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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Malaysian Train to Singapore by Angel on 5 January 2004 8:49am
I am writing this for prosterity, not for the sympathy as upon re reading I realise I sound like a whinging bag of turnip..

I am on a train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. As I can afford to in Malaysia I took the opportunity to ride first class.
Before the journey I went for some food, a vegetarian shepards pie, a reheated rubber box of poo which I had trouble swallowing but none the less did. I am not talking here about some backwards coffee shop food, there are no frogs being fished out of plastic bins and gutted whilst still kicking their poor little legs (another story) this was a Strudel, a german franchise which sells pretty nice pastry. IN short anyone visiting Strudel in the Central Kuala Lumpur Train station should under no circumstances including famine even attempt the savory dishes, they are diabolical.
I leave my fiancée with a kiss and a weakening of my heart ( as always when we have to stay in different countries) and begin my journey to Singapore back to my s....y media job (pah)
My luggage is damn heavy, one large suitcase full of clothes and presents I received for Christmas, thankfully as we were flying from France during new year we celebrated our own new year on the 2ndJan 2004 by drinking the two bottles of wine we were given ( -Alsace wine, tasted great but kicked like a donkey on a buckaroo the next day)so it is slightly lighter but I have my laptop and a backpack with tickets and my beloved Buddha head I want to take to my new home in Singapore so he can watch over me and keep me on the straight and narrow.

I get to the coach, ‘A’ the first time in my life I have travelled in the first coach – the seats are big and there are two to one side and one to the other, I being on my own have a single seat and sit on the pink upholstered seat ( they are a bit manky and dirty but hey, still big and confortable) and can easily imagine how Captian Kirk must feel in his big seat, it even swivels round 180 degrees so I can sit and look at the jungle pass by.
A Malay fmily are infront of me and they, as usual stare at me making no effort whatsoever to hide it, the couple has a very fat daughter who has bulging eyes which only make her staring all the more invasive. I feel bad at taking a dislike to this poor girl and begin to say all kinds of prayers and chants I have picked up to try and stop the mounting fury I feel as she sits down in the chair in front and proceeds to peek round the side and stare again, I can feel the bulbous eyes penetrating my very core and I fight back the urge to hiss at her. Finally she turns around and begins to open and shut the curtain with her big fat hands, bejewelled with all kinds of semi precious rings , a spoiled child. During the seven hour journey she will continually open and shut the curtain and I continually get frustrated at how I am reacting to this, I have came to the conclusion she is a little mental so I cannot be too hard on her but any move I make or cough and she swivels rtound with those eyes. I decide the best way to get her is to write about her and save it for prosterity. Half way to Singapore a Malay man gets on who is noisy, bosses round the poor waiter guy and slurps on what can only be his false teeth for an hour and a half whilst kicking the back of my chair. He begins to make use of the fact my chair swivels and my protestations are useless because I am a female and belong in the gutter, this is evident from the stare IU got when I said ‘excuse me, please stop spinning my chair around’
I may as well have said a whole list of expletives he totally ignored me.å
I get up to go to the toilet, I am still jet lagged and feel ill as I have somehow become allergic to everything and have a consttanly bunged up nose . I go in andf as to be expected in Malaysia the toilets are absolutely disgusting, crap lines the bowl, pee all over the place even the unwrapped bar of soap has been defiled and the paper is stinking of pee. I am not a snob, I have peed on oxford street in London, in many a back alley and in many a bush, when you have to go you have to go but this was ridiculous.
I go back to my seat feeling worse and spread a liberal layer of tiger balm under my nose to sooth the nausea that waved over me.
The only person who seems bothered is me and I wonder why, I can beat them or join them so I put my jacket over my head and pretend to be somewhere else instead.

I can barely wait until I go to Jakarta .....eeek

Re: Malaysian Train to Singapore by Angel on 5 January 2004 8:53am

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