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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by oldsmobuick on 21 July 2003 8:10pm
Well Tommy Michael is here and so is many other interesting things. This kid pees, poops, puke and generally drools on anyone that holds him. It seems however that he has it in for dear old dad. The consistancy in which I have been sprayed is astounding. I mean there is no way I was expecting to get crapped on this many times, in this short of a period of time. And it seems each turd is followed by a slight giggle from Tommy. I know he is only 4 weeks old, but it stills seem as though he does it on purpose and actually enjoys it. I just can't explain his actions at this time.

On a lighter note, we are also trying to buy a house, and that is pretty stressful. Ontop of being a new father I would say my hands are full right now. I don't think I could manage to do anything else at the same time right now. I feel stretched and tight with duties.

I however enjoy watching "Around the World in Eighty Days" on Bravo right now. I have never seen that original series before and I am finding it very fresh even though it is something like 15 years old at this point. I hear there is a version coming out on DVD that I will have to pick up. I hope it isn't as expensive as the VHS set was though. I would not pay $100 for a set of four crappy picture, crappy sound VHS tapes. I would rather watch it on Bravo and enjoy it that way.

Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by Helen on 21 July 2003 10:07pm
Hi Fish!
Good to hear from you!
There is nothing like a Palin travel program to help you ease away stress...
Be well!
And Tommy, take it easy with your dad. It's his first time dealing with baby poop.
Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by Diamond on 21 July 2003 10:09pm
welcome to parenthood Michael - oh giggle that brings back memories - as soon as the diaper- nappy is off thats it - all hell breaks loose!!

You're a palinite Michael (appropriate name) and they can do anything and everything, believe me you'll manage

Thanks for taking some time out to be with us!!

Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by fattcslim on 21 July 2003 10:21pm
congrats dear sir, may you life be long and filled with joy, young tommy

Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by ellenpc on 22 July 2003 2:23pm

Great to hear you're OK and that Tommy's digestive system is AOK!! :^}

Must admit, like Lyn I did smirk a bit reading your post as it sounded very familiar (I've got two girls). :^}

The first time my first born had projectile vomit (she was on the changing table and it hit the wall on the opposite side of the room!!?) it scared the living begeebers out of me!!
I phoned our doctor in a complete state of panic thinking her insides had just become her outsides when they should really be her insides!?? He calmly assured me that this was perfectly natural and that my wee angel was in perfect health, "just don't bend or 'fold' her for the next hour or two."

Heck I got off the phone and held her upright cuddled into to me for the next two hours and didn't dare move a muscle!!!!!

Kids!!?? :^}

Love and best wishes

Ellen x
Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by peripatetically on 22 July 2003 3:24pm
Hi Michael!

Has your little Tommy hit the ceiling yet when he's had to do #1? Little fellas do that too, so don't bother painting the ceiling anytime soon. Wait until he's over that stage!!! Hahaha. And also, don't lean directly over him when changing that diaper!!! The ceiling is a better target than your face!

Have fun with that darling boy.

Patty~xoxox to the whole family
Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by oldsmobuick on 22 August 2003 7:42pm
He is getting so cute and so big so fast. He is just over two months old now, and he is 15 pounds. Not sure what that translates to in kilos, but it is heavy. Something like 2.5 kilos a pound or something. I am not sure. I wish we used the standard metric system like the rest of the sane world. But we don't so it makes it hard to talk in pounds and stuff like that.

We move into our new house in about three weeks and I can't wait for that either. I am so excited to have a house of our own to live in. I am sick of this small apartment (flat for you mates in England). See I am getting good with the English lingo. I try at least.

Well I just wanted to check and and see how everyone was doing lately. I miss this site since I don't have as much time as I used. With Tommy and all. He's a handful.

I will get back to everyone soon. I promise. That is if Tommy will let me.

The Fish
Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by Sophie-Louise on 22 August 2003 7:47pm
good luck for when you move in to your new house!

i'm glad to hear that Tommy is well. :)

Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by Diamond on 23 August 2003 11:17pm
2.2 lbs to the kilo so Tommy is about 7 kilos now. we used to be pounds now we are metric in theUk - hmm cant get the hang of measurements in metres instead of feet and inches myself!!

Where in the world will your new house be - very far from your apartment -? hope everything goes ok and dont forget to keep tommy's diapers (nappies) in the car and not in the removal van!!

stay with us Fish

Re: Spit-Up, Dirty Diapers and Vomit by canaveralgumby on 24 August 2003 4:19pm
Well, my son graduates high school this year. I don't know what happened! I must have sneezed or something, because he was just *this* tall just *yesterday,* wasn't he?! I'm not trying to romanticize the bodily fluids, but DO ENJOY this time, despite them.

Good luck with the househunt. Wow, you're getting TWO of the most stressful life experiences out of the way in one year. "Boldly brave Sir Michael!..."
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