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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Why I'm Back... by RustedMary on 16 December 2003 6:07pm
...also known as 'Why Mary Continues to Disappear and Reappear'.

Life is crazy. It's an interesting thing...

You all know I'm busy, I've said it a hundred times before. For some reason, since the moment I started college way back in September of 2002, I've had a hard time keeping up here. I don't have time during the day to check because I'm at work and/or at school. And then I'm usually at the theatre in the evenings/nights. By the time I do my homework and get online, it's late, and I've gotta catch up in the Neil Young community. And my poor Palinites get ignored. :O(

I used to check on you guys in the morning - but then one of my best friends, who happens to be English and live in a completely different time zone, got MSN messenger. The only time we can chat is, of course, during that morning period when I used to blather on here. So things have gotten difficult.

Now, as to why I come back every once in awhile - you guys are da bomb diggity ;O) and I miss you all very much. I come back when I get a bit of breathing space. LOL.

Now, what is the state of affairs now? The good news is that college has finished for the semester, so I won't have classes until January. The bad news is that I will have to work more now. The good news is that, being the holidays, I will have more time off. The bad news is that we will be busy during much of that time. LOL. It's a difficult situation.

I also may be directing Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night', but if that falls through I will have more extra time.

More good news: All of the friends that I usually chat with in the morning are off on holiday vacation, which opens up this time for me to post here. Hopefully this time will continue to remain open throughout the rest of this month so I can talk to you guys. :O)

I'm still getting those silly forwards from Lyn, and I've been getting silly Christmas ones of late. Thanks for remembering me and keeping me on your list, Lyn. :O)

And speaking of remembering me...thank you for your postcard, Helen, you're a doll! I couldn't believe my mail bounty yesterday - a Christmas package, a CD I ordered AND a Christmas greeting. Funnily enough, I didn't notice it at first - it got buried. I was on the phone with a friend, messing about with whatever was on the table, when I noticed it and just burst out laughing. Good ol' Graham. Thanks for the chuckle, Helen.
Reminded me of how much I missed y'all.


Re: Why I'm Back... by Helen on 16 December 2003 6:12pm
we missed you Mary! Glad you are back... and happy you like the Graham postcard.. hee hee.
When it's christmas in heaven, everyone looks smart and wears a tie!
Glad you check in on us... you are a treasured member of the Palinite community!
Re: Why I'm Back... by Diamond on 16 December 2003 9:56pm
ME - send silly E mails!!!! AS IF !!!!!


welcome back mary!!
Re: Why I'm Back... by peripatetically on 17 December 2003 1:33am
Yes, Mary, it's good to hear from you again. Just keep rambling, please.

Re: Why I'm Back... by RustedMary on 17 December 2003 7:24pm
LOL, it's what I'm good at, Patty. ;O)

Thanks for the welcome back, girls...where's everyone else? You didn't lock them up in the basement, did you???

Re: Why I'm Back... by Dianne on 18 December 2003 5:57pm
You are a treasured member here and always missed when you haven't been posting for a long time.

Amazingly enough I was thinking of you the day before you posted and I was thinking of asking if anyone had heard from you as well as a couple of others.

So we can expect you to pop in every now and then in-between long absences?

By the way, how can you put the Neil Young community above us? I'm deeply hurt and so is Michael Palin! He is far better than Neil Young! You won't be getting a Christmas card from Michael now!!

Re: Why I'm Back... by Rusted on 19 December 2003 7:55am
Dianne, you MUST stop making me feel all mushy! I command you to stop, now!


Yes, you can expect me to pop in after long absences. If I haven't been coming it's because I haven't had the time, but I'm always thinking about you guys in the back of my mind somewhere, and every once in awhile something will remind me of you and I'll remember I need to come back and post sometime, and eventually I do. :O)

No Christmas card from Michael? *sigh*

Truth is, I've been in this Neil community for nearly 4 years and once you get involved it just consumes you. LOL. I've said it once and I'll say it again - I often wish that this community had a mailing list and not a message board. Mailing lists come into my inbox so I can't work around them. ;O) But, well, we're a message board and so we shall stay. :O) It's just harder for me to remember to check this way! Heheh.


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