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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Your worst travel experience?.... by Sophie-Louise on 7 September 2003 3:44pm
Hi, maybe a thread similar to this has already been made here on the chatter box but i haven't seen it!

it would be really interesting to hear your worst ever travel experience.

I don't really have one because i haven't been that far, but i was delayed in Birmingham Airport for 7 hours with my family and then on the plane for a further hour. Then throughout the flight there was terrible turbulance and we took ages to land. That's about it, not very exciting really, I'm sure alot of you have much more interesting stories!

Sophie-Lou x
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by sleepydumpling on 8 September 2003 8:37am
Without a doubt food poisoning at a restaurant down near Stanthorpe in Southern Queensland. I have never been so sick in my life - three days of physically being sick and over two weeks to recover fully! Kind of ruined the rest of the holiday for me!

Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Napoleon on 8 September 2003 9:20pm
Sophie wasnt it you who got mugged in london or was that someone else if so id say that was pretty bad.
Kath that sounds horrendous I cant even begin to imagine how you felt.
fortunately, touch wood i havnt had food poisoning. I go away to europe two or three times a year and to date i too havnt really had any bad experiences.
I stayed in a hotel in naples in the old part of town the streets are so narrow you have to get special small taxis or they wont take you in and quite frankly once in the hotel we stayed in the hotel at night cos it looked a bit dodgy.
Again not very exciting, but sometimes I find threads can gain little response if people dont make a little effort.
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Sophie-Louise on 8 September 2003 9:41pm
that's sounds terrible Kath. That happened to my borther in Spain, he was throwing up for the whole holiday, but started to feel better the day we were going home! LOL, that's life.....

I think it doesn't matter that much when you get a bad hotel because when i'm on holiday i hardly spend any time in the hotel, too busy out seeing the sights! But i suppose some holidays you do sepnd more time in them and so it matters alot more

Yes napoleon, it was me who NEARLY got mugged in London but i didn't, so therefore it was not my worst travel experience!!

Thanks for your stories,

Sophie-Lou x
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Napoleon on 9 September 2003 6:41pm
ah yes now i remember sophie. with regards to the hotel that was my point we too spend most the time out and about but the area around the hotel was dodgy the hotel itself was lovely so it rather inhibited us to pop out for a coffee or to the shop once we had returned from our daily sight seeing.
but definitely like you the hote is irrelevant especially in the summer cos you can spend most your time out and about although air conditioning is sometimes a must cos its nice to be able to get some sleep.thats just given me an idea for a new post.
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by decomposingcomposers on 9 September 2003 8:53pm
i just wrote soooooooooo much about the time we got moved from one hotel 2 another and i ended up meeting roger moore (or uncle roge as i like 2 call him) but then it all got deleted 4 no apparant reason. poop

en bon espoyr emily xxx
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Napoleon on 9 September 2003 9:48pm
tell us again then emily Im a big roger moore fan and i believe him to be a nice generous kind person, am I right or was he rude to you. awaiting your short story with anticipation.
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by carolinep on 12 September 2003 11:34pm
It has to be the time I was put into a hostel room in the Latin Quarter of Paris, with a Korean woman who was there studying opera (or something vaguely related) and who proceeded to cover me with blankets (because she said I might catch cold -- even though it was about 75 degrees) while practicing her idea of opera, as I desparately tried to get some much-needed sleep.

Well thankfully that only lasted a few hours - until I asked to be moved to another roomful of Aussie girls and we had a blast : ) never did get that sleep but oh well.....that's why esprrrrrresso was invented I think.
Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by justHerb on 19 November 2003 8:10pm
Driving (unknowingly) through a tornado in Northern Ohio.

Two hours delayed on the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo and missing the midnight curfew at the university where we were staying.

The train from NYC to Boston the day before Thanksgiving *shudder*

Driving through Death Valley (the long way) and almost running out of gas on the way out in 127 degree temperatures.

Re: Your worst travel experience?.... by Sophie-Louise on 20 November 2003 12:01am
WOW!! You drove through a tornado?!! that is amazing!! can you tell us the whole story please?!! how can you drive through one 'unknowingly'? lol

Sophie-Lou xxx

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