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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by ceb1na21 on 16 January 2004 1:53am
hello.. I am happy to report that I will be going to London for the first time (as well as Scotland and France) early this summer. Any advice on places to go (non-touristy) or a general item of info a young, obnoxious :) American should know?
P.S. Vive les Pythons!
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by TwoSheds on 16 January 2004 10:34am
Mmm, personally I would spend as little time as possible in London. Go on the London Eye which is the huge Ferris Wheel by the Thames. You can see all of London from it. Then get a tube to Euston and onto a train for Scotland and spend most of the time in the beauty and splendour of the Scottish Highlands.
But obviously if you're coming to London for the 1st time you'd want to spend at least 3 or 4 days there to see the attractions. Most of London is geared up for tourists. The areas that aren't are not really of interest.
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by ceb1na21 on 17 January 2004 5:47am
Thanks twosheds, but that doesn't really help my situation about London.. I've heard of the London Eye being called the Eyesore, so I'm getting all kinds of opinions about where to go. I guess I'll find my own when I'm out and about in England.
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by kidjuxta on 17 January 2004 9:07pm
London is a top place to look around. I'm from Yorkshire in the north of England and don't get down to London much on account of it being so far away, but when i do i make the most of it and last went down last summer. I was staying with friends in Croydon and it was one of the hottest summer days of the year, so i got off the train at King's Cross and just walked. ALL THE WAY south across the city, through Waterloo and Norwood etc, right to Croydon. It took about four hours and my mates thought i was stupid when i finally got there and told them what i'd done, but it was worth it. But i digress...

The Lake District HAS to be visited which is in the North-West region of England if you like rugged scenery and walking. The Yorkshire Dales which are near me are nice too, but not as scenic as The Lake District. I've never been into the Scottish Highlands but i've never heard one bad word about them, except the fact that it's prone to rain in them a bit.

Where would you recommend in New York for a first time tourist as i intend to come across to the States this summertime.

Peace. x
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by George on 17 January 2004 9:52pm
For what its worth, how can any American go to London for the first time and NOT take one of those "nickel" bus tours bus to Buckingham Palace, Parliament, etc. just to satisfy your curiosity and THEN go...?
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by George on 17 January 2004 10:06pm
No walking trip through London would ever be complete without a visit to the Texas Legation historical sight in St. James which operated briefly in the early 1840's.
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by tominator_49 on 17 January 2004 11:38pm
The London eye isn't an eyesore. It rocks.
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by ceb1na21 on 18 January 2004 5:45am
To kidjuxta, one great place i frequent is the Comic Strip, a comedy club on 3rd ave in the 80s sts. Go on a thurs nite when it's not packed with tourists and for a small charge and a 2 drink min, u can sit for hours (literally from 8 pm until 2 am) to hilarity... jokes get funnier as the empty glasses pile up! Also, Central Park is a great haven around noon time to buy a $1.00 hotdog (delish!) and a soda and just chill out with the other cats in business suits lounging on the grass. If you can drive up the 8 hours to Buffalo up north, check out both sides of the Niagara Falls (American and Canadian), especially at night. And for great buys (both real and fake) go to Canal Street downtown and experience Chinatown. Eat at Joe's Shanghai on Mott Street. The shomai and snails are great. Enjoy!
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by *Amy* on 18 January 2004 2:01pm
Depends what kind of places your interested in! If it's history, England and Wales and Scotland are rife with it. In London there's the tower, but thats touristy, and you can do Jack the Ripper walks at night (which i've never had the guts to do). The london eye is very impressive, though i was slightly concussed after bending down and then straightening up to whack my head on the safety rail.

Wales is full of old, old castles which are brilliant to explore (wahaha, i once got mud up my trousers before a university interview, and pigeon crap on my coat... quick cleaning, there) on just about all ages and aspects of history. It's also very Beautiful.

Scotland i know little about, seeing as the only time i've been there was a dog show, and i was knackered, but i can remember that the scenery is spectacular. And there are scottish men there *Swoon* but maybe thats just me, lol.
Re: For One Young NYer From Brits Out There!! by MykReeve on 18 January 2004 9:00pm
As others have pointed out, it really depends what you're interested in seeing. London has plenty of tourist attractions to suit all interests - from the largest Hindu temple outside India (http://www.mandir.org/), to a Victorian operating theatre above a church (http://www.thegarret.org.uk/), as well as more popular (and hence crowded tourist attractions) like the British Museum, the National Gallery and so on...

I can't say I've heard anyone refer to the London Eye as the 'eyesore' since its construction - although there was a lot of moaning about how it'll spoil the skyline before that. It definitely is a great way to see the city - though if you do want something a bit more traditional, climb to the top of the dome of St Paul's Cathedral.

Another nice idea for a quiet(ish) afternoon in London is to take the Docklands Light Railway out to Greenwich, and walk up the hill to the Royal Observatory (where the meridian line passes through London, and you can stand in the Western and Eastern hemispheres at once).

A slightly more macabre, but fascinating place to visit, is Highgate Cemetery - best known as being the resting place of Karl Marx. Thousands of headstones bearing statues of angels are packed into the cemetery, creating a spectacularly Gothic atmosphere.

Another idea is to visit "Banglatown" - Brick Lane in the East End, the centre of London's Bangladeshi community, which boasts some superb restaurants and one of London's all-night bagel bakeries.

Oh, but as for advice for an "obnoxious" American tourist? Please for God's sake stand on the right of the Underground escalators, particularly when it's busy! :)
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