we were taken there by coach. Clothing and boots were provided and also camera tripods (needed because of the long exposure time needed). We hadn't booked dog-sledding but could see (and hear!!) the dogs raring to go.
Re: Tromsø by Spursfan2 on 26 March 2019 3:16pm
Part Two ! Our guide Dimitri (originally from St Petersburg) took us to see the reindeer, and gave us 'moss', as he called it, I think it was more like lichen, to feed them. One of them came across and we fed him the lichen (no antlers by the way as they had already 'dropped' them.) I managed to fall over in the deep snow but no damage done as it was so soft, hard to get up though lol. Reluctantly we said farewell to Rudolph (can't remember his real name!) after asking him to put in a good word for me with Santa and walked down s snowy path to wait with fingers crossed for the Aurora. Dimitri didn't think we'd be in luck but after half an hour or so, the spectacle began and we were treated to a brilliant show which continued for well over an hour, we got lots of photos. Afterwards we all had big bowls of what turned out to be fish soup - Zak and I didn't like the taste, sadly. I'd thought it was vegetable when I collected mine and was looking forward to it! There was also a type of cracker and hot drinks.
Re: Tromsø by Spursfan2 on 26 March 2019 3:32pm
Part Three ! We booked another Northern Lights trip for the Tuesday, this time it was one that 'chased' the NL and would go up to 300 km to find them, even into Finland if necessary. As it was, we were driven by coach for 90 minutes to a beautiful setting by a fjord surrounded by the Lyngen Alps. We were told by the guide that we were chasing holes in he cloud, not the lights themselves and that the alps kept back clouds so in front of them, where we were, the sky was very clear and the moon was out. We were half an hour from Finland. Everyone set up their cameras (again, tripods were provided) and we were soon rewarded with a good show. However this time the lights showed as white to the naked eye, though on camera they were the usual green; we were even rewarded with a little bit of pink at one stage! Hot chocolate was available. We feel very lucky to have seen the lights twice, and in such beautiful settings.
Re: Tromsø by Spursfan2 on 26 March 2019 3:41pm
Part Four ! We visited the Polar Museum, as did Michael in Pole to Pole and found it very interesting if a bit sad to see stuffed baby polar bear and seals among other exhibits - still, times were different then I suppose. I sent Michael a post card from the special post box there!! We didn't actually go in the Ice Cathedral, but took many photos of the outside. We tried Minke whale (which I have to say was delicious, rather like steak), Harp seal (not bad but too bloody for our tastes) and Stockfish (which is dried and stored and then reconstituted) at a restaurant called Full Steam, which was set up like an old whaling boat. I also had waffles with jam and cream and 'brown cheese', which looks like normal cheese but is brown and sweet, and tastes like evaporated milk. Apparently it is eaten by kids with waffles before they go to school in the mornings.
Re: Tromsø by Spursfan2 on 26 March 2019 3:49pm
Part Five ! We noticed straight away how clean everywhere was, the buses and bus stops, shops, street etc. etc. It is also ultra modern. We stayed in a studio apartment and I was taken by the Norwegian recycling system. Instead of having three or 4 bins outside the property, there were 3 bins in which were placed colour-coded bin liners and when they were full they were tied up and placed in the ONE bin outside. I can't remember now but it was something like blue for plastic, red for paper and green for everything else. then there was also a small bin for food waste. I think that is a great system.
Norway is exceptionally expensive - £2 for a can of coke in a supermarket and £4 in a restaurant!! Having just had two new great-granddaughters, I looked at a cute bib with Norway on it - £9 for ONE !!

Anyway, I think that is all for now!
Re: Tromsø by suzulu on 27 March 2019 2:22am
You were so lucky seeing the Northern Lights! I have heard of people going and not seeing a thing. Fantastic photos on Facebook!
Re: Tromsø by Lounge Trekker on 4 April 2019 4:33pm
Aurora Borealis is something we should all see. I'm happy that you got the chance...even if you had to work to get it.
Re: Tromsø by Spursfan2 on 11 April 2019 3:23pm
While we were in Tromsø we sent 2 postcards to Michael. One I posted in the Polar Museum post-box, the other was a 'Race it Home' one, an online postcard with a personal photo on. A few days after we got home, I received the posted card back, as I had put the old office address on it. I popped it into an envelope, and printed a copy of the photo of me posting it in the museum postbox, explained what had happened, and sent it to the new address.

Today I received a signed photo of Michael - "Hi Anne and Zak, All my best" !!

Needless to say I am thrilled....
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