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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Palinites getting together???????? by ellenpc on 16 November 2002 8:00am
Hi all,

Getting together, great Photos and meeting at book signings has been mentioned, shown and alluded to in conversations since the site started back in Sept. Personally I would just love to meet all you interesting and amazing people, or at least do something like a conference call.. I totally agree with others who have mentioned this idea.

Perhaps we could ask the Webmaster about the convention idea, if they have any such plans up their sleeves along these lines and/or how we could go about organising such a gathering.

I for one would love to be involved and would be willing to volunteer some time towards it ( God knows I'm happily on this site every day as it is!! :-} )

What do you all think???????????

Yours in anticipation

Ellen x
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by Louise on 16 November 2002 8:32am
Such a lovely kind idea of yours! But I thought, instead, why don`t we try to set up a real-time chat. I realise that you and Dianne are in NZ and therefore 12 hours ahead of GMT. And Helen and other Americans are 5/6 hours after London ... Maybe we could all log on at a certain time and simply send messages back and forth, a weekend, perhaps? Does that make sense? Do tell me if I`m talking rubbish here :-))

Louise x
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by Dianne on 16 November 2002 10:23am
Great idea Ellen, but a convention would be a little difficult with us scattered all over the world. I like Louise's idea of setting up a chat. Certainly something to think about.
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by paloma on 16 November 2002 7:22pm
Great ideas, the convention and the chat (ideally both) The gathering perhaps would be a little difficult to organise, but it's worth trying!!
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by Helen on 17 November 2002 2:41am
to quote a University of Connecticut frat boy, overheard on a Thurdsday night, (quite late, I was sleeping)
'Dude!!!!! That would RUUUUUUULLLLE"
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by nottlob on 17 November 2002 3:30am
Oh my gosh that'd be so cool! He hasn't chatted for a long long time on the internet. I know he's done it at least once. How could we get him to do it? Lol. Should we "contact" him?
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by ellenpc on 17 November 2002 11:08am
Hiya Louise, Dianne, paloma, Helen and nottlob

"Corr!" This is REAlly getting exciting! :-} I feel very lucky to be among such a cool group of Palin People. You all deserve Devonshire Cream Teas with extra raspberry jam for your great suggestions I reckon ( though please not on my carpet,you remember, it's beige and marks easily. :-} )

Being a bit of a "cyber-virgin" ( if you'll excuse the phrase,) I've never actually participated in a real time discussion before so many thanks Louise :-}for your brilliant "real time " chat suggestion. I agree with you Dianne, Paloma, Helen and nottlob it sounds like a very achievable way of having more immediate contact with each other and should be relatively easy to organise, especially as you say with the time differences.................I'd definately be very happy to stay up one Fri/Sat night and have some fun with you lot :-}}}}}}}}

The next big questions are firstly, should I e-mail Webmaster directly and run it passed him/her first or do we just agree on a time and go for it????????
Secondly, do we formally approach Michael (through the Webmaster and/or to Prominant) to see whether he would be interested in participating for say !/2 an hour at a time that would suite????

Even though the very idea of this is making me go a bit wobbly at the knees, I'm taking courage from Lynn "two Kisses"- you said it Helen :-} " ask and who knows what you'll recieve....."

Ellen x ( feeling more amd more like a size 10- 11 by the minute! :-}] )
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by nottlob on 17 November 2002 9:42pm
Hmm...I think we should try emailing the webmaster first. Michael is pretty busy though...I have no idea what we should do. It'd be really great if the webmaster could set up a chat somewhere. Do you guys really think it could be a possibility?
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by Dianne on 17 November 2002 10:23pm
I suggest you email the Webmaster with the idea first, Ellen. Whether Michael will join us for a chat, I don't know. He is a busy man and I would think it is unlikely, but not impossible. No, harm in asking anyway. :-)
Re: Palinites getting together???????? by paloma on 17 November 2002 11:09pm
If the webmaster doesn't set up the chat, we could exchange our msn hotmail adresses (a suggestion...just in case the webmaster doesn't like the idea)
hope this goes ahead ;-)
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