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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Your thoughts by tominator_49 on 4 January 2004 5:25pm
Where would you like to see Michael do his next series? I'd like to see Michael go to the moon. It would be very funny, seeing him in the rocket and travelling the moon when he got there. Where would you like to see him, and why?
Re: Your thoughts by Godfather on 4 January 2004 6:26pm
Tough question that. Because he's been around a lot now. He's had a taste of many regions. I have always got something like the North and South poles to dream about. The chances of me ever getting to them are very low considering the enormous cost of getting to them. So luckily i'll probably always have somewhere i wont get to "perhaps". But Michael has been around an awful lot now He's run out of places really. So i think it's better to concentrate on a small region and spend more time there (like they are doing with the recent series)

I went to Afghanistan this year, and that really is a fascinating place with the most fascinating cultural mixes going on, and terrain. Michael was certainly impressed by North West Pakistan, and that area is similar in many ways to Afghanistan. But the chances of the BBC ever letting Michael do something there are about a million to 1 though, due to the situation still. But i tell you it would truly be a fascinating series. There are a 1000 different faces in Afghanistan, and each one tells a different story. It's a wild land and melting pot of Central Asia and South Asia. Again,i just dont think the BBC would risk it though, considering it's nowhere near secure yet. The scope for historical information for the audience,the stories of old grizzled men who fought the soviets, the tribal culture, the terrain. So much material there, and people would be utterly fascinated by the stories the people have to tell.

Alternatively,just India on it's own has enough going on all the time. Enough variety,and enough scope for several series. It's that vast and interesting. So that's always an option for him. The possibility of constant historical information between travel is immense and people would find that extremely interesting. India is often badly portrayed in the west, and it's really one of my favourite travel destinations. I would like somebody professional to show people in the west what it's really about for a change. It's the sort of place where he can travel rough, and then travel in relative luxury when he needs it. The Ex-Raj hotels etc. Another option is for him to make a series like Benedict Allen and do a "Mongolian" series too i guess. You could call it "Steppes". It would be tough going and very basic travel mind you, but fascinating.

It made me laugh, when i remember that video introduction that michael has made for the site. He mentioned that the more interesting places are certainly harder going, and that it looks like he's going to have to start going to places without a sofa..LOL.

I think the time for multi region long distance series are over now. Now it's better to concentrate on certain "regions" and spend longer in them, like he did with Sahara (even though i've not had the pleasure of seeing that series yet). Maybe Central Asia. Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan, Kyrgistan,Afghanistan etc would be fascinating and a very interesting series. The old Moghul past of the region, and the Communist influence.
Re: Your thoughts by Louise on 4 January 2004 7:21pm
This is the perennial question, isn`t it - it keeps popping up. I`d like to see more stuff in China.

I`m always impressed by MP`s dexterity with chopsticks.
Re: Your thoughts by George on 4 January 2004 9:50pm
Just about the only people I know who've been to India are missionaries. The rap on India here (Texas) is that all the basic aspects of the culture are just too "strange" for us and we'd come home with some horrible disease. I know this isn't necessarily so at all. Michael should go there next.
Re: Your thoughts by Godfather on 5 January 2004 12:19am
I think he'll be in India briefly in the new Himalaya series (not sure though). A lot of the Himalayan range is in India also, and it's a fascinating region considering the Hindu association of Mountains and Hindu Gods. Places like Gangotri,the source of the Ganges. Places like Kashmir, with it's Central Asian character and Muslim society, and Ladakh which is a mini Tibet complete with fully intact monasteries perched on craggy high altitude peaks. Himachel Pradesh and places like McCleod Ganj (where the Dalai Lama and team are in exile). So much potential material there for a series. Interviewing the locals in Kashmir about their troubles,interviewing westerners who travel to McCleod Ganj to learn Tibetan Buddhism and meditate.

It just goes to show how vast a series on India could be. An overnight bus south west, and you're in the deserts of Rajasthan and lofty Maharaja forts and locals with soup strainer moustaches and turbans. There is a saying that "India is not a country, but a continent". Absolutely true. Each state has it's own culture,characteristics,language, and terrain. Plus it wont be a killer trip for Michael. From experience i know that you can travel hard and be very adventurous there when you want to be, and you can also live like a King if you want to,at a very low cost indeed too.....(which the BBC in their infinite wisdom will no doubt be pleased to hear). Doing both means you can get a broad perspective of the different levels of Indian society. The downtrodden, and the Brahmins who live in relative luxury compared to most.
Re: Your thoughts by canaveralgumby on 7 January 2004 5:07pm
Somewhere on the "Traveling" section of the Chatter Box, there's an old thread wherein the webmaster asked everyone to make suggestions. I, too, had suggested a Space Shuttle mission, tominator! That was before the Columbia... I'm not so sure about it now! Just no shuttles that begin with the letter "C," I should think.
- Cori
Re: Your thoughts by tominator_49 on 7 January 2004 9:11pm
Yeah, I don't know how Michael would feel about going on a space shuttle.
Re: Your thoughts by fattcslim on 8 January 2004 3:34pm
I mean, it's like going on a date with a Chatty Cathy Doll. I expect you to have a little string on your chest, y'know, that I pull out and snap back. Except I'm not snapping it and pulling it back, you are!

(does pullstring motions outwards from his chest)
Eh, eh, eh, eh!
And here's an idea: When you're telling these little stories, have a point. It makes it so much easier for the listener!

Re: Your thoughts by kazzzz on 8 January 2004 3:42pm
Oh I DO love a good point I do..they're so...POINTY!!!
Re: Your thoughts by risible-phyll on 8 January 2004 3:44pm
Just pointing out here , I've never saw such a pointy point........

Phyll xo
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