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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The secret of Michael's charm by Haba-Haba on 25 November 2002 3:21pm
Hi, everyone! I am greately interested in your opinion: why do people like Michael? Why do YOU like, love, adore, admire, worship etc. etc. him? Let's try to analize it! This is actually a unique person whom people seem to love at first sight. What do you personally think are the "ingredients" of his extraordinary charisma? Thank you.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Layla on 25 November 2002 3:37pm
What I admire about Michael is his intelligence, humour and friendliness( it's so hard to find words other than "nice" - although personally I think there's nothing wrong with that word - it's not said about that many other famous people so it's a fairly unique description!). In his travel series I really admire the way that he is genuinely interested in the different cultures and people he meets, as opposed to thinking : "I'm English/ a Westerner and my lifestyle is superior but I'll just humour these folk for the camera anyway". That's one of the best qualities one can have I think - that's what I try to be like. People know that he is genuine and seem to be very willing to include him in all their activities- they don't look like they had needed much persuasion to let Michael and his crew get an insight into their lives. This makes the programme a lot more interesting to watch for me, watching the communication between people from completely different worlds. That's the way things should be. Michael doesn't try to be all perfect either - like he falls off logs, and gets ill etc. so everyone can relate to him being a totally normal person - I think it's great that that stuff doesn't get cut out of the programme, so we can see what it's really like.
Ooops -this is a bit long -sorry!
Oh another thing I like is that he is a great talker, and being Irish I am too, everyone gives out to me for not shutting up and I'm glad someone else is out there like me!
Last thing - I also think that he is quite attractive ( at least when he was younger anyway)....
Talk soon...
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Rusted on 25 November 2002 5:35pm
You hit a lot of great points there, Layla!

I was actually trying to think about this the other day - why is it Michael appealed to me over other Pythons, and why is his solo career and travel shows so appealing to me?

The fact that he's so genuine is definitely one of them. I've seen a lot of other Python solo stuff and, although I may laugh myself silly and enjoy them, I've never felt quite so fascinated or connected to them as I have with Michael's travel shows. It's just amazing stuff, and I'm seeing the quirks and talents of an amazing, *real* person. He does always seem to care; he's just so amiable and friendly. (Nice? Michael? ;O))

He's just very endearing. And I share a lot of common interests with him!

(Who, although not Irish, like Michael and Layla, also talks quite a bit.)

Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Palinsick on 25 November 2002 11:47pm
He tries to get along with other people, stays in their houses, eats their food and travels the way they do. He also is pleasant to people at the book signings, and does n't need to make fun of people or put them down to be funny.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by nottlob on 26 November 2002 6:08am
To me...I think it's just what all of you've said, it's pretty much summed everything up. I remember in "80 Days" he said he shouldn't talk while he was getting shaved in India under the tree and he just kept talking, lol! I think it's mostly his intelligence. He's so smart!!! And his facination of the whole world. He just keeps going and going and he never stops. He keeps writing and working. It's great for fans to read and watch his work. His humor also adds to his series. It's not boring and same old, same old. He travels not by plane but by ships and camels. He learns about people's cultures and places and makes it all fun! Not a school movie but something enjoyable, know what I mean? He does it all and makes the best of it. I just can't beleive how much this man has been through and is still doing. There is absolutely nobody like hiim in the world, a one of a kind and the only, Michael Palin.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Lindsay on 28 November 2002 1:38am
Wonderful points that many of you have made. I definitely agree that the fact he's attractive doesn't hurt!

I think one of the things that draw me to Michael most, and in a way sort of confirms just how genuine his interest in people and cultures is, is the fact that before he visits a place, he honours the people there by learning everything he can about them and their culture before he arrives. Think about it, how often have you seen him go somewhere where he knew nothing about the people or lifestyle? He always knows either their history or etiquette in some way or other. I think that speaks volumes about the kind of person he is.

He's the total opposite of our embarassing 'English abroad' stereotype, you know the one, the person flapping his arms about and speaking English very loudly in the hope that the non-English speaking locals will somehow understand English if it is shouted at them instead of spoken. Then getting pissed off at the locals for not understanding English, and not having Marmite and full English breakfasts and PG Tips and the like. Michael is a perfect gentleman, and he does the British proud wherever he goes.

Did I mention that he's also very attractive?
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by RichB on 28 November 2002 3:08am
From a recently married man without the luxury of being able to fancy him, I would say the thing about Michael is his air of accessibility. He makes you feel as if he's addressing you personally throughout, right back to the first railway journey. He also has a passion for travel and entertainment that shine through. His 'ruthless dedication' to his craft make the impossible seem possible and he retains his professionalism at all times...well nearly. He enthralls the viewer/reader then leaves you wanting more.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by AngeLofNi on 29 November 2002 8:35pm
I love Michael, not just because of looks (sooo hott) but also because he is an extremely good actor and writer! I think Michael should com to New York! I am a HUGE fan of you! and would love for you to come here! but i know you are really very busy so... *sigh*
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Kristine on 29 November 2002 11:07pm
I could write an entire essay on how "Sir Galahad" has had a huge impact in my life in the past few months, but I think I should keep it short.

Mr. P has never failed to leave me in awe after finishing a series of his. His views of the world are inspiring, his humor is almost sinfully funny (if not already) and his writing is intoxicating. Just how he plays with the words and how he describes and talks about certain things in his books. Not only that, but he writes as if he was standing behind you whispering every word into your ear.
He has also shown me things in the world that I thought were never around. All sorts of different cultures, customs and places he has exposed this avid young person to that exist throughout the world. I've always had an interest in those sorts of things, and he has revived my curiosity.

And of course, I love him for his acting. His style and versatility are hard to find among actors in this in age. He's equally good as a comedic and dramatic actor in my opinion. What ever I've seen him in I've enjoyed.

But the thing that probably makes him charming the most is his personally. He's artistic, cute, enterprising, a bit of an eccentric, but he's still very practical, hard working, intelligent, investigative, humble, hilarious, and an all-around nice guy. (Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice!)

Michael Palin isn't just charming, he's intriguing.

Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Anna J on 2 December 2002 11:37am
I started my career as a palinite (?)last summer by watching MPFC and I guess it was Michael's eyes and stylish sideburns that caught my attention at first... Well, soon I had to admit that he is a versatile and talented comedian as well. There were 5 such comedians in Pythons but Michael was the first that attracted me...
I haven't seen any of Michael's travelling programs but now I'm reading Pole to pole. As a matter of fact travelling isn't one of my interests but Michael does write grippingly. My English isn't too good so I may miss many "jokes" but still I've really enjoyed the book!
As a first-timer here I also want to say hi to everyone. Greetings come from Finland - you know, so near to Russia, so far from Japan etc. :)
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