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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Souveniers by Godfather on 4 January 2004 12:12am
What kind of memorabilia do you pick up while on the road? (if you take anything home that is). One which i find the easiest to carry and more practical is local music on casette. Because i hear the music being played 24/7 in that country, then playing it back home is a special experiene and brings back memories of my time there.
Re: Souveniers by Sophie-Louise on 4 January 2004 1:12am
I always bring back a keyring with the name of the place on it! got loads of them (considering i have hardly been anywhere!).

And my brother always buys me keyrings on his travels that say 'My brother went to ....... and all i got was this lousy keyring.'

Bless him, he's so thoughtful...

Re: Souveniers by Godfather on 4 January 2004 12:37pm
Yeah, i guess that's a good one. Hard to find outside of westernized countries though. When i was younger, my parents were good enough to bring me and my brother around a lot of Britain. My brother used to collect leather bookmarks from each "tourist spot" we went to. The stately homes, castles, you name it he has them. Literally hundreds. To be different,i collected erasers from the same places. I have a huge heavy box of them from similar places. Places like national trust homes and castles etc. A nice little reminder of the places we went to. Easy to carry at the time. In my later travels i've bought all sorts of silly things like Bolivian ponchos, Afghan caps, Tibetan singing bowls, a flippin Kashmir carpet (came in usefull as a pillow on bus rides though.hehe) and all kinds of things. Actually, i've used all of those kind of items while on the move. So it was'nt all a burden. I got stuck in Ladakh once due to lack of money, and could do very little until my pre-booked flight in 2 weeks time back down to Delhi. So i spent every evening playing around with the Tibetan singing bowls on a rooftop. I had bought a big set. A really good heavy one from Kashmir, and a set of 6 assorted sized ones from Ladakh. Lots of fun, but now i dont get souveniers that are heavy and bulky to carry.
Re: Souveniers by peripatetically on 4 January 2004 3:37pm
I have sterling silver spoons, pins I've collected or exchanged with people I meet, ski patches, books, silver and/or gold charms/pendants for bracelets necklaces. I used to collect Hummels. Gosh, you'd need to see the various items .... LOL ! But, I always try to get one silver spoon from every country and a ski patch wherever I've skiied , climbed or ascended, and a gold or silver charm of some significance to me. And I have a lovely collection of Christmas tree ornaments from many places I've traveled. (I don't buy them unless I love them though.) My house is literally decorated with things from all my experiences around the country where I live (USA), or from where I've traveled throughout the world. It's fun finding things that are different but actually fit in with your decor. Very eclectic, but with careful planning, it works!!!!
Re: Souveniers by tominator_49 on 4 January 2004 5:14pm
I always get crappy rock given to me when people have gone on holiday. It's always soft.
Re: Souveniers by Godfather on 4 January 2004 6:14pm
RE : "It's fun finding things that are different but actually fit in with your decor. Very eclectic, but with careful planning, it works!"

Which brings me onto something else. Our tendency to buy things which seem like a good idea at the time, but we just wont use or just look silly back in our country.
Re: Souveniers by Desert_Warrior_UK on 4 January 2004 9:33pm
My favourite item is the fossilised tip of an octopus's tentacle that was given to me by Nick Baker (Really Really Wild show) when we were both participants of the Marathon Des Sables 2002. Nick plucked it off the floor of a wadi which as you know was a sea bed millions of years ago. I intend to go back to the Moroccan Sahara in the next couple of years. I fell in love with it.
Re: Souveniers by peripatetically on 5 January 2004 1:44am
Hehehehe. I usually am lucky with determining bad choices like that, but I did buy a pair of alligator teeth earrings which I have never worn.
And the Hungarian whip???????? Well, just ask Tony what I've done with it since bringing it home.
Re: Souveniers by kazzzz on 5 January 2004 1:34pm
I used to collect beer coasters until I had so many that it started looking like I had an alcohol problem..NO COMMENTS PLEASE PATTY!!
I've also got a nice little collection of fridge magnets now..sent to me by my Palinite buddies!!
Re: Souveniers by peripatetically on 5 January 2004 2:10pm
Hic, Awww, Kaz, I wouldn't say a thing. Now Tony might. He tries to spread rumors, don't cha Uncle?

As you know, Larry collects beer labels from all around the globe. Most of the bottled beer he has actually consumed. A vast , fun and interesting collection. HIC.
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