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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by kid juxta on 31 December 2003 1:49pm
the best thing without a doubt that has been on tv over christmas is the palin repeats. i've got palin in the sudan on his 'pole to pole' trip on now as i write and this is brilliant. i only wish 'full circle' was been shown on tv again too... does anyone know when that series will be repeated?

this is the first time i've been on this site... it never occured to me before to put 'palin' in an internet search engine, but i'm glad i did because this site is excellent and the people who use it all sound good, honest folk with zest for life and lust for travel - just as it should be!

i've only ever been abroad once and that was to the himalayas... so i couldn't believe it when i read the next series is from there and i really can't wait until autumn 2004 to see where he's been, but i guess i shall have to. nepal is an amazing country of culture.

happy travels indeed. or, moreover, joyous ones...

steve rudd @ www.kidjuxta.tk
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by Diamond on 1 January 2004 3:25pm

welcome steve!!

what were the himalayas like - overcrowded with tourists??

hope you like creme eggs??

Lyn <>
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by Godfather on 1 January 2004 5:00pm
I'm sure Steve will reply also. But the Himalayas are not really overcrowded if you go in the right season (and off the main trails). Certainly in Nepal, there is an extremely popular season in which most of North American descends onto the trails and you could well be staring at people's backs on popular trails like those in the Annapurna region. Yet,if you go slightly out of season then you have the place to yourself on some occasions, and the few trekkers you meet are good companions and you all get on well.

Nepal has many regions of Himalaya and only a few are visited by the common visitor (mostly the Annapurna). Going away from the crowd means you can find more authentic Nepalese life going on too. But even in Annapurna you can trek right near the end of the season and it's much more pleasant as far as visitor numbers. I did a trek once which i planned to end at Annapurna Basecamp on Christmas day. It should of been the end of the trekking season at that time of year. But we were lucky.

We had blizzards one evening at the basecamp before the main one. Next morning, we woke up to glorious blue sky and glaring sun bouncing all around the bowl of mountains and glaciers. The Basecamp was only an hour or so walk, and utterly gorgeous. Snow crunching under our feet, total silence, fresh crystal breeze, and only the cracking sounds of the moving glaciers. A Christmas day i'll never ever forget. I had carried a Mars bar up there too from day one. Looking back now, i was a litle bit like Mr Frodo from Lord of the Rings on his way to the Mountain of Mordor with the Ring. On several occasions, i was extremely tempted to eat it on the way "My preccciouuus.". Several times i'd be looking into pools of water at night and having schitzophrenic conversations with my subconscious side (that part is made up by the way). Yet,somehow i made it there and had the self discipline to hold myself back and only eat it on Christmas morning as a "Christmas Cake" substitute. LOL
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by kidjuxta on 2 January 2004 8:51pm
Hi Diamond, Hi Godfather.

Ha ha, what have creme eggs got to do with the Himaylayas? LOL. I went trekking in May 2000 and have been gagging to return there but have been put off by the political unrest there and because last time i went with a Palin-type of travelling companion who literally knew everything about getting into the country, where to go and which trekking company to use. Facing the prospect of organising a trip along is altogether more daunting, and i just wish my mates had more of an adventurous spirit between them or that i was more convincing in my arm-twisting efforts to get them to travel to Nepal with me instead of to some random Greek island or other where they prefer to 'waste time' sun-bathing, lol.

I'd love to go to the Annapurna area; the photos i've seen of the area are AMAZING. I trekked up the Langtang valley and headed over to Gosainkunda Lake, which was sublime. But i didn't realise how serious the effects of altitude sickness could be... on a 'rest day' i wanted to be exploring the local area around the town of Dhunche and went hiking off on my own up into the nearest valley and because i'd covered too much altitude and spent the next couple of days in bed. Sick. Which was a truly unforgettable experience.

But hey, i'd do it again... and sooner rather than later!!!

Hmm, who knows... creme eggs might have helped, LOL.


Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by Diamond on 2 January 2004 8:55pm
abolutely nothing Steve - but they help you being a palinite though!!
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by kidjuxta on 2 January 2004 8:58pm
Ha ha, howz that then?...
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by risible-phyll on 2 January 2004 11:26pm
Welcome aboard Steve......



THE SPAM CAN.........

Phyll(who is the quiet one, also known as BERT)
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by Godfather on 3 January 2004 12:16am

I would love to trek in Langtang. I nearly did that the other year, but just happened to be in Nepal during the rainy season while on a longer trip around that region. So i was just hanging out with locals instead. But someday i'll trek in that region i guess. For those interested in the current nepal situation. My parents were there in November time 2003 and although they trekked in Annapurna, they said the situation with the Maoists is beyond a joke now. The Nepalese government is still taking the trekking license money, and then allowing people off into areas completely taken over by maoists who go around each shack and extract money from trekkers. They even issue official printed receipts for your payment,and keep a list of who and who has not payed. It's absurd. Nepalese troops in the region are called and by the time they hump all the way up there, the maoists have run off. It's a silly situation, and many said they were not coming back to Nepal soon until the government sorts itself out over this.
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by kidjuxta on 3 January 2004 9:29pm
Hey I didn't realise the situation was that serious and it's a shame that travellers are made to feel unwelcome or ill-at-ease in the face of political issues when us travellers are good people who simply want to see as many places and meet as many people as humanly possible. When the world wake up and get along and leave innocent people out of their propaganda and schemes? We don't ask for much and earnestly come in peace. Right?...
Re: 'himalaya'; 'i'll be back!' by Godfather on 3 January 2004 10:06pm
Yeah,a lot of Annapurna has been taken over by the Maoists this year. I went back to Nepal in 2002 for a second visit (earlier visit has been in 1998) and the place was pretty much a ghostown (relatively) compared to it's usual hustle and bustle of trekking groups and the like. Of course,for us Backpackers this kind of situation is usually good news. Cheaper prices, and more opportunities. But for local people it's a nightmare. They've been badly hit. Maoists were not a big problem in the areas foriegners visited, until recently. They usually were up to their thing in the far west of the country. September 11th was the thing that really hit the tourism industry in Nepal the most. It really cut their visitor figures by 70% or so. Now that confidence started returning to travel abroad, the Maoists became more daring in their encounters with foriegners. From what my parents passed on to me, it seems like a lot of them are youngish kids with an idealistic streak in them. A gun in their hands, and little maturity to go along with the gun. They spout their propaganda to all foriegners they meet. Most visitors have "bravely" told them that simply do not agree with what they're doing, and will not be returning to Nepal any time soon. The Maoists had left tourists alone until now. They've always said they have no intention to harm tourists as they know it's a major income for the country. But now they're getting too involved, for many visitors liking. Too close for comfort. Nobody can predict the future of tourism there.

No tourists have been harmed thus far (apart from a french guy who got a cut on his head for resisting). But it just takes one overly resistant foriegner to refuse to pay, and something terrible may happen. In a way, it's lucky they're not as dangerous as the Sendero Luminoso guerillas which ravaged the mountains of Peru for years. They killed quite a number of tourists in their time as they just did'nt care. The Maoists in Nepal have killed plenty of people, but not tourists..."Yet".

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