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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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SPAM by ellenpc on 3 August 2003 7:52am
The tinned kind, not the cyber junk. :^}

"spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam, spam."

I do like spam, I do I do... :^}

ILS'rs (I do like spam) unite!!

Let's put the power back to the processed protein where it rightly belongs!

What say you IDLS'rs??????????????

It's an old game reborn............

In fact I was discussing this just the other day with Helen and we thought it could be fun to jump into 'battle' again, this time with alter egos........

Helen could be 'Wonder Wingtip Woman' (IDLS) and I'd be 'Spamela Canderson' (ILS) .........

whaddya reckon fellow Palinites?????????

You know the score oldies, lets have fun and warmly welcome all the newbies...

Ellen err, I mean Spamela :^}

"It's normal with Hormel"
Re: SPAM by pandk2 on 3 August 2003 1:26pm
OK Spamela....I'll play coz I STILL DON"T LIKE the stuff!!!!

AND new names eh?

Right..I'll be "Kaz le Creme D'oeuf".
Let the games begin!!!!

"Follow the Gourd!!!"
Re: SPAM by Helen on 3 August 2003 3:51pm
I challenge all thee who eat the Spam! Ye mateys ya scurvy lily livered Spam eaters! Shiver me timbers!
Oh? Chicken eh? Runnin' away?! Come back and fight! I'm invincible!!!!
*slices tin of Spam in half with sword*
*pounces on the shiny, wriggly pink "meat" until it is clearly dead, not just sleeping, or ready to awaken and "go for a walk"*
*with wingtips*
Take that ya pansies!
(any newbies out there who don't like Spam? Where is Mary? MARY!!!)
err, um, Wonder Wingtip Woman
Re: SPAM by risible-phyll on 3 August 2003 10:33pm
Throw down your can opener........
one hand on hip...........
tash in the air........
pink proccessed pork sword in your hands.........

a duel of the likerers and dislikerers
are we on again???????????????????

ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm soooo excited ...

Love handles, peace talks and plastic thingys from Christmas crackers
Re: SPAM by Diamond on 3 August 2003 10:43pm
Now I am going to sit on the fence in this one and adjudicate!!

Throw me a cushion, your royal highness Ellen the Oneth ^^^ OUCH NOOOOOOOO Not the one full of SPAM tins silly - the one with the feathers in, plucked off the royal dickerel!! (Did the peasants enjoy the Roast Chook bones you kindly gave them to chew on???)^^^^ this fence may get a bit uncomfortable with time!!

If there happens to be too much disagreement - then I shall have to cut something in half ^^ as solomon once wisely suggested!!

Do you still glow up in the dark Phyll??


Re: SPAM by ellenpc on 4 August 2003 2:45pm
Hey Ho!!

Love the name Ms D'oeuf :^}, now how about just a leeetle bit to try????? It's only waaaaaaaaafer thin?????

Wonder Wingtip Woman, that spam 'ad not expired, it was restin', it was pinnin' for the Fjords. It is not an ex-pa err porker!!!!! It 'as an h'extended shelf life, in short, this protein is immortal! (Spamela in a violently violet coloured Pac-A-Mac, brandishing a water pistol and a Hungarian phrase book and accompanied by a mean looking bunch of 'keep left' signs...)

Phyll, Lyn, come join the fold, it is your destiny.................. and those fence points can play havoc with one's pantyhose................?

I've heard no complaints from the peasants Lyn, but the dickerel did squawk a bit!! :^}

Spam spam spam wonderful spam................................ :^}

Re: SPAM by risible-phyll on 5 August 2003 6:38pm
Ellen!!! only waaaaafer thin????

couldn't eat another thing now *******!!!!!!6666666, aw well perhaps...............

glutony????? with spam AHhhhhhhhhhhhh
could we not swap it for cheese and onion crisps or Chicken and halloummi sticks with black olives??????

would it have the same explosive effect on the gut?????,only time will tell...

Phyll who is a sort of Stig of the dump colour instead of tanned XXXX
Re: SPAM by Helen on 6 August 2003 1:00am
I could get Hell's Grannies on my side, watch it! Make tea, not love!
Do you need to get a license for Spam? Even if it is named Eric?
Good question, huh?

WWW Huzzzzahhhhh!!!
Re: SPAM by Diamond on 7 August 2003 8:38pm
Sgt Diamond of the palin Police signin' in for duty Ma'am.

Well, well, well, what 'ave we 'ere then??? the start of another bun (I mean spam) fight?? cant be 'avin that now not on my patch!!

Is that why I 'ave been seein' certain suspicious persons 'ere abouts recently??

There was a report that a man, resembling Desperate 'Spam' Dan (he of the 'Dandy') ran off with a number of Spam pies from the local public house, landlady Augustina Dungbeetle (Mr) was deeply upset at the loss of her beloved spam!!

anyone seen lurking with intent will be reported to HQ immediately - Supt Dan Dare will take action.

Sgt Diamond
999 Let's Be Avenue


Re: SPAM by Rusted on 9 August 2003 6:06am
When I am needed, I always come!

I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take that, Ellen! You thought you had beaten me, muhahahahaha!


I will help my fellow IDLS members when they call! Helen, O Wonder Wingtip Woman, fear not!!! :OD

Okay...I'm gonna shut up now before any newbies that have came in the two months or so I've been gone think I'm crazy...I'm not..really. 8O)

Smashing timing, really - Ellen started this thread the day after me birthday. ;O)

"The Big Cheese" (er, Mary)
The IDLS!® Club
"Follow the Gourd!"

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