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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Book Signing by Martin99 on 10 December 2003 11:12am
Hello All.
I'm brand new to this site,and from what I've seen of it so far, it's seems really impressive. I like some of the fan conversation topics(so much more interesting than the usual forums), so I thought I'd add my bit.
Anyway hopefully today I'm going to attend a book signing of Michael's in Watford Hertfordshire UK. Never been to one of these, looking forward to muttering a few words. I'll let you know how it goes..
Re: Book Signing by Diamond on 10 December 2003 5:38pm
Please do Martin and welcome to the land of creme eggs!!!

I shall be in London tomorrow

Re: Book Signing by Helen on 10 December 2003 5:55pm
Martin, welcome.. I'm jealous. tell MP I said hi.... :)
(i will meet him someday... maybe...)
Re: Book Signing by Martin99 on 11 December 2003 12:11pm
Helen and Diamond..

Thanx for coming back to me. WELL yesterday was certainly an education. As I said before I've never been to one of these 'Signing' things. I had the afternooon off work, so I had hoped to do some Chrimbo shopping and meet MP. I did take the time to check out the signing location when I arrived in town, just to make sure it was happening. There was a table with a Sahara sign stuck on it, so I presumed that's where it was going to take place! Anyway done the shopping, returned to the store 45 mins before MP's signing time, and the queues were building. I must say it was quite exciting. I bought a copy of Sahara, and watched as the queue started to build. Eventually MP was in sight, looking very dapper in a dark suite, but with a pair of white trainers sneaking out under the table !! Probably needs these for a quick get away!! So, MP signed my book,and I managed make him laugh, when we chatted about his latest adventure and the reported 10 Million pound budget, which as we know is vastly overblown..
All in all it was a great experience, and it was fantastic to meet such a 'Great Britain'.. I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in MP.
Best Wishes
**Helen, why cant you ever meet MP?

Re: Book Signing by kazzzz on 11 December 2003 12:28pm
Full transcript thanks Martin of every syllable he mutters....oh and WELCOME!!!
Re: Book Signing by Helen on 11 December 2003 2:16pm
Martin-- to answer your question-- the closest he got to me with his last booksigning was New York City.
I love NYC, but since I am a timid farm girl at heart, I need someone to go with me to the Big City. It is a big and overwhelming place and I would NOT be in my element. I.E, I would freak out. (In the same way that some city dwellers freak out in the country)....
No one could go with me. I lost out.
So, I have posted a small request for MP to stop in Connecticut next time he is in the states.
He's a total sweetie so maybe he will consider it. He has a lot of fans here, too. I know he does. It's not just me. :)
Sounds like you had a great time, Martin! Thanks for sharing...
Re: Book Signing by Martin99 on 11 December 2003 3:42pm

Thanx again for the WELCOME messages, it's nice to hear from some cheery People on this grey drab wet (need I say more) day in the UK.
Helen, is MP's programmes on travel shown regularly in the states, or is it hidden away on a cable channel? I believe you get 'BBC America' out there? Is it any good?
Well the People I've spoken to today at work, have all been interested in MP. He really does have a universal appeal. Even staff who I thought would not be interested in MP, have gone doe eyed at the mention of his name. I will point out that these are Women. The Men I have spoken too gave a look of approval of meeting the man himself. I'd like to know Michaels secret of being popular, I could bottle it.!!
Helen it's a shame you could not make it to NYC. What would exactly freak you out? The size of it? the crime?
One thing MP does inspire is travel without preconceptions of the place, so I hope that he has inspired you to travel and see the World. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Regards to all..
Re: Book Signing by Helen on 11 December 2003 4:02pm
The size of it? Yes.
The crime? Yes.
I love NYC, though. I just won't go it alone. Last time I went, a cab I was in got nicked by a passing bus. The friend I was with turned magically into a yoga instructor telling me to BREATHE.. she was great.
If I could travel anywhere?
I would LOVE to see Italy...and Ireland..
everywhere...MP has inspired me, and his shows are wonderful! I feel like I am right there. He has a knack of making you feel like you are part of his travelling entourage.
Re: Book Signing by Martin99 on 11 December 2003 5:04pm

You're right it does make you feel you are there. Hats off to MP's techie team too for providing us with such glorious photography and direction.
I've never been to Italy, it's a place I've promised myself...
The film 'The Talented Mr Ripley' has some outstanding shots of the stunning scenery in Italy.
Re: Book Signing by irishmanufan on 11 December 2003 8:47pm
hi martin 99 i am linda irishmanufan . welcome to the madhouse just pull up a chair and make yourself at home .
you lucky people being able to see michael . i met him in 1999 but was not able to go the the sahara book signing here in dublin as Dad and i run a small buisness and we had a lot to do at work that day .
he is lovely though . when i was at the signing in 1999 in Easons here in Dublin i got my book signed and stood to the side watching him . while he was continuing to sign books and monty python memorabelia i ran to the card department and got him a thank you card . due to my dyslexia and the michael swoon effect i did'nt spell a single word i wrote on the card right . i silpped it into a bag he had at the side of the table for presents god knows what he thought !!!!!!!!
helen you would like ireland i think . although Dublin is a bit crowded and the people here are sometimes not the nicest there are great parts of rural ireland to see such as dingle ( yes that is a real irish place name i am not making it up !!!!) in county kerry or places around Galway , in the west . the pubs are brilliant too if you are over 18 !!!!!!!!!! by the way helen my uncle lives in new york . it does take a day or two to get used to it but once you do i like that city !!!!!
cheers one and cheers all
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