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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Diamond on 13 December 2003 2:47pm
Meeting Michael – Paperback style!!!

Palinites united together in London to meet Michael Palin on Thursday 11th December 2003

Well the big day dawned at last, the one that Sophie-Lou and I had planned and looked forward to for some weeks!! Thank you so much Louise for all your hard work in finding out where and when Michael would be, a true palinite indeed!

Sophie-Lou and I were to meet at Liverpool St Station, Sophie-Lou travelled first class but I was lucky and my train to London was brand new, so we both travelled to the big city in style!

It was a very wet start to the day as it poured with rain before I caught my train but the weather held good for the rest of the day so I was able to dry out!! I arrived at Liverpool St first and waited for Sophie- Lou, and I waited and worried and waited – there was a signal failure on the circle line that severely disrupted travel, so I just had to wait for Sophie-Lou to appear, and then after half an hour there she was, complete with a palinite escort! Thank you Thomas for meeting Sophie-Lou at Kings Cross and safely guiding her through the maze of the underground to meet me. I had expected to see Thomas at the book store, without your expertise in guiding us country girls through London that day Thomas, we would have probably have got lost somewhere along the line!

Next stop Oxford Street and Border’s Books, the third floor was were the great man was to be at 1 pm, we fortunately had time for a relaxing coffee in the in-store starbucks coffee shop, brilliant! Sophie-Lou bought her copies of the paperback Sahara and Thomas had his books with him. Then it was up to the book signing and all that was left was to wait for Michael to appear. I also met up with my friend Wendy (whom I met at a Michael book signing last year and we have been in touch ever since – Wendy is a photography student originally from Auckland NZ) and so there were quite a few of us in front of the barrier waiting to take photos – the queue for book signing was building up further back but we chose to take photos and enjoy the atmosphere for the first part.

Then after much anticipation Michael arrived, resplendent in navy suit and dark shoes, he looked fit, well and slightly tanned and all smiles, but even he was taken by surprise by the sheer number of people taking photos as he sat down (including me!). The films are being developed as I write this to you!

The queue was quickly brought forward by staff but I was surprised at the insistence of Michael to get everyone moving (something I had not come across before at other signings) as soon as one person had their book singed Michael said “Next” and although he concentrated and put a lot of effort into signing the books for each person, he was very keen to get on! At one point Michael was signing the next person’s book while posing for a photo with the last person!! HONEST! For some reason the theme tune to Rawhide is running through my brain “ Keep them dogies moving, Rawhide, move ‘em up, move ‘em out, Keep them dogies moving, Rawhide (with the whip cracking in the background!), it was very much a conveyor belt of ‘so many people so little time’, which left little time for anyone to enjoy their 30 seconds with Michael! We were crafty and stayed to one side throughout the signing and enjoyed the atmosphere, Sophie-Lou and Thomas joined the queue after an hour, which was not very long compared to hardback sales of Sahara, in fact Wendy and I commented on how quick the book signing was over – it only over ran by twenty minutes instead of by an hour and half last year!

I took photos of my fellow palinites and quickly joined the end of the queue, well there was me and my Michael Palin T shirt (I ordered it from my local photographer’s gift section – it had a photo of Michael and myself, from a book signing last year, on it with the words REMEMBER ME MICHAEL? printed underneath, my earrings were especially imported from the USA (patty thank you!).
My turn and I was shaking by this time, Michael was by this time a little tired and jaded but I told him all about Sophie-Lou and her collecting for the British Legion Poppy Appeal and gave him a packet of poppy seeds (as sold by the legion to raise money for war veterans) so he could hopefully plant them and think of us palinites, I also gave him a pen – with his name on it, but he was in a hurry to get away and it was over all too soon.

Well, one down and another one to go, Thomas stayed with Sophie-Lou and I for dinner and the journey to High St, Kensington for our next adventure, you will have to read the thread
“Michael, the Sequel, I didn’t expect the Palinite Inquisition” to find out what exciting things happened!!!

Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Diamond on 13 December 2003 3:09pm
please read this one first!!!<>
Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Helen on 13 December 2003 4:29pm
maybe Michael was moving them along cuz was it near dinner time? I know I get eager to move things along when my tummy is growling. teehe. In that case, bring him some donuts next time!
Thanks for this Lyn, sounds like you all had an awesome time!
Someday, maybe his pen will grace my books....
Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Diamond on 13 December 2003 4:39pm
I dont think so Helen, cos last year the book signings were lunchtime too and it didnt happen then!
Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Helen on 13 December 2003 4:53pm
oh. maybe he had some donuts beforehand. :)
Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Diamond on 13 December 2003 7:01pm
Giggle! we shall have to ask him next time we see him!!! I have just eaten a sticky doughnut!! I now have sugar all over the heyboard!!
Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by peripatetically on 13 December 2003 9:24pm
Lyn and Sophie, your accounts of the fun made me think of when I met Michael a few years ago. Thanks for all the details. I almost felt like I was there in person!!

Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Diamond on 13 December 2003 11:59pm
You were realtively speaking Patty - remember the ear-rings - well I wore them that day!! bless you for them!!
Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by ellenpc on 14 December 2003 10:39am
So glad you all had a great day together :^} and a BIG THANKYOU for sharing the story Lyn. :^}

Really hope you're feeling much better now, you poor lady. :^{ :^} xx

Meeting up with other Palinites is brilliant fun in't it, and then to be able to meet Michael all in the same day, just fantastic!! :^}
I know the day that Di, John and I had together in Wellington before going to Michael's talk was just such a laugh and wonderful fun. There are some jokes that only true Palinites would understand......eh!!!!??? :^} :^}

Lots of love

Ellen x

who's very happy now she's read the story and seen the piccies, ta. :^} x
Re: Meeting Michael - Paperback style!! 2003 by Diamond on 14 December 2003 6:01pm
more piccies have been sent to sophie to put on her website - so watch this space folks!!

What I didnt realise, until I had my photos back (all 3 films of them!!) is that at the second book signing, Michael turned water into ...... no no not wine but lager!!! in my first photos of sophie-lou there is water on the table - when we went back for the poster, Michael was drinking lager!!!!

Us Palinites have driven the poor man to drink!!!!
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