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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Palin on CNN.com by stephlynne on 10 December 2003 9:10pm
This article has some great quotes from Michael.


Re: Palin on CNN.com by Diamond on 12 December 2003 9:18pm
is it ok to cut and paste material from one web site to another???

is there a copyright at all??

just wondering - its one thing to put a link up for us to go to the site but may be another to take their material elsewhere??

Perhaps webmaster can advise us on that one???
Re: Palin on CNN.com by canaveralgumby on 17 December 2003 3:38am
Thanks for the info, Stephanie!

There is nothing to stop anyone from "lifting" anything from a website. I THINK, legally, it's presumed that once something is out there, it's in the public domain.

It's probably good form, though, to include a credit when possible.

I have grabbed a bunch of images for the MP UNofficial site, a lot of which were available on Google search, but the actual links were dead, so I don't know who had posted them... That doesn't mean I won't use them!

Sincerely (opening myself up to a lawsuit!) - Cori
Re: Palin on CNN.com by sminobe on 17 December 2003 6:39pm

No, it is *not* public domain just because it's "out there" on the web!

Imagine if someone took "Pole to Pole" in its entirety & put it on their own site. I'm sure MP would have something Not Nice to say about that... MP has provided the full text/images of his travel works on this site as an incredible courtesy -- however, he still owns the rights to his works & has the right to decide what happens to them.

Technically, what stephlylnne did is illegal, but it's of the degree of stealing a Post-it from work -- not earth-shattering (or worthwhile prosecuting) & she's not profiting from it or depriving the author of his livelihood to a great degree.

Still, it's always best to just provide the link. If the site is restricted to subscribers, then provide a summary & author/title info (sometimes the article will be available at a non-restricted site).

Re: Palin on CNN.com by canaveralgumby on 18 December 2003 3:43am
Right. I'm not saying it's ETHICAL! But if you have a conversation in a public place, or put something in writing on your employer's network or on the internet, then, I THINK, not sure, that LEGALLY, you cannot have an expectation of privacy or control over how the info gets used once you put it out there. At least that's what I've seen on Law & Order! :^D

Now, if SOMEONE ELSE puts your copyrighted info out there to try to make a profit from your work, or to impede your ability to make a profit (like Kazaa), that's actually illegal. Still unstoppable in the long run, but very, very naughty indeed.

I went as far as sending a letter to Prominent Palin Productions (then Gumby Corp.) to inform them of the MP fansite. I asked them if they have any problems with anything, or if they would like me to take anything down. I have never heard Word One from anyone there.

I am not selling advertising space or making any profit of any kind doing it, I just obviously need a hobby really bad!! I did scan a few (maybe 3 total) images from his books, and I'd remove them immediately if asked. However, after that, the Palin's Travels site came on, and they've posted all those images so that anyone can download them.

I dunno. Let's continue this conversation - I'd like to learn what's what.

Re: Palin on CNN.com by stephlynne on 18 December 2003 5:06pm
Well, I certainly didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition here in "Blathering On." I was merely trying to share some pertinent information about Michael. Yes, I am aware of copyrights, etc. which is why I posted the link to the original article as well as the source, author, etc. I was not trying to stir up trouble. I have removed the text of the article from my original post to placate those who view my actions as "illegal". Unfortunately, the link is no longer active because it is out of date, so there's no point to try to follow it now. I apologize for causing such a stir.

Re: Palin on CNN.com by sminobe on 18 December 2003 9:56pm

Interesting. I fail to see how the Spanish Inquisition applies here -- I apologize if you feel persecuted, it certainly wasn't my intent. A question was asked & a clarification given. Perhaps I should have stressed my 3rd paragraph a little more -- there are a million things that we do every day that are *technically* illegal (e.g.: bringing those pens & Post-its home from work, etc), but which none of us would lose any sleep over & nor would any Prosecutor would waste any time over.

Please do continue to post articles, full-text if you like. I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them as much as anyone else here! Just don't be surprised if that 1-in-a-*billion* chance happens & someone does protest with Strong Words of Protest or even legal action...
Re: Palin on CNN.com by sminobe on 19 December 2003 9:40pm

Further clarification & apologies:

What stephlynne did was *perfectly legal* in the particular case of CNN.com -- I forgot that they do authorize distribution of most, if not all, of their materials (see their "Email this story" option under "Tools"!!). So my abject apologies to stephlynne!

However, just be aware that not all e-publications allow this...
Re: Palin on CNN.com by canaveralgumby on 20 December 2003 9:45pm
Stephanie, don't get all serious! We do thank you for posting the info!! REALLY!!

I've been surfing the web and saving the text of many interviews with MP as Word docs, in case, as happened here, the interviews get taken down eventually. My next project for the MPUAP is to organize the ones I've got and post them. WITH CREDITS!! You know how conscienscious I am about updates - the little Christmas light graphic I popped on there this month will likely still be there in April!

But enough about you, how 'bout we talk more about me?

Sorry!, Cori


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