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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
funniest joke in the world by ElizaTerry on 24 August 2003 3:21am
Does anyone have the actual words for the funniest joke in the world? I don't need the English, German is fine.

Re: funniest joke in the world by canaveralgumby on 24 August 2003 3:56pm
Okay, you asked for it! This is from the alt.fan.monty-python newsgroup FAQ, compiled by Analda Anglin. Enjoy!

Deadly Joke

Q. What is the funniest joke in the world? What does it mean?

A. Wenn ist das Nunstuck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

[Taken from "The First 200 Years of Monty Python" by Kim "Howard" Johnson]: " 'It was actually German gibberish,' Eric Idle explains. 'It's written-down gibberish, because we all had to learn the same thing, yeah, but it's gibberish! It doesn't mean a thing at all. At least, I don't think it does!'"

Q. Isn't some of that actual German? What's the closet translation into English you can make?

A. Yes, some of the words used were real German words. Others were pseudo German-sounding words. It's mostly nonsense.

[Taken from an article to a.f.m-p by Dirk Rehberger]: "I've seen it, I'm German, and here's the translation.

'Wenn ist das'; If is the (note: "Wann" means "when," which would make slightly more sense, since it's a question)

'Nunstueck'; nun = now, stueck = piece

'git'; that's obviously English! (but similar to "gibt," meaning "gives," or, in the phrase "es gibt," - "there is")

'und'; and

'Slotermeyer?'; Doesn't make sense! (Meyer is a common German surname)

'Ja!'; 'Yes!'

'Beiherhund'; "hund" = "dog." Beiher doesn't make any sense. "Bayer" means "Bavarian," but you can't say "Bayerhund" for "Bavarian dog." You would have to say "Bayrischer hund."

'das oder die'; the or the (das is neuter, die is feminine) or that

'Flipperwaldt'; "Flipper" = "pinball"; "wald" = "wood/forest"

'Gersput'; Doesn't make sense! "Ge" and "ver" are very common German prefixes for past participles, but not "ger."

All in all: 'If is the now-piece (git) and (Slotermeyer)? Yes! (Beiher)dog that or the pinball wood (gersput)!'

Note that your translation may vary, depending on which transcription you use and how hard you try to make sense of it.

Re: funniest joke in the world by decomposingcomposers on 25 August 2003 1:13am
wow, thats really useful, i have wondered 4 a while lol
Re: funniest joke in the world by intrepid on 25 August 2003 2:30pm
Thank you very much for the translation. For years I've wondered about it and never found any satisfying explaination. It's always just explained as "gibberish" but nobody translated the translatable parts.
Re: funniest joke in the world by BookWormWizard on 31 August 2003 12:33pm
Two flys are sitting on a lump of Turd,one of the flys farts,so the other one turns to him and says..Ohhhhh you dirty Bastard Im trying to eat my dinner..David
Re: funniest joke in the world by ellenpc on 31 August 2003 2:29pm
*snigger* :^}

Daaaaaaaaaaaviiiiiiiiid!!!! :^}

Ellen x
Re: funniest joke in the world by decomposingcomposers on 2 September 2003 9:43pm
wot a lovely joke david, do u tell that one @ dinner parties?

it just reminds me of american pie 3....eeeeew

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