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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Input needed by Helen on 25 September 2003 4:04pm
Dear Palinites from all over the world,
Please tell about your workplace. How much time do you get for lunch? How much vacation/holiday time do you get?
Do you like your job?
If you want to respond, please tell me what area of the world you are from...
Just curious... Thanks for your input!
(an inquiring vocational counselor)
Re: Input needed by viv on 29 September 2003 10:56pm
Well as it happens Helen, I just started a new job today as a laboratory aid in a hospital. It's great. Start at nine, break at 10:30, Lunch for an hour at 1, break at 3:30 and finish at five. Monday to friday! I think I'm entitled to four weeks holiday a year. I know I just started but I think I could really like it, but if I change my mind I'll let you know. Oh ya I'm from Cork City in Ireland.
Re: Input needed by notquitenglish on 30 September 2003 3:51am
I'm a writer.
This means I work whenever and wherever possible, get interrupted a lot, don't get paid, and I love it.
I also work for my parents. They own a plant nursery. That means I work out in the sun/snow/rain/wind (depending on the weather, usually) for a few hours a day, mostly pulling weeds or digging holes or watering endless, endless plants/trees/bushes/shrubberies (depending on whether they're plants, trees, bushes, or shrubberies, usually). I don't get a vacation, or lunch (but then I don't eat lunch, either. I'm not sure if one led to the other), and I don't like it very much because my thumb, far from being green, is a nasty brownish sort of colour (because of all the dirt that's on the weeds, usually)
Hope that helped.
Don't think it did, though.
Re: Input needed by notquitenglish on 30 September 2003 3:52am
And I forgot to mention I'm from California, USA.
Yes, the one that might have a body builder for a governor.
Re: Input needed by Tracy on 30 September 2003 7:24am
I worked for my parents at their plant nursery for a couple of months! lol my friend would wake me up at 5 to 12 and i would hobble ou the door in my pyjamas cause the nursery is right out my door hehe
Re: Input needed by Splunge_Penguin on 30 September 2003 7:28am
I only work one evening a week (cos it's not having to deal with people, etc.) cleaning an office for about 50 minutes and I make 50 bucks each time. Apparently, if I lose a finger or something, it's my own fault and the company doesn't owe me a thing. Seems pretty lame, when you think about it.

I'm in Maryland, east coast, USA.
Re: Input needed by Layla on 1 October 2003 1:47pm
well I'm back in college since yesterday but between Sep.2002 and Sep 2003 I worked in a large computer firm.
We got a 50 minute lunch break which we could use as we liked throughout the day - the basic working day was 7 hrs (+the 50 minutes break)
I got 21 days holidays and was also able to add up overtime for time off as I didn't get paid for it.
I did like my job - it was cool.
My location is Dublin (Ireland) but I worked in Germany...
Re: Input needed by canaveralgumby on 12 October 2003 6:57am
I work in a commercial photo lab, where we develop mostly for professional photographers, and I look at weddings all day, with the occasional family portrait or naked pregnant lady (yich) thrown in. It is a part-time job, 25-30 hrs./wk. I get a half hour for lunch if I decide to take a lunch - on short days I just work through.

We are about to go digital, and I should be a "full-time" employee for some time after that, as my boss is really computer-ILLITERATE and I already know Adobe Photoshop from tinkering with it at home.

I'm in (you guessed it) Cape Canaveral, Florida. BTW in my county we did NOT have punch cards or hanging chads, and my vote for Al Gore went through just fine, thank you. Oh well...

BTW why is this "input needed"?! - C
Re: Input needed by watercub on 12 October 2003 12:56pm
I actually work in a bar about thirty hours a week (which I just got home from....had a couple drinks at work so pardon me if I start to wax pathetic...I mean PROPHETIC...anywhere.)
I also am finishing college (my last year) and I go there another 30 hours a week.
Vacations? Breaks? Foreign concepts...please define.



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