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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by oldsmobuick on 3 December 2003 6:57pm
Nice to be back again. It has been a long time since my last thread. I have moved into my new house, and we have had our beautiful baby boy terrorize the cats since then. He grabs their fur and pulls really hard. Not that the stupid cat shouldn't get close to him like that, but he never pretend to be a smart cat. My sister is over visiting Europe and I am jealous she got to go on such a cool walkabout. I hope she brings back some cool pictures for me to drool over. I need some good visuals lately. I might put them up on my website once I see them. I can at least live through my sister if I can't go myself. We all know we live through Palin when he goes out and about in this lovely world of ours.

I just wanted to see how everyone was doing lately and explain my absence. It was mostly being tired and working my butt off, and having a kid. Need I say more? I didn't think so. Nice to be back and I will try and keep in touch over the next few weeks.

Michael, (yeah I know I have a great name) but most people just call me "The Fish"
Re: Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by Helen on 3 December 2003 8:06pm
Fish! Yo!
Wondered where ya went to... welcome back! Stick around this time! :)
Re: Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by irishmanufan on 3 December 2003 10:25pm
how nice of you to ask michael fish everything is fine here in Dublin apart form the fact that my right knee is in a bit of pain when i drive and seeing as driving makes up a large part of my job thank god i work for my Dad with whom i can share the driving . although when i am not driving i have to navigate and i prove the theory that women can;t read maps !!!!!
Re: Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by oldsmobuick on 4 December 2003 10:54pm
yeah i am back and I hope to be back for a while. I hope your knee gets better and that you prove to your father about women reading maps. That would be a trick. Nice to see people actually remember me from when i was on before. Its true, people on the internet have better memories than most other people. I think its cause we have to remember all these log-in names and passwords and bloody crap like that. Well I will keep reading this as much as I can. See ya around and everyone be safe...

The Fish
Re: Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by oldsmobuick on 10 December 2003 12:09am
Not too many people reading these things lately. I just wanted to say hi again and see if anyone knew when Michael was going to be back on TV again. I miss watching him on Bravo these days. If I am missing it and someone knows when it will be on, please inform me ASAP. I am shaking from my lack of Palin.

The Fish
Re: Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by Helen on 10 December 2003 4:37pm
Hi Fish! Get Full Circle on video and watch that... hope you get rid of the shakes soon.
Re: Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by oldsmobuick on 11 December 2003 9:00pm
Yeah i probably should just go out and buy the sets on Video, but I am waiting for them to come out on DVD before I start to buy them. That way I can just get them all at once and take the weekend and watch them all back to back with the cool extras they include in those DVD sets.

Thanks for the concern on the shakes too.

The Fish
Re: Very Small Rocks. Churches!!! by macauley on 12 December 2003 7:36am
ok, so welcome back to you too the other Michael and I remember when the small tot was born....your time must be spent in dropping really awful nappies in the trash....or is that the way you do it there? that is what happens here and we hope the trash guys have a sense of humor or whatever...and to Linda, almost everyone i know has either a bad knee (or two) plus we have a few elbows and another few assorted really obscure locations in need of repair,,,,,so have faith: our crowd is worse off than your crowd....how does that sound for encouragement....sharon

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