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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
THE MATRIX.....DOES ANYBODY KNOW by BookWormWizard on 8 November 2003 4:04pm
I have seen the two Matrix films so far,While I do not like to say that they are not my type of films I have still been very open minded and gave The Matrix a chance,I had to see what all the fuss was all about.These films are spectacular made films there is no doubt about that,the filming and special effects are out of this world,there is no argueing about that..But why is it that every single review I have read about all the Matrix films they all say that there is no plot what so ever,and some of the dialouge is incoherant and really hard to understand and follow, in other words all the people who go to see these 3 films just go to see the amazing special effects,and not the acting(Is there any Keano)....David
THE MATRIX.....DOES ANYBODY KNOW by BookWormWizard on 9 November 2003 12:18pm
Re: THE MATRIX.....DOES ANYBODY KNOW by canaveralgumby on 10 November 2003 12:48am
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Matrix series. I will say this. They had very lofty goals! They attempted to discuss, via dialog between quirky, sci-fi characters, some very heavy, advanced philosophy.

What is real?

How do you define reality?

Is there choice?

Is there free will, or are things controlled by some outside force?

You could spend your life mulling over this stuff. To their credit, the writer of the comic and the filmmakers were very ambitious.

I have never seen a PACKED house as rapt in a movie, as if everyone was there to study the film. THE most considerate movie audience I have ever seen. I think we all felt that this is something more important.

As for Keanu, I am as guilty as anyone of making fun of his acting, but geez, he's really not that bad. He did NOT do anything to mess up The Matrix. Of course, he's been sequestered with Lawrence Fishburne for 6 yrs! That's got to rub off. But then, that could RUIN Keanu's acting, depending on how you look at it! I read somewhere that he's like watching Audrey Hepburn with a stunt double. *SIGH* he is pretty!
Re: THE MATRIX.....DOES ANYBODY KNOW by hanne_the_half_a_bee on 12 November 2003 2:36am
One of my friends, Rowan, is the spoon boy. He's so embarrassed about that. I've known Rowan since I was four. He had to shave his head for the role and he had to wear a beanie for weeks afterwards. He was also in home and away, as a girl who acts like a boy. His sister, Eleanor, was also in the matrix. :)
Re: THE MATRIX.....DOES ANYBODY KNOW by canaveralgumby on 12 November 2003 4:40pm
Your friend Rowan was the one who told Neo, "There is no spoon" ?!?! That was, like, one of the most important moments in the film! Holy cow!

So he (and you) can't be very much older right now, huh? I have a neice who survived cancer, and she had to be bald for a year at age 9-10. In fact, she was offered a wig and refused it. She thought everyone else could deal with it, just like she had to. So tell Rowan 1) we all loved him in the movie! and 2) there are worse things that can happen to a person.

- your OLD friend, Cori
Re: THE MATRIX.....DOES ANYBODY KNOW by hanne_the_half_a_bee on 13 November 2003 10:48am
Yeah, Rowan is 15 and I'm 14...his birthday is the 5th of november so it was recent. I would recommend seeing a movie called Somewhere In The Darkness....No plot, bad sets, but it had Rowan in it. It should be in the foreign section. His character is called Frankie. So we tease him about that. He gets so embarrassed. He is rather cute, actually...

My little sister had cancer. She was bald 3 times. She loved it. LOL...

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