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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Your "Mythical" Destination. by Godfather on 4 January 2004 2:06pm
Everybody (well...mostly) has a fascination with a certain country from childhood. What was yours?, and have you travelled there,or still hoping to go someday?. Mine was "Madagascar" for some reason. As a kid,i was fascinated by that place. All on it's own off the continent of Africa. A floating "ark" if you like,way off on it's own. A place where chameleons resided in Jungles. I've still not been there, but hope to go someday. So what was your own personal mythical destination, and what kind of stereotype did it carry along with it in your mind?.
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by tominator_49 on 4 January 2004 5:10pm
I'd like to go to middle earth. Does that count?
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by Godfather on 4 January 2004 6:10pm

Come to Somerset. It's pretty close :)
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by Angel on 5 January 2004 9:00am
I wanted to go to a tent in the desert and sook on Turkish delights and have inscence waft through the silken strewn tent whilst handsome princes of the orient brought me fine salves and golden robes, the sky would be purple with a red sunset and that glorious electric blue and there would be a very green lizard appear then scuttle away...that and middle earth tu che tom I could also be at home with Legolas very easily..
heck it always goes sordid, is nothing romantic anymore
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by kazzzz on 5 January 2004 1:38pm
Been dying to go there forever..I'd like to see the extremes from the coastal areas up into the Atlas Mountains.
One day maybe!!
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by *Amy* on 7 January 2004 9:33pm
Switzerland. The only time i have ever seen it was on the coach on the way back from Tuscany, but even before i saw the beauty with my own eyes i just wanted to go there. I'm hoping i'll get there properly one year... maybe i can con my university (when i choose one) into letting me go there for, er, Swiss Historical studies or something.
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by The_E-street_Shuffle on 8 January 2004 12:17am
East Africa: The romanticism of a Safari! I've always been fascinated with a region so densely populated with wildlife. Seeing 'The Trials of Life' on TV as a kid- the Great Migration of Wildebeest and Zebra from Kenya into Tanzania- I'm lucky enough to have seen it twice now, an overwhelming experience.
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by Napoleon on 13 January 2004 6:21pm
St. Helena, where Napoleon saw out his final days. This great man, who had done so much for France banished to a tiny Island stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean miles from anywhwere.
Until recently quite impossible to get too, a very long ship ride and Im not too sure theres too many of them. But I believe recently there has been talk of opening an air strip and flights going in so my dream may come true one day.
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by Palinite14 on 8 March 2004 6:35pm
For me it was always the Amazon jungle. As a seven-year-old I wanted to live there and I wrote stories about how I imagined it to be. I still want to go there and it still fascinates me. Now I'm enamoured of Japan, China (especially Tibet, Western China, Guangxi and the limestone regions), Peru/Ecuadorean jungles, New York, New England, most of the rest of America, and, strangely, Murmansk in Russia/ Novaya Zemlya. In fact I want to go everywhere...when my gap year comes I will be off like a shot.
Re: Your "Mythical" Destination. by Izot on 9 March 2004 7:33am
Blah. I don't need to go anywhere, Michael's done it all for me. =D

I'm itching to go to Spain, that's my next destination, one day I'll do a complete tour of Spain, like every major city, and then do the Basque country (which we aren't allowed to do with the school because apparently it's dangerous...)
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